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Juneteenth and Jim Crow: Where Do We Go From There

On this episode, we discuss the importance of Juneteenth, Jim Crow Laws and how race can still be considered as a determining factor in the sentencing stage of the Criminal Justice System. Tune in and get the info. Check us out on Podbean, SoundCloud, and Podcast (I-Phone Users). #WhatsTheVerdictAttorneys #WhatsTheVerdict #LawyerUp #YouWantToGoToJailOrYouWantToGoHome #BlackLawyersMatter #KnowYourHistoryAndKnowYourRights @gaither_esq @attorneyandrejsmith @attorneyjuliuscollins @whatstheverdictattys

1hr 1min

18 Jun 2018

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The Second Amendment: A Right To Bear Arms or A License to Kill

In Episode 3 we talk about the history of the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Florida’s new gun legislation, Delta Airlines vs. The NRA and Georgia Lawmakers, guns laws in Georgia, teachers being armed with guns, and police marksmanship etc with Office Weldon. Officer Weldon is a 20-year law enforcement vet who has served as a SWAT Officer, Drug Court Officer, Patrol Officer, Community Specialist, and now a Police Officer Trainer. Officer Weldon is a former gang member who now promotes community policing, changing the system from the inside, and being able to turn your life around.

1hr 44mins

11 Mar 2018

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Papers... A discussion about Probation and Parole

In Episode 5, Attorney Julius B. Collins, Attorney Brian Gaither, and Attorney Andre J. Smith discuss probation and parole. The many pros and cons of probation are explored and the crew gives their take on Meek Mill’s Probation Revocation.

1hr 5mins

8 Apr 2018

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Let’s Talk About Sex.....and Kanye West

In this episode Attorney Brian Gaither, Attorney Andre Smith, and Attorney Julius Collins tackle the most controversial issue of today... Sexual Battery, the Me Too Movement, the Him Too Movement, Kanye West, etc. Please do not miss this show. If you were or are the victim of sexual battery or any other sex crime, please report it, you do not have to be a silent victim. Let your voice be heard.

1hr 11mins

14 Oct 2018

Rank #4

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Is it Snitchin' or is it just being an active member of your local Neighborhood Watch Program? Hear the debate on snitching, confidential informants, co-defendants testifying, family telling on family, etc this upcoming Sunday, September 16, 2018, at 6:00 pm by tuning in to What’s The Verdict! Tune in by way of Podbean, SoundCloud, What’s The Verdict Live on YouTube, What’s The Verdict Live on Facebook, and the Podcast app for iPhone users. #SnitchesGetStitches #SnitchesGetGoodPleaDeals #TheFirstToSquealGetsTheDeal #NeighborhoodWatchThese #LawyerUp The Ultimate Lawyer: Julius Collins | @attorneyjuliuscollins Your Friendly Neighborhood Attorney: Brian Gaither | @gaither_esq The Warrior Lawyer: Andre Smith | @attorneyandrejsmith @whatstheverdictattys

1hr 9mins

16 Sep 2018

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