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I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a… working mom, stay-at-home mom, formula-feeding mom, breastfeeding mom, single mom, mom of a speech-delayed child, screen time-obsessed mom, mom of a picky eater, depressed mom—whichever type of mom you are, motherhood is hard, and we may not feel like we’re all on the same page, but as moms, we’re more alike than we think. We’re all a little overwhelmed, tired, confused, and grateful beyond belief. Whether or not you’ve found your tribe, this podcast will give you the virtual village you need.

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Food Allergies 101: Facts, Myths, and Facing Fears

Dr. David Stukus, professor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Division of Allergy and Immunology and Director of the Food Allergy Treatment Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, busts myths and breaks down facts about one of parents' biggest fears: food allergies. Topics Include: The advancements in food allergy research The top allergens (and why they're so common) Whether we know the cause of food allergies Why food allergies are more prevalent now Can you prevent food allergies? Current guidelines for introducing allergens Initial symptoms of a food allergy What many allergists get wrong The *major* myth of cutting out foods when breastfeeding The role of eczema and asthma in food allergies Testing and diagnosis Current and future treatments Follow Dr. Stukus on Instagram and Twitter @AllergyKidsDoc


13 Feb 2022

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Keeping Your House Together Without Falling Apart

KC Davis, therapist, author, and compassionate creator behind the popular and relatable @StruggleCare Instagram/@DomesticBlisters TikTok accounts, breaks down her approach to taking care of your home and life while taking care of your self; how postpartum depression can display as laziness, rage, and an inability to function, despite "knowing better;" loving your children and struggling in the role of motherhood; the warped messages behind today's "self care;" the very real impact of capitalism and the patriarchal structure of our society; the invisible support comparison trap that makes us feel like failures; "care tasks" and other language shifts; why women in particular feel the weight of housework and tie it into their self worth (it goes way deeper than you think); KC's Six Pillars of Struggle Care; rituals like "closing duties" that serve to keep your house functioning while keeping you sane; how to accept help, even when you're a control freak; KC's brilliant parenting advice. Follow KC @StruggleCare on Instagram and Facebook and @DomesticBlisters on Tiktok. Find out more and purchase her book here.

1hr 8mins

30 Jan 2022

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12 Hours’ Sleep by 12 Weeks Old with Suzy Giordano

All about the sleep training method and book that went viral before social media; Suzy Giordano’s method for sleep training and how it differs from others; the myth that all sleep training is a cold, detached tactic; learning to trust your baby to take the lead; the science behind her method; why *every* baby has a fussy period from 6-8 weeks old; how this method spills into the rest of your parenting; why three minutes of crying is enough vs “crying it out;” why a middle of the night wakeup doesn’t always mean they’re hungry (and how feeding them can alter their sleep); the connection between daytime feeding schedules and nighttime sleeping schedules; Suzy’s method for weaning off night feeds to stop wakeups; my sleep-shift method to save your sanity and your marriage through sleep training

1hr 2mins

9 Jan 2022

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Teaching Your Child To Give Back (Ft. Birthday Buds Founder Grace Cowan)

I’m not like a regular mom… I’m a Birthday Bud! Grace Cowan, founder of Birthday Buds, one of my favorite organizations, joins us on today’s episode. Birthday Buds matches children in need with families who want to give them their happiest birthdays—you sign your child up, get matched with another child of a close age/birthday, and receive a list of gifts your Bud hopes to get. It’s the best tradition to start with your kids! We talk about why Birthday Buds is so special, and how you can help (whether you have children or not). Go to birthdaybud.org and follow @birthdaybud on Instagram now!


