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Are you ready to choosing more in the areas of sex, relationships, your body and money? Patty invites you to have more ease, joy, pleasure and communion with everything you desire! Her kind and witty facilitation will inspire you to melt away your limitations and open the door to new possibilities.

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Creating a Life That you LOVE!

Did you know I love to travel? I didn’t always know I loved to travel. I didn’t know until I started to travel around the world taking classes. Ever since that first trip, I have been IN LOVE with traveling!Every chance I get, I hop on a plane and go somewhere new. Isn’t that fun?From the joy traveling created in my life I realized one of the demands that I had for my life, and for what I wanted to create, was the ability to travel wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted!Check out the video for more on this here:Listen here:A New AwarenessWhat I noticed from my most recent trip, that was different than previous trips, was I was SO grateful and happy to come HOME. Home to my life. Home to my apartment. Home to Los Angeles.In the past, I would come home, and wanted to leave and travel again right away.I used to feel that being home was boring. That my “regular” life could never be as exciting as when I traveled. Do any of you feel that way? Like you’re waiting for that next vacation, or you’re waiting for the weekend?If you fit into this category this is MY invitation to you!We’re going to get honest for a second. And REALLY present with ourselves.What is it that you would have to create and have in your life, that you would ALWAYS be grateful and joyful to be home, in your normal day to day life? This has shifted for me. I now have gratitude for the adventures of travel AND the life I get to come home to, it’s both. So. much. fun!The business that I have created, the people I am surrounding myself with right now that are generative, so kind and caring and such a contribution. The people that are playing with me and the business, how amazing they are, and how wonderful it is to have that generative contribution in the business.This is all in addition to the contribution of my apartment and the things I’ve chosen to have IN my home space. I love talking about my apartment because I absolutely ADORE my place. I come home and my whole entire body relaxes; I am at ease at home.  This apartment contributes so much energy to me, to my body, and I contribute so much energy to this apartment.I love the location of where I live. I get to go hiking in California nature around the corner, and there are so many restaurants that serve yummy food in interesting ways.I have really created a space where I enjoy EVERYTHING about my life.I even LOVED working and creating ALL weekend.I loved every minute of it.I loved every minute of it because I am creating what I came here to create in the world. And that alone is SO exciting for me! To be creating the life I love AND being the contribution I know I am here to be. It took me like ten years to get here. TEN YEARS!  Start Where You AreSo, wherever you are on that particular journey for yourself, I want to tell you it’s not too late. It’s NEVER too late. You CAN still create a life you love!I want to invite you to say YES to YOU, and yes to keep going! Say yes to keep creating! Say yes to never stopping, never giving up and never giving in to the distractions and barriers in your way.  Never give up on YOU, or YOUR DREAMS.  Never give up on what you desire!If you are someone who has no idea what you want to create or where you are wanting to go, and the ONLY thing you KNOW is you don’t want to stay where you are right now, that you don’t love your life right now, you’re in the right place.If you're like my life sucks, and I know it sucks, and I know something is different, but I have no frickin clue how to do it that's okay - that's OKAY.There is NOTHING wrong with you, AND it’s okay you don’t know right now, in this moment what it is that you want. The BIGGEST gift right now is knowing that you would like to change your life.What Did You Know Was Possible As A Child?Did you have big dreams when you were a child? Let’s recall those dreams. What did you want? What did you know was possible when you knew EVERYTHING was po...


