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THE Daily 5 with Wendi CooperEveryone has 5 minutes - so why not learn something new, strike a wild pose, laugh aloud, or cry just a little. Wendi brings her very crazy life in Los Angeles, to life - through poignant, funny, improvised, sometimes questionable, always self-produced and refreshingly different vignettes. CH @wendicooper

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Welcome to my improvisational moments where I share my truth in 5-6 minutes a day.   SAY HELLO TO KARMA - I AM NOT YOUR SAVIOR Unscripted, and "unmixed" professionally, I express my truth about a "brand", and I use that term lightly, that heard me speak on Clubhouse and decided I was their next victim to blame for their bad decisions.   I would never use my voice to belittle, berate, or call anyone out in public for their actions, but these (2) people deserve every ounce of karma I can throw their way.  You deserve every once of it, if not more.   Enjoy the Karma.  Thanks for listening. Original Music by:  Tom Orsi  www.orsidigital.com  Produced by:  C Spot Run Productions www.wendicooper.com or www.cspotrun.com The opinions expressed are solely those of the host.  


28 May 2021

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Episode 142 Welcome to Normal - It's Not New BTW

I speak with my alter ego about getting back to the studio and what I've learned from the pandemic and what needs to change as we go back to work and see, smell and work with each other again.  Is it really a new normal, or is just a better version of normal.   Unfiltered and unedited.  I love improv.  What do you think?  Make sure to subscribe for free - and to check out the 140 episodes below...starting with number 1!   Thanks for listening.  www.wendicooper.com www.cspotrun.com @wendicooper Clubhouse 


27 May 2021

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Episode 141 It's Been A Minute - Who Said It First?

It's been a minute is a phrase used to express the opposite of what it sounds like it means.  Which can be extremely confusing yet fun at the same time.  Like "cool" or "bitch'n". When is it appropriate to use it and when not?   Have you ever wondered, who said it first?  Does it translate well?   What does "it's been a minute" sound like to others?   It's a fun episode of not so thought provoking banter, but hey, it was one of those nights, and it's really has been a minute. Thanks for listening. www.wendicooper.com Clubhouse:  @wendicooper Music by:  Tom Orsi 


31 Mar 2021

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Episode 140 In Search of Kobe We Found Joy

My family has a plot at the same cemetery that Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna are laid to rest.   My mother was laid to rest there 15 years ago, she was a huge Kobe Bryant fan. Today, I decided to visit my mother with my friend Hannah.  I never really thought about finding Kobe's resting place before, but today we set out to find it.   Tripping around a cemetery with another fellow jew - is quite the celebration of joy...I"m serious.  ClubHouse @wendicooper www.wendicooper.com www.cspotrun.com Club:  Sixty Something  


18 Mar 2021

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Episode 139 Clubhouse Opens Up The Pearly Gates

March 7, 2021 Clubhouse Open Ups the Pearly Gates  This week Clubhouse opened "club" creation to everyone.  In fact, not only did one get to create one club, but 2.   I don't know about you but when there are too many choices the first thing I do as a consumer is run the other way. By opening up the Club creation to everyone it diluted the importance of the "early adopters" who have a huge following, pretty much by default and had dominated the "club" scene for a long time - giving grown-ups follower fatigue.   Newcomers began feeling the unfair advantage, in my eyes, and the "follower" fatigue happened from some influential people outside of the walls of clubhouse and complaints started to come in.   In my opinion, as Clubhouse grew after opening up in late December 2020, other more pressing matters like privacy, scams, grifters, trolls, IP protection, monetization, customer service, HR, came into play - so they had to stop the slow clog in the pipeline which was caused by poor planning and management.  After all, one guy to approve clubs, who is he to approve the club?  That's weird, no?  I don't know.  I am now less apt to use Clubhouse because it's a hassle to find what I want. It gives me anxiety just creating this episode about it.  :).  On March 7, 2021  "Join My Club" requests.   We'll see what happens. www.wendicooper.com www.cspotrun.com CH @wendicooper IG:  @wendicreates  CH Club:  Sixty Something  I did use a short clip of Usher's Let's Make Love in the Club. 


