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Federal Court of Australia

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Podcast: Justice Lander presents the Federal Court Rules

Justice Lander provides an introduction to the new Rules in a presentation to the Melbourne legal profession on June 9. FULL PRESENTATION  Transcript Powerpoint presentation Full presentation[MP3]   [81 mins]   [93 MB] Click to play, or to download, right click and "save target as". View in iTunes (you need to have iTunes installed). PRESENTATION IN PARTS Part 1[MP3]   [13 mins]   [12 MB] Introduction & background Part 2[MP3]  [18 mins]   [17 MB] Transitional provisionsFormsLawyersStarting proceedingsDirections hearings Part 3[MP3]  [16 mins]   [15 MB] Submitting noticesCross-claimsPleadingsInterlocutory applicationsDiscovery & inspection Part 4[MP3]  [12 mins]   [12 MB] ExpertsSubpoenasADR & arbitrationEvidence Part 5[MP3]  [21 mins]   [19 MB] Appellate jurisdictionNotice of contentionAppeal booksCosts

21 Jun 2011

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