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A big pot of old school RPG stew. Cover art photo provided by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@cadop

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The Isle of Misfit Games: Thieves’ Guild

I take a look at one of my old games from the 80’s that doesn’t get much discussion: Thieves’ Guild from GameLords, Ltd.


6 Jan 2019

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5e D&D Analysis - Part 3: “The Ugly”

I finish the 3-part 5e Analysis with the Ugly - aspects that are a mixed bag.


23 Apr 2019

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Rob’ Rules of Gaming

I outline 12 “rules” to follow for happier game play.


14 Dec 2018

Rank #3

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New Game Editions - do you get excited or dread them?

Some thoughts on new game editions prompted by Electric Bastionland, Thought Ester, and Random Screed.


3 Aug 2019

Rank #4

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Tinkering 2, Electric Bugaloo

Calls, and more thoughts on tinkering and house rules; including more for B/X.


20 Feb 2019

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Call ins and Wrestling my Inner Grognard

I answer a few calls and ramble about self reflection.


25 Jan 2019

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Rip-off Wednesday: My Top 7 Songs for Gaming

The top 7 songs that put me in the mood for fantasy adventure games. Be sure to listen to this one with Anchor app to hear song snippets :)


3 Jul 2019

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Take a little trip; take a little trip with me.

A look at The Fantasy Trip from Steve Jackson Games, plus calls and replies about the worst podcast ever.


1 Jun 2019

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World Building 101

An email asking me to give tips for world building from Agorok Doomington provides the topic for the day.


7 Jul 2019

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Rip-off Wednesday. ;)

Topic stealing time: my top movies.


19 Jun 2019

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B/X D&D Deep Dive Part 3

Exploring alignment, equipment, languages, and more in B/X.


4 Dec 2019

Rank #11

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Luck mechanics revisited.

Colin Green from Spikepit has a great idea and a silent commute helps to get my imagination going...and jogs my memory.


12 Jan 2019

Rank #12

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Healing in old school games - the fine line between loss and recovery.


3 Feb 2019

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Game Design: the first steps.

My initial foray into designing a new game. Many considerations and decisions to make...let’s have a conversation.


10 Apr 2019

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Calls, ANA, job crap, and adventure recap.

Calls from Froth & Whisk, a question, and adventure recap: another 1st level MU goes Down in a Heap.


3 Jun 2019

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First in a series about the pros & cons of 5e D&D. I start with the “Good”.

My opinions about 5e will be covering the good, the bad, and the ugly.


19 Apr 2019

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Turning the Preference Dials: Role Playing

A call from Rich sends me on a tangent talking about role playing and adventure - two aspects of the game.


7 May 2019

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Movement, Encumbrance, and other physical realities in games.

Why does everyone move at the same rate in most games? Plus a Jackson from Tim Shorts.


8 May 2019

Rank #18

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Movie Chat & Neglected Drummers

Call-ins from my top movies plus a look at the drummers discussed by Froth & Co on Thought Eater. One notable omission really sticks in my craw :)


1 Jul 2019

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The 3 “E’s” of being a great player.

My 1st call in! Plus, I describe the three “E’s” players can focus on to make the game more enjoyable for everyone at the table.


17 Dec 2018

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