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About WaveLength

WaveLength is a charity that works to alleviate loneliness across the UK. We give technology to people who are lonely and living in poverty to help them reconnect with the world. We support people with a wide range of different needs. These include illness, disability, old age, domestic abuse, homelessness, refugees, and many more. In this video, our Ambassador Kirsty Rose Heslewood explains a little more about who we are and what we do. About WaveLength The post About WaveLength appeared first on WaveLength.


21 Mar 2018

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Solihull Life Opportunities

We provided a Smart TV to Solihull Life Opportunities, or SoLO. SoLo is a charity in Solihull that provides social and leisure activities to people of all ages who have learning disabilities. Our CEO Tim went to visit SoLO to see how their new Smart TV was making a difference. Italian Day On the day that Tim visited, the young people at SoLO were having an Italian Day. There were lots of different activities to get involved in and things to learn. The staff used the TV to show cookery videos on YouTube, and then everyone helped cook pasta for lunch. There was an Italian quiz, and the TV meant everyone could see the questions and the correct answers. It was also useful for playing Italian music while the young people made their own Italian flags to take home. In the video below SoLo’s staff members tell us about the centre, and how they use the TV. https://wavelength.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Its-like-the-cinema-a-new-TV-for-SoLO-Solihull.mp4 The post Solihull Life Opportunities appeared first on WaveLength.

8 Nov 2016

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How 1 TV transformed a Psychiatric ICU

WaveLength recently gave some equipment to a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in London. Michael Mendones tells us about how the technology has helped his patients. Feedback Michael is the Senior Occupational Therapist in Caspian Ward, at Park Royal Centre for Mental Health. The patients in Caspian Ward are very unwell, and they may be a risk to themselves or the people around them. For this reason the ward is locked, so the patients don’t have much freedom. We gave Caspian Ward a TV, which is big enough for everyone to watch, and some radios. Michael tells us about how radio helps people with mental health problems to control their symptoms. He also shares some feedback from patients themselves. Listen to Michael’s podcast below to hear about how TV and radio can help people with mental health problems. https://wavelength.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Feedback-podcast.m4a We love receiving this kind of feedback from the people we work with, so if you know someone who has been helped by our work please let us know! The post How 1 TV transformed a Psychiatric ICU appeared first on WaveLength.


27 Jul 2016

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Untold Stories: Our Beneficiaries

Untold Stories is a short film about WaveLength. It was made for us by the director Frank Madone. Frank met some of our beneficiaries and asked them about how WaveLength’s support has affected them. Untold Stories https://wavelength.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Untold-Stories-Our-Beneficiaries.mp4 The post Untold Stories: Our Beneficiaries appeared first on WaveLength.


29 Apr 2015

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Radio Academy Podcast

You can now listen to the first WaveLength Radio Academy podcast. The 15 minute podcast is a great introduction to WaveLength’s work and priorities, with Radio Academy’s Paul Robinson interviewing our CEO Tim Leech. Paul and Tim are joined by Michael Ferguson and Ken, who told us how technology improves the lives of homeless people in London. Michael is a representative of London homelessness charity Passage, and Ken is a floating mental health support worker working with the homeless in Westminster. They have both referred lots of homeless people to us for our support. Keeping in touch with the outside world has been a priority for WaveLength’s beneficiaries since we were created in 1939. Through people like Michael and Ken, we can give homeless people the radios that help them keep in touch with the outside world. We are also exploring the ways that new technology can help. We are planning an exciting scheme with The Passage’s Home for Good social club coming up soon! This podcast reminds us of the everyday comfort and cheer that radios bring, and the feeling of agency coming from something as small as turning a dial to your favourite show. Have a listen to the WaveLength podcast, and hear how after 75 years, radios are still bringing untold comfort to lonely and isolated people across the country. Download the podcast Subscribe in iTunes The post Radio Academy Podcast appeared first on WaveLength.


24 Apr 2015

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WaveLength and Passage: Hudl Training Session

Helping formerly homeless people to get to grips with their new Hudl tablet computers, in our latest partnership with Passage in Westminster. We’re proud to support Passage’s ‘Home for Good’ scheme, which helps formerly homeless people settle into their new homes and tackle the isolation of changing circumstances. https://wavelength.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/WaveLength-and-Passage-Hudl-Training-Session.mp4 The post WaveLength and Passage: Hudl Training Session appeared first on WaveLength.


11 Sep 2014

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Friends Save Lives: TV and a cup of tea

Orchid Friendship Group in North Nottinghamshire brings people together through befriending and a day centre. We gave them a big smart TV, a DVD player and four Hudl tablets! Since we’ve been running more projects in partnership with other charities and organisations, WaveLength’s equipment helps a huge and diverse variety of people. Our CEO Tim likes to get out to see the effects our equipment is having, and meet our partners and beneficiaries face to face. Orchid Friendship Group “Recently I visited Ollerton in rural Nottinghamshire, to meet Lis and her Orchid Friendship group. The Friendship Group gives older people living in isolation the chance to make friends. They are picked up from all over the former mining villages in North Nottinghamshire. The Group comes together every week to make crafts and have a chat. With the equipment from WaveLength they can watch DVDs together, catch up on current affairs, or reminisce over old programmes. “We’re also supplying the Orchid Friendship Group with Hudl tablets. Lis thinks these will have an enormous effect on lonely older people. They may even help people to stay in their homes, due to online shopping and emergency contact help. Plus, video messaging lets them stay in touch with family and friends living too far off to visit. The video below shows how the Group works and how much people love it. One lady even sits with her coat on for an hour before her taxi comes, just so she’s ready to go!” https://www.wavelength.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/CC-update-2016-ex-file.m4v “We’d really love to bring our equipment, especially the new tablet computers, to more and more groups of isolated people as well as individuals. If you’d like to help us out, take a look at our other YouTube videos, follow us on Twitter, or make a donation of any size through MyDonate. Thank you, for helping us help more.“ The post Friends Save Lives: TV and a cup of tea appeared first on WaveLength.


10 Sep 2014

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Herring House – Domestic Violence Against Men

In 2010, 40% of domestic abuse victims were men. But there are very few refuges in the UK for male survivors of abuse. Instead, many male survivors end up homeless, either living on the streets or moving between hostels. Herring House Herring House homelessness centre is one shelter that cares for men who have escaped abuse. We gave them some TVs and radios for the men to enjoy. In this video, staff at Herring House tell us how domestic abuse drives men into homelessness. https://wavelength.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Herring-House-Domestic-Violence-Against-Men.mp4 The post Herring House – Domestic Violence Against Men appeared first on WaveLength.

20 Jan 2014

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“At last they feel valued”

Tim talks to two of the staff members at Herring House. We recently donated TVs and radios to their High Support Unit which helps people with long-term complex problems. They tell us that TVs help foster the sense of control and self-esteem that enables people to lift themselves out of homelessness. https://wavelength.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/At-Last-They-Feel-Valued-.mp4 The post “At last they feel valued” appeared first on WaveLength.

9 Jan 2014

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Life In and Out of Belvidere

Staff at Belvidere homelessness hostel told Tim and Deirdre about the families that use their services and the difference that having new TVs has made to their lives. https://wavelength.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Life-In-and-Out-of-Belvidere.mp4 The post Life In and Out of Belvidere appeared first on WaveLength.

5 Sep 2013

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