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S1E7: The Monsters of Doctor Who (aka. F*** the Moon)

We bash down the doors of the TARDIS and ruthlessly mock the Doctor's rogue's gallery. We discover that Dave loves Peter Capaldi, Sam reveals a strange fetish and Adam tries to justify the moon being an egg.6:30 - What is the Doctor?11:44 - The Vashta Nerada (Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead)19:34 - The Alien Stingrays (Planet of the Dead)30:34 - The Flood (Waters of Mars)41:40 - The Krafayis (Vincent and the Doctor)50:49 - Moon Egg F***er (Kill the Moon)1:01:00 - Swimmy Long Boi (Thin Ice)1:08:12 - The Doctor Who Royal Rumble

1hr 15mins

21 Nov 2018

Rank #1