28 Oct 2019

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Your Body, Money, and Living Orgasmically

You might be wondering, what in the world do these three things have to do with each other, and I cannot wait to tell you!In a nutshell, which we will expand on, when you include your body in your life through all the techniques we teach in Orgasmic Living, which incorporates investing in your body, these choices actually allow you to have AND receive more money!Sounds crazy I know, but I have experienced this myself and so have my clients.A lot of people have the point of view that they need to go out and make money, AND THEN they will invest in their body, i.e. let me go handle my business and then when I have everything handled, AND have the money, THEN I can invest in my body.What if investing in your body NOW is actually what is going to contribute to your life and future instantaneously?What if investing in your body is what is going to contribute to your relationships?What if investing in your body is what is going to contribute to your money flows RIGHT NOW?Money is about R E C E I V I N G.Receiving from the universe; receiving from people;  receiving from everything as if by magic.Here is a BIG secret… are you ready?In order to R E C E I V E, you AND your body have to be R E L A X E D.You as a BEING have to be relaxed in the space of you, and your BODY has to be at ease.What Does It LOOK Like When You Invest in Your Body and Allow Yourself to Receive?Check out the video for more on this here:Listen here:Let’s give you some examples to illustrate this. I had a client that, when he came to me, was couch surfing, and had a small business he was working on. He was couch surfing because he did not have the money to pay for his own place consistently and take care of himself.  When he started listening to his body, and investing in what his body desired, what it wanted to wear and what it is that his body wanted, his life started to shift and more money came in. He went from couch surfing to creating a home that he loved to live in and to owning multiple businesses that he enjoyed.Things he found that really contributed to him on this journey were investing in really yummy super soft silk underwear that hugged him in all the right places.  When he walked around wearing this underwear, even though he was the only one that knew that it was there under his clothes, he felt like a million bucks! This choice created energy between him and his body that was generative.  He also started investing in haircuts with someone who was more expensive than previous haircuts, but who was nurturing and kind for his body. Again a certain energy was generated from this choice to nurture and invest in what his body wanted.This is one of the times when things are the opposite of what you would think, or what they appear to be by logical thinking. If you choose to invest in your body NOW (not until you think you can afford it) as a priority then the energy that gets created between you and your body creates the space for greater to show up in your life and ultimately creates the space for you to be able to RECEIVE more. This includes money!! Let’s play a little mind game!Let’s say you work Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day, and you have been noticing lately some of your joints are stiff and your muscles are tense and sore in places.What do you think it would create if you invested in a massage? If you invested chiropractic work?Would your body relax?Would you be relaxed and more joyful, and then possibly be able to RECEIVE MORE, and have more mental and physical acuity and fluidity in responding to all the things life throws your way? From personal experience and that of my clients, I can tell you YES, investing in your body and inviting it to have more ease, relaxation and peace creates more than we can put into words- both tangible and intangible!How cool is that?!The more I invest in the nurturing and caring of my body the more money I make!ASK. YOUR.  BODY.


10 Oct 2019

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How to get what you want when you don’t know how to get it!

