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You know what the overcrowded bog of music podcasts needed? Another one! Tune-in to ‘Heads on Sticks Chats’, a monthly natter with the heroes, mutants, wizards, and all-round trouble makers leading the new musical revolution (and the original pioneers that inspired it) 👁 📺 👌Heads on Sticks is a music blog featuring weekly features of the latest releases in alternative and underground music, in addition to residencies with Bristol's Noods and 1020 Radio. 'Heads on Sticks' theme by BilliamArtwork by Jame MendenhallSound collages and interferences by I Know I'm An Alien

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Chat #4 POSTERBOY 2000!

Fourth episode of 'Heads on Sticks Chats' features Game Boy punk miscreant Posterboy 2000! Making a nuisance of himself in the streets of Brooklyn crafting a punchy, bit-crushed variant of hardcore genuinely using Nintendo gear, we chat about the New York punk scene, his YouTube animation ventures, and how he acquired his nickname 'Questions'! Check it out! Follow Posterboy 2000 on Instagram and Twitter Listen to debut album Posterboy 2000 Head to headsonsticks.co.uk for weekly write-ups on the latest releases in alternative and underground music, and keep up to date with the latest HoS 'appenings on Facebook, Instagram, and Mixcloud!


30 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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Third Chat features Chicago noise duo Angry Blackmen! Cutting a particularly abrasive mutation of hip hop replete with corrosive social commentary and biting humour that's thrust them firmly to the fore of vital, punk infused rap, we discuss everything from their method and inspirations to superheroes and Al Capone! Check it out! Follow Angry Blackmen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Listen to new EP REALITY! Read the Heads on Sticks cover of HEADSHOTS! here


25 Jun 2021

Rank #2

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Chat #2 KLYPI!

Klypi is a synthpuck enigma wrapped in a queer industrial mystery. One of the many aliases of UGA graduate AC Carter, they're also the brains behind Ad•verse Fest and a key name in the burgeoning Athens art community. Was a pleasure to spend an hour chatting about their method, inspirations, favourite '90s Microsoft Office Assistants, and upcoming single/eye shadow palette! (Warning: we both harp on quite a bit about Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails on this one). Follow Klypi on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Listen to Klypi's 'debut' album Consensual Hits Check Vixcine Martine's interview with Klypi here Read the Heads on Sticks cover of Consensual Hits here

1hr 1min

26 May 2021

Rank #3

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Chat #1 BILLIAM!

It's an absolute honour to host the very first 'Heads on Sticks Chats' nattering with Melbourne synth-punker and all round lo-fi miscreant Billiam! With his tentacles attached to a slew of crackin' bands including Disco Junk, Tor, Aggressive Hugger, Collective Hardcore, Sylvie S, Weird! and numerous more, our boy Billy remains a central figure in the twitchy garage rock scene that's been grabbing the eyeball's bloodshot attention of late. Join us as we chat about his projects, his fanzine Magnetic Visions, and Super Mario speedruns! Follow Billiam on Instagram Check out Billiam's Cassingles Club 2020 comp on Warttmann Inc. Check out Bill's music zine Magnetic Visions!


29 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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