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Tibetan Meditation: Sacred Sounds

integrative medicine, complementary, cancer, md anderson, lorenzo cohen, yoga, tai chi, meditation, acupuncture


3 Nov 2010

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Music To My Years

Music therapy, cancer, Catholic, healing, music video, spiritua


17 Jun 2010

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Tibetan Sound Meditation for Cancer Patients

Mind-Body Practices, Mind, Body, Spirit, Integrative Medicine, awareness,Cancer, oncology, MD Anderson, M.D. Anderson, MD Andersen, M.D. Andersen, M. D. Andersen, MDACC, CancerWise, Qigong, Chi Gong


23 Nov 2009

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Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement for Cancer Patients

MD anderson cáncer primera cita mexico south america international


6 Aug 2009

Rank #4

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Laughter Yoga for Cancer Patients

laugther yoga, laughing, cancer, Stephen Findley, mind body, wellness, stress management, health, M. D. Anderson, fun, release tension, rhythmic clapping, simulated laughter, yoga breathing


12 Mar 2009

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Music Therapy for Cancer Patients

Music therapy, cancer, healing, music video, spiritual


9 Dec 2008

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Pilates for Cancer Patients


10 Nov 2008

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NIA Dance for Cancer Patients


20 Oct 2008

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Kundalini Yoga for Cancer Patients


10 Sep 2008

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Hatha Yoga


7 Aug 2008

Rank #10