How to get what you want when you don’t know how to get it!Do you know you desire something different in your life? Are you aware that there are other possibilities and you’re not quite sure how to create them?I’ve been seeing this a lot with some of my clients recently. The awareness, longing and desire for something different in their lives coupled with the puzzling feeling of not knowing how to create it.As Albert Einstein so brilliantly said: “We cannot solve problems with the same thinking used when we created them.”Doing the same thing over and over again is the very definition of insanity. I believe my friend Albert also coined this phrase! And so, if you’re looking at creating something different in your life, you’ve got to start by making different choices!Watch this episode here:Or listen here:Here are a few easy tips on how to get what you want:1. Get clear on what you’d like to have in your life!Look at every area of your life as it is right now. Your relationships, your home life, money flows, your body, your business. Are you truly happy in these areas? Joyful? Excited about getting up in the morning? Does your life make your heart sing?Not so much? Not to worry. We’ve all been there. Moments when life seems to lack luster and joy. If you’re not clear on what you would like to have and create in your life, then life creates itself around you and that is NO fun!I’d like to quote another amazing person, Nikola Tesla: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”Let’s play with the energy, shall we?What are the energies that would light you and your body up? Joy, laughter, fun, vibrancy, luxury, opulence, hedonism, creativity, kindness, orgasmic living? Maybe you’d like more magic and ease? More possibilities and less problems? This one sounds good to me!What else would you like? Would you like to travel more? Would you like to be surrounded by beautiful things that nurture your body? Would you like generative relationships with people who contribute to your life?2. Invite these energies into your life every day!Once you’re clear on the energies you’d like in every area of your life, then you have to invite them to show up!First, demand. A demand from you to create and have these energies in your life: “I’ll have that now please!”Then, opening the energies for something new to show up. One of the best ways to invite new energies into your life is to ask questions. When you ask a question without looking for an answer, you open up to more possibilities. Our mind can only create based on what it already knows. When you ask a question, you bypass the mind and step into energetic creation.My two favorite questions are:How does it get any better than this?What else is possible I’ve never even considered?If you ask these questions without looking for a specific result, you open the doors for new possibilities to show up. Get really curious about what else is possible that you haven’t considered!And this brings us to the next step...Make Different Choices!So, now you’re more clear on what you’d like energetically. You’re making the demand to have it and you’re asking questions. Energies are already shifting and changing even if you can’t “see” it right now.The invitation for you today is to make that shift in your choices every single day. Even if you only shift by 1% or 10% every day, it is these new choices that will change the trajectory of your life.If you chose something different every day by at least 10%, how different will your life be in a year’s time?Choice creates change! Choices creates change!For more tips on choice, energy and getting what you want, check out the video in this article and subscribe to the Consciousness is Sexy podcast!If you have questions and would like to join me live for an episode of Consciousness is Sexy,


22 Aug 2018

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How Can I Live Orgasmically If I am Single?

How Can I Live Orgasmically If I am Single?A misconception that many people have is that if you are single you can’t live orgasmically. I can unequivocally say that this is NOT true! Let’s discuss this and put that pesky misconception to bed so you can have more clarity in knowing REGARDLESS of what is going on in your life YOU CAN choose Orgasmic Living. The word orgasm naturally has a lot of people go straight to thinking of partners in bed, and then if they don’t have a partner thinking this idea of Orgasmic Living isn’t for them. This is NOT true. Being single is a GREAT place to start exploring what lights you up, turns you on and what Orgasmic Living is for YOU.Being single can be the easiest time to dig-in and really explore what is orgasmic for YOU and your body. When you don't have a partner you can bypass the natural tendency to place attention on the other person and what works for them, and instead spend some good ole quality time with YOU, truly truly exploring what is fun for you.In this week’s video I discuss more about the tendency we have when we get into partnership to lose ourselves a little bit and then lose that connection to what brings US joy, pleasure, nurturance and fun. Check out the video for more on this here:Listen here:So now that we know regardless of being single or partnered, Orgasmic Living is possible for everyone, let’s get to those tools to get you there!TOOL #1- Get Into Question and Find Out What is Orgasmic for YOU and YOUR BODYAsk your body any of these questions!Hey body! What would be orgasmic for YOU? Body, what would be fun for you today?Body, what can we create today together?Play with these questions, and let your body show you what would be fun for you both. ALLOW your BODY to ~ S H O W ~ you what is fun, joyful and orgasmic.Try NEW things! ~ P L A Y ~. Get more in tune with your beautiful body and its desires. Creating communion between you and your body is a one on one practice that does not have to do with another person. Even if you are in a partnership this is an individual process on exploring you and your body; you have to discover this within yourself! How fun is that?!Getting to know YOU, getting to know YOUR BODY, honoring you and your body and what you both enjoy is the start to living tuned-in and turned-on in every moment, single or partnered.TOOL #2: CREATE a Body Fun ListPLEASE make a list of the things that are really enjoyable for YOU! As you engage with asking your body questions and allowing your body to show you what it enjoys the next step is EXPLORE. Explore these new places and spaces of what you and your body enjoy and then make a LIST. Choose to do them everyday or at least once or twice a week so you can create that energy of living orgasmically WITH YOU and FOR YOU. This is a tool to show you that YOU create your own Orgasmic Living and orgasmic energies. When you have that with you, and FOR you, it is so much easier to create that energy with someone else.  This assists in preventing your Orgasmic LIFE from being dependent on someone else, or relying on someone else to light you up or turn you on- giving you so much more FREEDOM in choosing for you, your body and your life.Once you’ve started this list have it somewhere you can see it daily, and as you play new items will emerge to be added to the list!TOOL #3: Get Out of Your Head!Get out of your head and get into your body; get really, really present with your body.You might be thinking to yourself, that sounds really great Patty, but HOW IN THE WORLD do I do that?!!?I heard you! Here’s an Exercise to assist you in getting out of your head!FILL your ENTIRE body with YOU, and YOUR energy.Take a moment right now and allow your body to breathe. Notice your body breathing, and as you breathe, get really present with your whole body: your toes, your feet,  your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs, your belly, your genitals,


