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Each episode I will be chatting to a photographer/someone who takes photos/someone in the photographic industry about photography, photographers, photos, gear, life and other shit.

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Photographer Stories Presents: Ambre and Matthew's Audio Adventures in Japan #1

Hi. This is not a normal episode of Photographer Stories. Late last week my girlfriend Ambré and I returned from just over 2 weeks holiday in Japan. At the end of each day her and I had a little conversation about what we did during that day and recorded it. We do talk about photography a little bit but there is a lot of talk about Japan (obviously), where we went that day, food and weird/memorable things that happened to us. This is the first 5 days of our trip. I hope it's not too boring for you! Enjoy! MRJ

1hr 4mins

29 Oct 2015

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Photographer Stories #15: Shelley and Rebecca 20/08/2015

Hi and welcome to episode 15 of Photographer Stories. I made another one! This is a very special episode of Photographer Stories for two reasons. Firstly I chat with a female photographer (finally) and secondly it's a double episode, two female photographers at the same time! That's like a two for the price of one episode of Photographer Stories, that's good value! I speak to Shelley and Rebecca, two colleagues of mine who studied photography at a tertiary level and who are also awesome photographers and awesome ladies! We had a good chat the other night after work over cupcakes about them, photography, photographers, cameras, life and other shit. There is also an extra special secret message at the end of the podcast for you to decode. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, MRJ.

1hr 23mins

20 Aug 2015

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Photographer Stories #5: Aaron Young 30/08/2014

Hi. This is episode 5 of photographer stories. This time I speak to a friend of mine Aaron Young. Aaron and I worked for the same company but not at the same time so I have to warn you, we do talk about that a fair bit. We also talk about his new photographic baby, the Sony A6000. We talk about all sorts of shit. We actually talked for over 2 hours but I managed to cut it down to just over an hour so sorry if it sounds a bit clipped. I also premiere a piece of music that a friend of mine, Michael Christian made for me. Enjoy! Cheers, MRJ.

1hr 37mins

1 Sep 2014

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Decaf Podcast #2

I know this isn't an episode of Photographer Stories but the cool dudes from Decaffeinated Photography, Alex and Josh recently interviewed me for their vodcast and allowed me to share the audio with you! If you would like to check out the original video please click here:

1hr 9mins

1 Apr 2019

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1 Aug 2017

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20 Jul 2017

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Photographer Stories #16: Greg Bramwell 15/07/17

Hi. Welcome to episode 16 of Photographers Stories! It's been a while! Hasn't it! Sorrynotsorry about not making an episode sooner, I have been busy not stressing about editing audio, it's been great to be honest. I recorded this episode in September of last year (2016) in Christchurch with my old boss Greg Bramwell, who owned and ran Photo and Video International for 28 years! We chat about the ups and downs of the photographic industry, his photography, learning photography from Laurence Aberhart, other people's photography, photo labs, photographers, cameras and a lot of other things. At the time of recording Greg had recently sold the camera store, something you don't really hear people doing much anymore. Sorry if the file is a bit big but I am a bit rusty at this, maybe only download it on wifi. I hope you enjoy my chat with Greg!

1hr 13mins

15 Jul 2017

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Photographer Stories Presents: Ambre and Matthew's Audio Adventures in Japan #3

Hi and welcome to the long, long awaited 3rd episode of Ambre and Matthew's Audio Adventures in Japan! I'm sorry it's taken so long to make and upload this. I blame Christmas and my birthday in January when I received a Playstation 4. In this episode we talk about: Travelling from Kyoto to Tokyo on the Shinkansen, wandering around Tokyo, eating ice cream, spiders, stationary, the Studio Ghibli Museum and visiting Hello Kitty. Oh and some photography talk thrown in for good measure. And all of the yawning you can possibly handle. Enjoy! Cheers, MRJ and ATP.

1hr 2mins

9 Apr 2016

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Photographer Stories #2: Chris Zissiadis 11/08/2014

Hi. This is the second episode of Photographer Stories. Earlier today I chatted to my good friend Chris Zissiadis aka Ziz. We talked about photography, obviously and other things like a photography dry patch he is currently going through, independent publishing, photo books, cameras, digital cameras and lots and lots of other shit. With a very, very brief interaction with Eighteen the cat. Enjoy! Cheers, MRJ.

1hr 38mins

11 Aug 2014

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Photographer Stories #1: Rhys Allen 31/07/14

Hi. This is the first episode of Photographer Stories. Yesterday I talked to one of my friends/Flickr buddies Rhys Allen aka Serge Marx. We talked about the early days of Flickr, the Melbourne Silver Mine, Unsensored and lots of other shit. Also starring Oscar. This was my first time recording someone, I don't know a thing about recording sound or interviewing people, but I think I went ok. I'm sure they'll improve over time. Enjoy! Cheers, MRJ.


1 Aug 2014

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