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Intentional Relationships

Hosted by Kassandra and Alex Swenson, Intentional Relationships talks about all different types of relationships. From relationships with your spouse to relationships with your fitness journey, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. No relationship is off limits. The insights you'll gain will help you live a healthier and happier life and help you to grow to be the best version of yourself.

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Special Guest C. David Swenson

In this episode, we have our first guest on the show, a special guest, my Dad - C. David Swenson. We talk about his unique story coming from a small town in Mississippi to being the Tom Brady of his profession and how he persevered through it all.


21 May 2019

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Power of Living with Gratitude

When you start focusing on all the blessings you have, both big and small, it can change your life. Making this a daily habit and living a life of gratitude is not easy but it is so powerful. We also dive into living your life with an optimistic approach and stop hanging around people that are energy takers. Enjoy!


26 Feb 2019

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Working To Financial Peace

How do you look at money? Do you know where your money is going and are you spending less than you make? We talk a lot about how you think about money can affect how you use it. We also get into budgeting and how it can set you free from worry. Books that have helped our mindsets about money You’re a Badass at Making Money - Jen Cincero Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill The Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey


23 Apr 2019

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Accepting Each Other's Differences

What does it mean to accept each other’s differences? How do we actually do that? Well, first it starts with accepting that we are all different. We give examples of our differences and talk about why it’s important to recognize and appreciate one another for our differences and to have open and honest communication with other people who aren’t like you. This is a very important topic not just in our close relationships, but also for our society as a whole. Take a listen and we hope you enjoy it!


4 Jun 2019

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Knowing Your Worth and Value in a Relationship

Give yourself love first - be kind to yourself. Focus on becoming the person your dream man or woman would want to be with vs. making lists of what your dream man or woman looks like. It's not all about looks at the end of the day because those will fade. From a faith-based understanding, knowing and trying to understand or grasp God's unconditional love for you, helps us love others. When we are secure in God's love and grace and mercy on us, we can give mercy and grace to others when they let us down or wrong us. Being confident in who you are. We’re all imperfect people - do not count one another’s flaws.


5 Mar 2019

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Empowering Others

In this episode we talk about empowering others, that includes your spouse, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. During our last episode we talked about accepting one another’s differences so this week we dive into how to help others to be their best self using all their individual gifts. We discuss the importance of highlighting one others’ gifts, delegation, and wanting what is best for others.


11 Jun 2019

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The Problem With Fairness

From your childhood and into adulthood, we all have experiences that have shaped our beliefs about fairness. In this episode we talk about what comes to mind when we hear the word fair or fairness and give examples of how different perspectives can shape our beliefs around the word fairness. Finally we give a few tips on how to work through any limiting beliefs you may have when it comes to your thoughts on fairness.


7 May 2019

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Taking Risks

In this episode we talk about taking risks and why it is so important to your growth both personally and professionally. We share some of the big risks we’ve taken in our lives and in our relationship and how those decisions have helped shape who we are today. We talk about some common reasons people don’t take risks, how they hold themselves back, and we give examples of some risks we encourage y’all to take.


25 Jun 2019

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Special Guest Lynn Swenson

In this episode, we bring on a very special guest - Lynn Swenson. We talk about how she kept her family close despite having some many kids and her husband working so much. She talks about the values she that were important and her mindset behind it all. Enjoy!


28 May 2019

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Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? In this episode,​ we talk about Dr. Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” and how she defines both types of mindset. We share some common beliefs people with both mindsets have and examples of areas that people may easily find themselves with a fixed mindset. Most importantly, we talk about how to change your fixed mindset to a growth mindset and why time is an important factor in transforming your mindset.


2 Jul 2019

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