19 Sep 2019

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What does joy look like to your body?

What is embodied joy?Embodied joy is the kind of joy that permeates and infuses every cell and molecule of your body AND your being.Embodied joy is vibrant with delightful.Embodied joy is expansive, generative and contagious.Embodied joy radiates from every pore of your body and being.Embodied joy reverberates exuberantly throughout your entire life and living.You know someone has embodied joy when you look into their eyes and your whole world expands. It really wasn’t until I brought this energy into movement with my body,  that I got the sense of what it is to truly embody joy. How does joy show up in bodies?  This is what it looked like for me….(Song credit:  Bayo by Michael Brun)I just wrapped up my latest Body: Friend or Foe? webinar and my body and I were so joyful and happy! The energy was so expansive I brought it to the Pole and WOW!The way embodied joy showed up for me was bouncy and playful.My body wanted to prance around.She tousled her hair and made funny faces.She wanted to fly (I love flying on the pole)She giggled, flirted, smiled and teased. We were vibrant, vivacious and shiny and we wanted the whole world to play with us!What does joy and pleasure look like for your body? What’s beyond pretense?I haven’t always been joyful.  I put on a fake smile for a long time.  It’s what I was supposed to do...Pretend to be happy. Pretend to be perfect. Pretend everything was ok when it wasn’t…Sound familiar?It seems to be something we are entrained to do.  To pretend and prove that we’re happy and we’ve got it all together.Have you ever been around people who are pretending or proving they’re happy?   I know this discrepancy well as I lived it for so long...On the surface, it seems they are happy and yet, you KNOW something is askew.You’re uncomfortable, you can’t quite put your finger on it.  You doubt yourself because they “seem so happy”.  Might you be aware of the façade?  The energy that is beyond the front they are creating?Here are 3 easy tips to invite true joy into your life:1. Go out and do something FUN for you!  Do something that makes you laugh so uncontrollably you think want to pee your pants.  Then, allow that joy to infuse every area of your body and molecules. Expand your energy out beyond your body, beyond the city you live in, beyond the Earth out towards the Sun and Pluto and beyond.   And ask the energy to exponentialize even more.2. Celebrate yourself!Every chance you get, acknowledge the greatness of you.  Invite gratitude for you into your life. Allow yourself to be happy for you AND everyone around you.  We’re not taught to be happy for ourselves. go ahead, I give you permission to celebrate and acknowledge yourself every day!3. Dance!Find a song that creates joy for you and your body and dance like no one is watching!  Allow yourself to be silly, bouncy and fun.  Laugh at yourself and with yourself and enJOY yourself.How does your body want to be touched when she (or he) is in a true space of joy?What if you found a song or a movement that invited true joy into your body, life, and living?How much fun can you have?If you’d like more embodied joy, come play with me in the Body Love Club. What does YOUR body love? Join me for a 90-day adventure to discover all of the delicious possibilities with your body. Find out more here: www.pattyalfonso.sexy/bodyloveclub


28 Jan 2019

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What is Generosity of Spirit?

