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Where's The Cake Knife? - Long Island Serial Killer

This week we sit down and discuss Isaiah Muellers hometown when we dive into the deep dark waters of the Long Island Serial Killer. Grab your wine and your breakfast serial and get ready to talk sex, acting, exercise, and of course- murder.

1hr 23mins

18 Dec 2018

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The Drunken Christmas Murder Special

2 guests, 8 murders, 1 box of wine, what could possibly go wrong?

1hr 2mins

25 Dec 2018

Rank #2

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I Don't Fuck With Magic - Golden State Killer

this week we're talking everything from the Golden State Killer to sepia-tone Heely's with actor Jett Mann - grab a seat, grab some wine, and join the fun!

1hr 36mins

11 Dec 2018

Rank #3

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New Years Day Q&A

New Years Day Q&A by milk & serial


1 Jan 2019

Rank #4

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Et Tu, Jason? - The Assassination of Julius Ceasar

Get comfy murder-lovers because this week we travel WAY back to ancient Rome when we cover the infamous stabbing of Julius Ceasar by all his best pals. Let's talk terrible names, terrible ideas, and terrible plans.

1hr 21mins

5 Feb 2019

Rank #5