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Episode # 63 - Ending property speculation with Catherine Cashmore

Catherine Cashmore from Anderson & Cashmore joins The Rentvesting Podcast. Catherine is a market analyst with extensive experience in all aspects relating to property acquisition. She is also the President of Prosper Australia which is a non-government organisation inspired by economic efficiency and social justice.Catherine outlines how taxing the land instead of income tax would create better efficiencies for our market. It's a radical idea and an overhaul of the way we think about, and price, property. Let's get to it...To find out more about Catherine and the Prosper organisation please visit: http://www.prosper.org.au/ #Rethink #Reinvent #Rentvest


22 Feb 2018

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Episode # 67 - Important considerations for your future lending needs

The fallout from the Royal Commission could cause house prices to fall. All the major banking economists have come out to share their views. UBS believe that access to credit will tighten impacting future house price growth. Median residential property prices in Melbourne and Sydney are expected to drop by up to $1000 a week this year with additional falls in 2019, according to Shane Oliver, chief economist for AMP Capital. Nearly one million Australian households are estimated to be in mortgage stress, according to Digital Finance Analytics’ Mortgage Stress Update for March 2018.The Royal Commission has been focusing on the due diligence of the lenders assessment process. No doubt, they’ll apply further influence across responsible lending requirements and outcomes. These upcoming changes are outside of your control and they will have an impact. So today, we’ll walk you though some of the changes taking place. Secondly, we’ll talk about the stuff that you can control to put you in the best position to grow the largest asset base you can with the money you can afford. #rethink #reinvent #rentvestwww.loansonly.com.au | hello@loansonly.com.au


12 Apr 2018

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Episode # 66 - Two brokers talk shop

The lending space is changing quickly. The Royal Commission has the potential to spark a credit crunch that will have wide impact on the economy. APRA's intervention and the ongoing focus on "Responsible Lending" is having a massive impact on the credit assessment process.Jonathan Preston is an experienced mortgage broker and host of Australian Property Podcast (http://australianpropertypodcast.com.au). As a fellow broker Jonathan and I talk "shop", air some grievances and try to outline some of the challenges the borrowers are currently facing when trying to secure a new loan. Let's get to it...#rethink #reinvent #rentvest


6 Apr 2018

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Episode # 66 - Suburbs helping rentvestors outperform home owners with Jeremy Sheppard

New research has identified 60 locations helping rentvestors win the wealth race against property owners. LocationScore.com.au has crunched the numbers to identify the top five blue-chip suburbs in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania where renters are paying less than owners to enjoy the same top-notch lifestyle. The company’s analysis also revealed five suburbs in each of those states where rentvestors buy to super-boost their portfolio returns. LocationScore.com.au Director of Research Jeremy Sheppard said savvy rentvestors are using both types of analysis to outwit homeowners in the investment race.Jeremy joins The Rentvesting Podcast this week to break down the analysis and talk us through these top performing rentvesting suburbs. Let's get to it...#rethink #reinvent #rentvest


30 Mar 2018

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Episode # 65 - Small is the new big with Ian Ugarte

Are you an investor, looking for investments with high demand and high yield, while also helping to ease the housing affordability crisis?Ian Ugarte from Small is the New Big, teaches investors how to turn a healthy profit by investing in one of the most overlooked segments of the market - affordable housing. Ian talks us through the market segment of rooming houses and explains why they can be an excellent cash flow investment. Ian is a passionate individual and has a great story to share. It’s an episode worth tuning into… let’s get to it!#rethink #reinvent #rentvest


23 Mar 2018

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