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The Malkmus Conundrum

Three friends spend an exceptionally long time deciding what their favourite post-Pavement, Stephen Malkmus (+ Jicks) song is. Hosted lovingly by @thepaulcarlin, @thegallatron and @themarkedwards.

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Episode 32: Real Emotional Crash

Oh boy, this one is a doozy. It's the second semi-final and there are four more matchups to determine which tunes make it to the final of The Malkmus Conundrum... There's one problem though... one of your trusted guides really lets the pressure get to him and let's just say it's the moment podcast historians will be writing about decades from now. There's little else to say. Please enjoy. If you can. Follow us on Twitter: @malkmusconun @thegallatron @themarkedwards @thepaulcarlin

1hr 30mins

28 May 2021

Rank #1

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Episode 31: Podcast Journalist of the Year

It's the first semi final of the conundrum and your hosts Paul, Mark and Chris are joined by friend Emre to undergo the agonising task of picking four out of eight songs to progress to the final. As well as that, there's a big announcement due as we await the result of Podcast Journalist of the Year with a live link up to the event. Champagne is on ice as we hope for another win for our resident podcast journalist, Mark Edwards. Bad decisions are made as The Malkmus Conundrum approaches its conclusion. Hey, we're on Twitter: @thegallatron @thepaulcarlin @themarkedwards @malkmusconun

1hr 20mins

14 May 2021

Rank #2

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Episode 30: Breakfast Soup with Meeting Malkmus

The long-awaited collaboration podcast with Meeting Malkmus is here! Finally, Paul, Mark and Chris catch up with jD from the Meeting Malkmus podcast to come together like GI Joe and Transformers with the sole objective of discussing the great man, Stephen Malkmus across THREE TIME ZONES. In this episode, jD provides a list of his favourite Malkmus + Jicks tunes which the four men discuss in detail. Plus, the latest on Mark's dinner party circuit and Chris singing.Friendships are formed, silliness follows and they contrive to produce an episode that'll appeal to everyone with plenty of daft diversions and a lot of Paul begging to be a guest on jD's Sloan podcast. Follow jD at @meetingmalkmus and be sure to subscribe to his fantastic podcast. If you like, you can also follow us on Twitter at these accounts: @malkmusconun @thepaulcarlin @themarkedwards @thegallatron

1hr 34mins

30 Apr 2021

Rank #3

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Episode 29: Stephen Malkmus For Idiots

This is a Lightning Seeds podcast now; no, wait, it's a Status Quo podcast now. In either case, join Paul, Mark and Chris as they discuss five more Jicks matchups in the company of friend of the podcast, Duncan Robertson. It's the last quarter final and things get real tense as the participants participate in partial picking of, eh, tunes. Oh and Paul gets bullied, as usual. Follow us on Twitter: @malkmusconun @thepaulcarlin @themarkedwards @thegallatron @knacknud

1hr 38mins

18 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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Episode 28: Clean Sheets and a Rock Hard Alibi

We're smack bang in the middle of The Malkmus Conundrum Quarter Finals and there's another hour and 40 minutes of stupid nonsense for your ears. Paul, Mark and Chris have a lot on their minds, from the tyranny of geography to spiders laying eggs on our brains. Fortunately they have drafted in Friend of the Show, Duncan Robertson, to help assess five more matchups. There's drama, there's insight, there are arguments and added Leather McWhip. Follow us on Twitter if that's your bag: @thegallatron @themarkedwards @thepaulcarlin @knacknud Made with love AND RESPECT for SM & Jicks.

1hr 42mins

4 Apr 2021

Rank #5

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Episode 27: Chartjunk in the Soup Aisle

It's the start of the quarter finals of The Malkmus Conundrum and, for this episode, it's just Paul, Mark and Chris. Aside from delving in to SIX tricky matchups, your hosts debate crisps, how to decolonise the painting ladder industry, shower beers and form the Jake Morris Appreciation Society. It's another episode of Malkmus-centric genius. Please shout at us on Twitter: @malkmusconun @thepaulcarlin @themarkedwards @thegallatron

1hr 17mins

21 Mar 2021

Rank #6

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Episode 26: The Pavement Conundrum

Paul, Mark and Chris take a short break from Malkmus/Jicks bracketing to catch their breath and have a chat about a handful of Pavement deep cuts that they enjoy. These aren't all DEEP cuts but deep enough... so if you're in the mood for lots of instances of Paul trying to sing the guitar line atrociously, Chris being uncharacteristically hilarious and Mark just being Mark the Breakout Star of The Malkmus Conundrum, please listen immediately. Thanks for your continued support and please feel free to troll us on Twitter: @themarkedwards @thegallatron @thepaulcarlin

1hr 23mins

3 Mar 2021

Rank #7

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Episode 25: Wounded Kite at 13:34

Your heroes have reached the end of the second qualifying round and, let's be honest; none of you thought we could do it. You said we wouldn't amount to anything... well look at us now! In this wonderful episode, Paul, Mark and Chris are joined by another friend; another Chris - it's Chris Sermanni who comes with excellent musical credentials but is new to Malkmus World so get ready for some fresh, fresh takes. This episode's matchups are: Kite vs Shaggy // Tigers vs Signal Western // Middle America vs Juliefuckingette // Cold Son vs Discretion Grove. We appreciate all your messages and Mark especially appreciates the fan mail as he is, of course, the breakout star of The Malkmus Conundrum. Find us on Twitter if you want: @thepaulcarlin @thegallatron @themarkedwards @iaminagreement and know this: we do this all for Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks.

1hr 15mins

20 Feb 2021

Rank #8

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Episode 24: Will We Ever Stop Talking About Druids?

It's episode 24 of your favourite podcast and this time round, Paul, Chris and Mark have a bonafide Glasgow indie rock icon on board to discuss eight more fantastic Jicks tunes. Craig Angus of Savage Mansion joins the team ON HIS BIRTHDAY and his sheer enthusiasm for Malkmus is palpable. Makes drinking in the morning sound like it should happen every day. This episode's matchups are:Planetary Motion vs Ramp of Death // Trojan Curfew vs Out of Reaches // It Kills vs Future Suite // Refute vs Senator. Follow Craig and his band here: @craigaang @_savagemansion and the rest of us here: @thepaulcarlin @thegallatron @themarkedwards.

1hr 16mins

3 Feb 2021

Rank #9

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Episode 23: Trumpets and the Downfall of Bands

It's episode 23 of The Malkmus Conundrum and Mark has a hangover. Does it affect his performance? Yes. Yes, it does. However Chris and Paul are on hand to nurse him through this fantastic episode in which our heroes are joined by friend Eddy Walsh to discuss four more Malkmus matchups. There's a lot covered in this episode including the number of seasons that exist, the best way to cook an egg and, of course, yet more unique podcast journalism. This week's matchups are: Hopscotch Willie vs Bike Lane // Surreal Teenagers vs Chartjunk // Dragonfly Pie vs Deado // Share the Red vs Brethren. Love and thanks to Eddy Walsh for joining us on this episode and also to YOU for listening. Most of all, however, love and thanks to SM & Jicks.

1hr 32mins

17 Jan 2021

Rank #10