Generosity of spirit is the energy that you are when you are functioning as all of you, and as an infinite being; it is the gift and the contribution that you can be to yourself, to your body, to the world and to the people around you! Generosity of spirit has an energy of gifting and receiving where you gift an energy or presence, and then you also receive from that gift that you are being.Generosity of spirit is limitless; there's an abundance of energy to be, and to gift and to receive.Be present with THAT energy for a minute. REALLY PRESENT. Limitless, abundance, gifting and receiving simultaneously.What would THAT be like to experience every day?Do you think having more generosity of spirit will contribute to you, your body and living orgasmically?!The answer is YES!! 100x over. So let’s dive a little deeper.What Does Generosity of Spirit have to do with Orgasmic Living?Check out the video for more on this here:Listen here:Orgasmic living is an internal personal journey; orgasmic living is the energy of the creation of your life, and the creation of your body which includes generosity of spirit!For me, I had to play first with these:What is orgasmic living for me and for my body?What does that look like?What would it BE like to always choose orgasmic energies?I have strengthened this magnificent muscle of living orgasmically; I have fine-tuned my awareness, my attention to the world around me, always seeking those things that bring me joy, pleasure and orgasmic living, and what I found is that I am most orgasmic, and the most joyful and the most ALIVE, when there is this energy of generosity of spirit.When there is an energy of generosity of spirit it permeates every cell in your body!As I’ve cultivated my generosity of spirit and orgasmic living, and allowed my attention to be drawn to this specific energy and way of BEING, generosity of spirit and orgasmic living now permeates my whole entire life.How yummy is that?!Patty, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Have you always been this way?The answer is no, this hasn't always been the case for me. As a matter of fact, I used to be very naive around this particular topic. As a naturally gifting person, I would find myself being very generous with people who actually were more penurious of spirit. There wasn’t a gifting and receiving, it was a give and take. I would give, and they would take, and take, and take.What is Penurious of Spirit? Penurious of spirit is the opposite of generosity of spirit; the definition of the word penurious is extremely poor, or poverty-stricken.When you are with someone who is penurious of spirit they are functioning from the energy of lack, from the energy of poverty, from the energy of not enough.It can be a challenge and uncomfortable if either you or the other person is choosing these energies, as opposed to the generative energy of generosity of spirit.Because of their lack mentality, their penurious of spirit, they never felt like what I gave was enough.These types of exchanges began to create this place where I would go into the wrongness of me, where I didn’t think I was enough and nothing I ever gave was enough. In response to so many of these experiences I did the 180 flip and stopped being the generosity of spirit I naturally am.I didn’t notice until a couple of years after that I had stopped the energy of gifting and receiving that I always had been.I was energetically contracting and holding back, not allowing myself to be the energy of generosity of spirit.This choice actually started to physically HURT me. It hurt my heart, it hurt my body and that in itself became a constant contraction and discomfort in my life.On my journey with orgasmic living I begin picking away at the story that others always take and take, and let it go. Getting RID of the story and the contraction was the only way to move forward. As it dissolved I had to re-learn about being generous...


3 Oct 2019

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How Can I Create More Orgasmic Energy in My Life?