9 Mar 2021

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Episoded 138 Sarah Silverman Apologizes to Paris Hilton

Sarah Silverman has a podcast IGTV, which is where I came across her very public plea to be forgiven for being a jerk to Paris Hilton 14 years ago at the 2007 MTV Awards. You see, Paris Hilton has a podcast too and she called-out Sarah Silverman by saying that what she did to Paris in 2007 would never be allowed today.  It's culturally unacceptable. Sarah claims she sent an apology the next day and never knew that Paris didn't get it until now.   After all, why would Pari care about a note from the comedian that insulted her - at the height of her fame? Sarah claims that she has found Jesus, and is a reborn comedian that realizes she hurt people and how unacceptable that type of behavior is, then and now. @Sarahkatesilverman Wendicooper@mac.com www.cspotrun.com Clubhouse:  @wendicooper


6 Mar 2021

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Episode 137 Grown-Ups with Follower Anxiety on Clubhouse - WTF

I call it FOLLOWER FOMO on Social Audio, which is now the official new name for drop-in live conversations.  There are several and more coming, but currently the HOT one is Clubhouse. So what does it feel like to go from a solid foundation across social media, to a zero following...it pretty much fucks with your head, everyone's head. I talk to Bud, my good friend who knows me better than anyone, about my disappointment in those that I really did admire, until Clubhouse and experienced their egoist as they came face to face with Zero Followers and the fact that their shit did stink after all. Clubhouse is an invite only app for IOS users and is in BETA with over 10 million users.  Just think, 477 are following me. side note:  I heard that the Chinese (Clubhouse runs on the Agora RTC platform aka Chinese) are capturing our unique voice data and giving them the aliens that Rover finds on Mars our identity. Enjoy! ClubHouse @wendicooper Wendicooper.com Wendicooper@mac.com Music by:  Tom Orsi - Orsi Digital Post Thank you Sesame Street - Raise Your Hand in School  Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization. The Workshop produces Sesame Street programs, seen in over 150 countries, and other acclaimed shows, including The Electric Company.  Beyond television, the Workshop produces content for multiple media platforms on a wide range of issues including literacy and numeracy, emotional wellbeing, health and wellness, and respect and understanding.  Learn more at http://www.sesamestreet.org​.


25 Feb 2021

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BONUS TIME! From Muck to Magic, an Uplifting Story by Wendi Knox

A SPECIAL BONUS from The Wendi Cooper Show - conversations with remarkable people over 50 - STORYVIEWS Wendi Knox was an award-winning copywriter and Creative Director at one of the largest advertising agencies in Los Angeles, but her soul longed for something more. Unexpectedly, she was forced to find it when she lost her big fat job at 50.  She asked The Universe, “Am I too old to reinvent myself?  Please give me a sign.”  This story view is edited from a 1.5 hour conversation with Wendi Knox into a 15 minute story that will fill your heart.. Use the 20% off "Magic"  From Muck To Magic is a one-of-a-kind inspirational book. With heart, art and humor, it takes you on a poetic journey from self-doubt to self-love. Within its colorful pages is a powerful blueprint for transformation. And an invitation for us all to rise up from our personal muck to bring our own unique magic into a world that has never needed it more. “The most beautiful dose of therapy you could ever get your hands on. A feast for the eye, the heart and the soul. Read it and be uplifted. Drink in its gorgeous paintings and fly.” —Daphne Rose KingmaBest-selling author of The Ten Things To Do When Your Life Falls Apart www.wendiknox.com www.wendicooper.com Clubhouse @wendicooper Produced by C Spot Run Productions Hosted and Narrated by:  Wendi Cooper Original Music by: Tom Orsi


22 Feb 2021

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Episode 135 It's Friday Again, The Pandemic Dilemma

Father Time Returns Life hasn't been the same since March 2020, just week before my 65th birthday - 3/20/2020. It's difficult to believe a year has passed since life around the globe changed forever.   Today I came across an episode from June 16th, 2020 when I was posting a daily podcast.  Father Time was 3 months into the pandemic and serious lock down in Los Angeles.   We've come a long way since June 16, 2020, or have we? Scroll down for 134 more "easy to consume" episodes, always unscripted, always my truth, never boring, always different. Everyone has 5 minutes, right!  Father Time Is Watching ClubHouse @wendicooper www.wendicooper.com wendicooper@mac.com 


6 Feb 2021

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Episode 134 The Club House App Blew Up Today

It only too 12 days for my prediction from Episode 132 on January 18th, to come true.  Slime Time Big Time on Club House. I remember once someone saying to me, "You have the podium use it wisely."   Some of the best advice I've gotten in my career and it has always stood the test of time, until Club House. It was like a huge slime bomb fell on the new social media love child sent to us from Silicon Valley to make us all feel inclusive and heard.  It's a great concept, and can work in moderation, but opening it up around the world...well there are some problems, like BEST PRACTICES.  Based on the honor system it appears manipulation of the audience, scams, and  fraud are running wild, but most of all people are getting hurt and feeling mentally ruined.  I also predicted this.  (Episode 131 Mother of All FOMO)  The problem is that all of those amazing humans on Club House think they can come together and fix it - if they can, then that's the answer to the world's problems. In my opinion that's what broken.  Club House has given the podium away to everyone which dilute responsibility.  @wendicooper - come talk with me on Club House before it's shut down, as that is the only solution I see to fixing the slimey mess. 


31 Jan 2021

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