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"Behind every planner, there is a person. Behind every person, there is a story", believes Jessica McWilliams, host of Planner Lifestyle Podcast. She presents weekly, hour-long episodes to bring a voice to the people behind the pretty planner pictures on Instagram. This planner podcast features conversations with people from around the planner community. Take a "look" into their planners and hear the stories they tell.

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40 Things to Put in Your Planner

I’m rereleasing this episode in case it helps you setup your new 2020 planners! 40 ideas of planner pages for my 40th show on my first week being 40!!!I love a good theme. 1. Functional - Important Dates2. Functional - Bill Dues mentioned https://www.instagram.com/jen_plans/ & https://www.instagram.com/shaybudgets/ & https://www.instagram.com/e.michelleplans/3. Functional - Usernames/Passwords App mentioned Password One4. Functional - Budget (debt snowball, saving trackers, monthly categories) https://www.instagram.com/budgetmisses/5. Functional - Personal (mood, health (mental and physical), medical symptoms/conditions, body cycles, water intake, exercise, vitamins, oils)6. Lists - Wishlists7. Lists -Media (screen time experiences)8. Lists - Favorites (flowers, drinks, songs, etc.)9. Lists - Reading (pages, book club, genre, time to read) Jaime from https://www.instagram.com/planwithjaime/ & Let's Peanut Butter Taco 'Bout Books 10. Work - School Assignments/ Workplace Projects11. Work - School Grades/ Workplace performance reviews12. Work - Class Schedule/ Meeting Schedule13. Work -Curriculum choices/ Program choices14. Work - Book List (read aloud, collection, to buy, reviews, professional development, entertainment)15. Routine - Beauty16. Routine - a.m. and p.m.  https://www.instagram.com/theplannerpocket/17. Routine - Holiday traditions18. Routine - Religious practices19. Routine - Flow and Felicity Libby from https://www.instagram.com/western.daughter/20. Maintenance - Car21. Maintenance - Home (Info for shelter needs in Minneapolis, MN) https://sharingandcaringhands.org/marys-place22. Maintenance - Self23.  Maintenance - Relationships24. Future - Goal Setting25. Future - Actionable steps26. Past - Trips, routines, or special collections of plans27. Past - Record the "memory moments" as they occur28. Past - Children's quotes29. Present - to-do list/ inbox30. Present - a list of 10 things that can be done in 10 minutes each by Steph from https://www.instagram.com/stephintoliving/31. Present - Top 3 Priorities of the dayBONUS - Notes pages/Scratch paper32. Soul - Ping Journal33. Soul - Scripture reading schedule https://www.instagram.com/maryandmarthaplans/34. Soul - Prayer list/ answers35. Soul - Gratitude https://www.instagram.com/kitlifeplanners/ planners36.  Hobby - Video Games (levels, achievements, game play time) 37. Tracker - Weather forecast Cindy from https://www.instagram.com/llamaletters/38. Food - Meal Plans (PIZZA NIGHT!!)39. Food - Stats and "pricebook" for groceries40. Fun & Functional - Self-Care BINGO by Kate from https://www.instagram.com/the.caffeinated.bujo/--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/planner-lifestyle-podcast/message

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1 Jan 2020

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