Orgasmic energy, and orgasmic living, as discussed last week, is a key to loving your life and building a life filled with presence, joy and awareness. Orgasmic energy is innate in your very being, and abundantly available to you and your body. Once you start to taste orgasmic energies you’ll be hooked and you’ll want to be able to tap into this natural energy as much as possible.You’ll be asking questions like:How can I create more of it?How can I access it at a moment’s notice?There are two different energy states that I believe are at the core to unlocking this whole universe to you and your body.Would you like to know about them? If yes, keep reading!Watch this episode here:Or listen here:Curiosity and Childlike WonderThe first tool to get started creating an abundance of orgasmic energy in your life is practicing harnessing your natural curiosity and childlike wonder with EVERYTHING, especially with you and your body. Be willing to explore new options, choices, and wonders. Play and see what these previously unexplored engagements create for you. Learning what works for you is the fastest way to strengthen this muscle of knowing what is orgasmic for YOU. Please note, this is a personal process, and what might work for you, might not work for someone else and vice versa. Getting comfortable exploring what’s available to you, and what is true for you and your body is paramount. Being complacent and unwilling to honor yourself with this exploration can halt your journey before it’s even begun; let the childlike wonder and curiosity with YOU and your body begin and you’ll see your natural orgasmic energy begin to shine more and more. Gratitude for Your BodyThe second tool to get you moving along this exciting path is having gratitude for your body.When you enter into a grateful position with your body, judgment simply cannot exist. You can no longer stand in the mirror and judge your appearance when in gratitude. If you are grateful for who you are, what you look like, and that you have a body, you will start to see yourself in a new light, one that is confident and joyful.Additionally, when you exist in a judgmental state, you are not only being unkind to yourself, you are cutting off the infinite flow of the other energies available to you, this includes the yummy orgasmic energies. So, try this out, when you start exploring this curious energy, don’t judge yourself; honor yourself, your creativity, and your wants/needs. Let it be ok that you’re here and your body is here, as is, right now, and trust that it’s just a jumping off point.When you allow yourself to BE your personal energies, then you will be inviting in the very essence of YOU: orgasmic energy. Where Do I Go From Here?As you head forth into the week, I am inviting you to question everything that you have “decided” about your body, including food, movement, clothes etc. Muster up the greatest amount of courage as you can, and let yourself choose something different this week. See how your body experiences that new choice. Stop judging yourself immediately! You’re new to this and LEARNING! Instead, choose gratitude that you actually get to CHOOSE and PLAY and EXPLORE!The more you explore this natural curiosity, the more you will learn about what your body likes and wants. Joy is just around the corner – it starts with a bodily love and acceptance.You can also join me weekly for Orgasmic Living! Find out more here and grab your free gift for saying YES! www.OrgasmicLiving.Live


15 Aug 2019

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What is Orgasmic Living?

What if I told you orgasmic living could be available to you and your body in every moment?Our society has defined and confined the energy of the orgasm to the bedroom. I’m here to invite you to know that we can rescue the orgasm from being trapped only in the bedroom and coax and nurture it into every aspect of our daily living.I know for some of you this may seem impossible to even imagine.  I know what that feels like because I was someone who lived completely disconnected from my body for the first THIRTY years of my life.  I had no idea what orgasmic living was, or that is was available to me. I thought it was something that resulted from two bodies in a bed, after reaching that sweet spot, and that was that.  At this time in my life I never included my body in anything and I wasn’t comfortable exploring what my body wanted or needed, or even enjoyed.Everything changed when I finally allowed my consciousness to explore this part of my existence, and started to commune with my body. It was this shift and the tools I used that I would like to share with you. Orgasms are more than that elated feeling that erupts from our bodies at the end of sexual engagement.The essence of the orgasm, and the beginning of orgasmic living, is an energy that we can all harness in our everyday lives.My weekly show, Orgasmic Living, encourages women to activate the orgasmic energy within, break out of their shells and really change their lives, starting with the magic that is available with your body.Watch this episode here:Or listen here:How Do You Activate Orgasmic Energy in the Body?It is important to first know that the consciousness of the orgasm is the very energy of your life, and the essence of who you truly are. It is the energy related to total presence and complete awareness; the consciousness of your body and your unique attributes.Orgasmic energy is about welcoming in all of those sensations that your body has to offer you. They are gifts that are biologically available and attainable when you are ready to receive them.Activating orgasmic energy in your body means connecting with yourself, right here, and right now.Are you ready?What About Orgasms? Can I still have them AND live orgasmically? What if orgasms aren’t possible for me right now?Orgasms are amazing, and we all deserve to experience them, however they are not necessarily required for Orgasmic LIVING.What I’d more like to draw your attention to is what occurs physically, mentally and emotionally at that moment you experience an orgasm. It is a moment in which everything fades from your mind, the worries of tomorrow, and the depression of the past.You are very much in the present, feeling the euphoric sensation take over your body. In this moment, you are more in touch with your body than at any other time. What’s to say you can’t have that kind of connection with yourself, 24-7?Would this be of interest to you?What Makes YOU Orgasmic?With the focus taken off the singular event and placed more on the energy of the orgasm, you can use it as a sort of compass and start to identify what brings you happiness, joy, and pleasure, outside of a sexual orgasm.How do you feel in those moments?Are you choosing these kinds of joy in your everyday life, or are you pushing them to the side as a result of your crazy schedule?Become present with where you are right now with your body, with choosing orgasmic energies daily and just notice where you’re at now, and where you’d like to go now that you know something else is possible.Your whole life can be one, massive orgasmic experience. You can find a way to exist in a euphoric presence that is still conducive to a productive job, happy family, and satisfying sexual engagements.You are only given one body in this life – treat it with acceptance, understanding, and awareness. You will find that everything else falls into place.


