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NFL Football Highlights from a woman who secretly loves the game!Here we will discuss NFL Football:- Highlights- Players- Game nights- Updates & Breaking News- TeamsMuch more! The only difference...a woman is talking about ALL of this with you!

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S2 + E17: We have Super Bowl Champions!!!!

Season finale episode! I am super excited we made it through an entire season. Thank you so much for listening and subscribing to my NFL podcast! More is coming I promise!In this episode:- Trades trades and more trades stay tuned- Tampa Bay shuts down the Kansas City Chiefs in a match up that went differently than we expected.- Tom Brady is the GOAT. Period.- Coming Soon: Not Your Average Cheerleader Youtube 2 episode premier with NFL panel discussing the season! Follow @NYAC20 on Instagram for the upcoming premiere!visit www.ashliegibbs.com for more! 


10 Feb 2021

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S2 + E16 Is Tom Brady the GOAT?

Episode 16 and we are so close! the playoffs are over and we have the super bowl to look forward to Feb. 7th!For this episode we discuss:- Game match ups- Kansas City is the new dynasty- Is Tom Brady the Goat?- Super Bowl winner predictionThank you so much for staying with me all season! so much more coming! Follow @NYAC20 on Instagram + visit www.ashliegibbs.com for more!


27 Jan 2021

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S2 + E15: Retirements & Playoffs Round 2

Welcome back we are getting close to the season ending of NYAC!In this episode we discuss:- 49ers rumor trades and offensive + defensive promotions- retirements- playoff predictions and resultsWe are getting so close to the Super Bowl and I just know it's only going to get better! Stay tuned and follow @NYAC20 on instagram!visit www.ashliegibbs.com for more! Thank you!


21 Jan 2021

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S2 + E14 LOL The Steelers Lost

Episode 14! Wow! Thank you all so much!In this episode we discuss Wild Card Games R1- I thought it was Russel Wilson's year but I was wrong- Taylor Heinicke!!!!- Yup, the Browns beat the Steelers, welcome to 2021If you love listening, subscribe + tell a friend! Thank you in advance!for more visit www.ashliegibbs.com 


13 Jan 2021

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S2 + E13: Doug Pederson did what!?

Happy New Year from Not Your Average Cheerleader!I am happy to announce you can now follow Not Your Average Cheerleader on Instagram @NYAC20 -- See you there!In this Episode:- Doug Pederson did what?- Browns HC test positive for Covid-19 - Bucs are underrated - Wild Card game predictionsWhat a great way to start off the new year! Thank you for listening! Click subscribe + tell a friend! Don't forget to follow on Instagram @NYAC20! 


6 Jan 2021

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S2 + E12: Dwayne Haskins Released from The Washington Football Team...Oh Boy!

Thank you for joining me in another podcast episode of Not Your Average Cheerleader. In this episode:- 49ers defeat the Cardinals crushing their playoff dreams- JJ Watt gives an important speech to whoever is listening- Browns lose to the JETS! (I know right)- Dwayne Haskins released from The Washington Football Teamplus more!Thank you for listening! Do you like it? Subscribe + tell a friend!visit www.ashliegibbs.com for more.


30 Dec 2020

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S2 + E11: Buffalo Bills are now AFC East Division Champions! 25 years later!

Hey hey! Welcome back to episode 11!We recap weeks 14 & 15! From Lamar Jackson's visit to the "locker room" to the Bengals beating the Steelers. Oh! And Carson Wentz upset to become a backup QB!Thank you so much for joining me for making NYAC your sports podcast to keep up with the NFL 2020 season! For more please visit www.ashliegibbs.com 


23 Dec 2020

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S2 + E10: Carson Wentz...an Expensive Backup

Hey! Welcome back to another episode of NYAC!In this episode we discuss:- Covid 19 cases for the Ravens & Steelers- 49ers and no practice facility- Roger G order 2-day facility closure to decrease the spread of Covid-19- Carson Wentz benched!- Steelers Lost!You get to enjoy the info here! Thank you again and don't forget to subscribe and tell a friend!visit www.ashliegibbs.com for more. 


9 Dec 2020

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S2 + E9: Eagles Fans are Outraged!

Hey hey! We are back for episode 9!- Injury Reports: Will Drew Brees Retire- Eagles Fans are outraged- Bucs need to do better- Cowboys FINALLY won a game!All your NFL Updates Here! Thank you so much for joining me! Remember to hit the subscribe button + tell a friend!visit www.ashliegibbs.com for more. 


25 Nov 2020

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S2 + E8: Is Tom Brady to Blame?

Episode 8!- Is Tom Brady to blame for the second loss against the Saints?- 49ers in trouble & will Jimmy G still be the QB starting next season?So many questions, and answers! Thank you for staying with me and listening to each episode! If you love it...subscribe + tell a friend!visit www.ashliegibbs.com for more! 


10 Nov 2020

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