24 Oct 2021

Rank #4

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Put the Om in Mom With Meditation

I’m not like a regular mom… I’m a mom who meditates. Shannon Albarelli, Psy.D., shares her experience in meditation, both personally and professionally: What meditation is and how it works; the research-backed benefits; why “monotasking” is the new multitasking; the role of mindfulness in meditation and your daily life; how meditation can help with the information overload moms face; mantras; why moms specifically should meditate; how “zooming out” of the nitty gritty of parenting brings you peace and pulls you out of a mom-guilt spiral; how long to meditate to feel the effects (much shorter than you think!); calming meditative practices in your day-to-day life that aren’t full-on meditation; the best time of day to meditate; simple and discreet techniques that will help you keep your cool in stressful situations; meditation for kids; how to start a meditation practiceHead to Doctor-Shannon.com for amazing guided meditation videos and follow @doctorshannon_ on Instagram


10 Oct 2021

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Mourning Miscarriages

I'm not like a regular mom...I'm a mom who has miscarried. A whopping 25% of women have miscarried, and I would argue 100% of people know someone who has. In this episode, I spoke with my friend Liz, who miscarried in her second trimester, about what she went through and what she wishes others knew about her experience. Topics include: Abiding by the 12-week wait (or not); why some women feel shame after miscarrying; the movement to share that you miscarried vs. the counter-movement to not share; my current mantra of living in the "and," and how that can help grieving women navigate their friends' pregnancy news; men's lack of miscarriage support; how to sensitively deliver pregnancy news to a friend who miscarried; what NOT to say to someone who miscarried and what to say instead

1hr 19mins

5 Sep 2021

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Put a Fork in Picky Eating with @Kids.Eat.In.Color

I’m not like a regular mom…I’m the mom of a picky eater. Today’s guest is Jennifer Anderson, MSPH, RDN—the genius behind every parent’s favorite Instagram account, @kids.eat.in.color! We talk all things picky eating: What made her a picky eating expert; whether some kids are born picky eaters; if parents can prevent picky eating; how and why her low-pressure techniques work; why praise and bribery don’t work; why she serves dessert *with* her kids’ meals; my hair-pulling experience with my son’s sudden picky eating; talking to family members who disagree about how you feed your kids; how to cook one meal for your family and not fear that your kid “goes to bed hungry;” her life-changing Better Bites program for extremely picky eaters and their overwhelmed parents (ps—it changed my entire approach to parenting); all about her innovative cookbooks, Real Easy Weekdays and Affordable Flavors


29 Aug 2021

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Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, & Rage with Laura Winters, LCSW, PMH-C

I’m not like a regular mom…I’m a mom that has experienced postpartum depression. A startling number of women experience mental health struggles once they become mothers. Laura Winters, LCSW, PMH-C, of Postpartum Health & Harmony, breaks down the statistics, myths and facts, and symptoms of postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety. Other topics include: The role of social media, how to distinguish “baby blues” from a more serious problem, common misconceptions about PPD (it doesn’t mean you’re not bonded with your baby); my personal experience with PPD and anxiety; the role of medication; the one shocking thing ALL parents experience; when postpartum mood and anxiety disorders can occur; symptoms; PPD in dads; the shocking truth about intrusive thoughts; what medication can do; making a postpartum plan; what postpartum rage can signal; the fine line between vices and problematic behavior; preventative measures; resources Postpartum Support International (PSI)www.postpartum.netNJ Maternal & Child Health Consortium - Northern, Central, Southern Northern Regionhttps://partnershipmch.orgCentral Region  https://cjfhc.orgSouthern Regionhttps://www.snjpc.org


22 Aug 2021

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The Mind-Blowing Car Seat Episode with CPST Tammy

I'm not like a regular mom...I'm a mom that takes car seat safety very seriously. Car seat safety is one of the most controversial topics in the parenting world. Tammy, a Child Passenger Safety Technician, breaks down the most pressing questions and facts about car seat safety. Topics include: When/how/why car seats became this complicated; the safest car seat you can buy; infant vs. convertible; the VERY surprising situations that require you to toss your car seat and buy a new one; when you should turn your child forward-facing (hint: it's later than you think); state laws vs. actual safety (and the mind-blowing scientific reasons behind it); why your kids' legs are fine when rear-facing; how to talk to people who criticize your choices/whether or not to offer unsolicited advice about someone else's unsafe setup; how to talk to your child about why they're not in the same setup as their friends; are there ever exceptions to the rules? (carsick kids? listen up); why puffy coats are dangerous in car seats; how to find a car seat tech in your area who can check your car seat; how to get certified to become a tech yourself


10 Aug 2021

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