8 Aug 2019

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Does Orgasmic Living Include Falling Apart?

The Answer is YES. Falling apart is a vital part of change.I just got back from SK Live which is a 2-day pole dancing event with Sheila Kelley that centers on feminine movement your body loves. If you guys have been with me for a while I talk a lot about how movement, wait for this, it’s funny. Movement actually MOVES stuck stuff in your body. Stuck emotions, stuck memories, the stuck junk; the heavy stuff; the stuff that weighs us down.So for two days we were moving our bodies AND moving stuck stuff.It was glorious AND sometimes when you move the stuff that is stuck, that you maybe didn’t even know was there, or didn’t want to know was there, emotion bubbles to the surface and water comes out your eyeballs. And sometimes A LOT of water comes out your eyeballs, uncontrollably.This is one way of letting ourselves fall apart, allowing all of the EVERYTHING to come to the surface and acknowledge it and then just LET. IT. OUT.Letting yourself fall apart so that you can come back together greater and more whole.Falling apart is about things needing to change in your life!Letting go of old patterns, old thoughts, old resentments to create space and fertile ground for new growth.Now I just want to point out that sometimes when you are falling apart you may not know what it is about, it is okay, you do not need to.Just let the old go!Check out the video for more on this here:When I was sobbing it wasn't because of a particular story I was aware of at the time. I wasn't sobbing because there was a particular dramatic event that had happened recently. The sobbing was just what my body needed to do in that moment to release the old and stuck.Letting ourselves sob and fall apart can be scary, especially when we have been hiding or stuffing the emotions down deep.Instead of stuffing all of that stuck stuff back down, CHOOSE BRAVERY.CHOOSE to let yourself FALL APART.I chose bravery. I chose to sob. I chose letting go of control and surrendering in the moment.If I can do it, I know you can too!Do you let yourself fall apart? Or do you stuff it back down into the dark shadows?The Quiet After The StormAfter the sobbing and falling apart, I realized my sobbing had melted a whole bunch of invisible barriers that I had with my body and in my life.Now I have even MORE access to Living Orgasmically. I have even MORE access to the energies of joy and pleasure. I have more access to all of me.And if that wasn’t enough the sobbing melted a lot of my barriers to receiving from other people.We never know what will show up when we give ourselves the gift of falling apart, but what I know to be true is you will always get more of you, the true you.Did you know shoes can teach us lessons about life AND falling apart?Well mine can! Let’s have too much fun with this next part! Check out my gorgeous dance shoes!!Just as a side-note There is a gift that comes with boots and shoes and high heels; there is an actual energy that gets activated in your body when you put on shoes that your body loves, and with really HIGH SHOES there is an orgasmic delicious sexual energy that gets activated. Treat yourself sometime to at least trying them on, even if you never intend to buy them!Shoe #1-The tall black lace-up stilettos(far left in image)These were the first boots that I ever bought for dance. I loved them then and I still love them now. They're hot, and they make me feel hot when I wear them. They create a lot of yumminess for my body, and I love the sensation of having these holes in between the fabric. They’re also extremely comfortable, and yet they are now falling apart, literally as they shed black particles every time I wear them. I also learned from wearing them so regularly and loving on them that their support was no longer what my body required. I am now ready to let them go.Change is constant and you have to be willing to let go of some things in your life to allow new things to show up.


