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Environmental Voices Rising is committed to amplifying the voices of all who are working on the frontlines to create sustainable and equitable solutions that will protect all sentient beings, our planet, our resources and our legacy for future generations.

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Money Talks Sustainable Business, Shopping and Innovation - You can take THAT to the bank.

In today’s episode, I had a conversation with Claire Attkisson, founder and creator of Live Creative Studio, an online Sustainable Business, marketing and branding business. Claire has an MBA in Sustainable Business and she gave us insights about the Triple Bottom Line and the Circular Economy, both foundational to having a sustainable business. Live Creative Studio also supports an online global marketplace featuring a wide range of innovative and creative businesses offering shopping alternatives for the eco-conscious shopper.

7 Jun 2021

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Tomato Bliss- A Happy Vegetable or a revolutionary way to grow food.

In today’s episode I’ll be talking with artist and now farmer Marie Krane creator and founder to Tomato Bliss and Lotus Flower Farm where she is growing heirloom tomatoes using regenerative farming practices and crop diversity. We will be discussing why crop diversity is so important, how these practices restore nutrients to the soil that result in more excellent tasting tomatoes, and how nutrient-rich soil can sequester carbon. Visit Kiss the Ground Movie at: https://kissthegroundmovie.com/#recipeforbliss, #tomatobliss

21 May 2021

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Women and Land - How growing up on the land led to a career in environmental justice.

Join me and Kahea Pacheco - a mixed heritage native Hawaiian woman in a conversation about how women’s relationship with the land and resources can uniquely position them to lead on environmental issues.We discuss what environmental violence is and the impact that violence to the land in the form of depleted soil, polluted air and water is detrimental to the health of a community. Kahea also discusses her work at Women’s Earth Alliance and how they are supporting women-led environmental organizations. WEA is beginning its 15th year and has pivoted during the Covid pandemic to provide virtual and online assistance to the women they support.

6 May 2021

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Oysters and Climate Change - sea level rise? The oysters are ready.

In this episode I talk with Linda Hunter, the Founder and Director of The Wild Oyster Project in San Francisco. We discuss how The Wild Oyster Project has pivoted from their usual program of using oyster shells to build oyster reefs in the San Francisco Bay because of the restrictions during the Covid pandemic. These reefs are part of coastal habitat restoration projects that help restore native habitats and protect the coast from sea level rise. Sea level rise that results from climate change is on the agenda of coastal cities. The Wild Oyster Project uses community engagement and educational outreach to include community support to help people understand their local ecosystem and how they can be part of the climate change solution.

15 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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