25 Nov 2019

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What is Your Yes?

What do you desire? What is it that you would like to create? To have?What are you lusting after? Asking for?This is your YES!My YES has been on my list for years and years now, and it is just NOW coming to fruition!I can’t wait to share with you what my YES is, but right now let’s talk about the journey from ASKING for your YES to RECEIVING your yes, and even greater if you will allow it.Ask and receive is a real thing! Did you know?Ask and receive can absolutely be instantaneous, however there are times when the universe has to move some things around to gift you what you are asking for.Don’t worry, the universe WILL deliver, but you have to STAY in your yes, STAY in your ask.Lower your barriers and just say YES to your YES!If you stay in the energy of the desire for what you are asking for, in the lust and joy of what you are asking for, you can absolutely bring it towards you. And while you are staying present with your ask the next step is to let the universe show you what choices to make so that you can have what you're asking for. How amazing and fun is that?!Allow yourself to receive.Allowing yourself to receive what you are asking for or greater!Allowing yourself to have a YES, for YOUR yes!Check out the video for more on this here:What Stops Us from Receiving Our YES?OUR MINDS!Our minds, oh do they love to play little tricks on us.They like to tell us things that are NOT productive.Things like:My ask is too grand, it's not possible for it to come to meMaybe I am crazy for desiring and asking for thisThere is no way it will ever be the way you are askingBe aware and READY for those thoughts to come up that are counter to what you are asking for. They will show up. It is your job to recognize them and know that they aren’t real; know that they are coming up to keep your life as it is, to stop you.I’m going to give you an inside SECRET. Are you ready?There is nothing that can stop you, except, well, YOU.How Can I Tell If I am Stopping Myself?Notice if you start making excuses. If we start making excuses, we are stopping ourselves.If we are putting ourselves down we are stopping ourselves.If we are thinking we are not enough, we are stopping ourselves.Putting energy towards those things, instead of being PRESENT with your ask, PRESENT with your YES, and you can feel it even as you read it, this is halting receiving and actually moving in the opposite direction, away from all you’re asking for.Are you saying any of the following to yourself?Oh I asked for this yesterday and it’s not here today, there’s something wrong with me, or the Universe doesn’t respond to me and my asks.Oh I asked for this a month ago and nothing has changed, it’s never going to show up for meI’m not good enough to receive what I’m asking for.Why do I think that I deserve something like thisDon’t worry, I’ve done this too and I really get it! AND there’s another choice.What Can I Choose Instead of Listening to These Negative Thoughts?Don’t listen! If it doesn’t light you up, your body, your face, your very being, don’t focus on it!Instead choose to realign your focus ON your ASK, your YES! The energy of all you are asking for and what it will change and create in your life.Play with those energies. The energies of what it will be like and feel like to receive your ask.Being so present and clear and aware with what you are asking for that when these negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions arise that are counter to your YES you recognize them right away and keep going! You recognize them right away as the distractions they are, the distractions that are designed to stop you, and flick them off you like the piece of dirt they are!Can I Exponentialize My Ask and the Process?YES!Now you are probably wondering how? Let me tell you!Allow yourself to EMBODY your yes! Embody your YES fully, in your whole entire body! If you embody it,


8 Nov 2019

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