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Episode 23: Harold Brown - The Longest Journey Begins with the First Step

Harold Brown ("Farmer Brown")is the founder of Farm Kind (FarmKind.org), an organization "where everyone can come to learn about issues concerning our food, how it is produced, and the many complex connections it has to our world and our lives." Farmer Brown was born on a family farm and spent half of his life in agriculture, including three years working in the dairy industry.He devotes his time to FarmKind, which is intended to be a resource for farmers who want to make the transition from animal based to plant based agriculture, for consumers to learn a different perspective on how food is produced, to help those who desire to reconnect with the land and become farmers, to support local food production, environmental and social justice issues, the rights of all living beings to be co-cohabitants of this planet, and how these things have everything to do with creating the peaceful world that all beings desire. Learn all about Farmer Brown and his incredible organization on our show!


21 Aug 2017

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Episode 22: Patti Breitman - Never Too Late to Go Vegan!

Patti Breitman is director of the Marin Vegetarian Education Group and a co-founder of Dharma Voices for Animals. She is on the advisory council of the Animals & Society Institute, an effective not for profit organization that brings science and knowledge together with ethics and compassion. She has been a vegan since 1986 and has been teaching cooking classes for 15 years. Patti is the co-author of How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty and with Carol J. Adams of How To Eat Like a Vegetarian, Even If You Never Want to Be One. Find out more about Patti at:www.nevertoolatetogovegan.com


4 Oct 2016

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Episode 21: Dr. David Madow of The David Madow Lifestyle Show!

Join Speaking of Vegan as we interview Dr. David Madow, host of the podcast The David Madow LIfestyle Show! Dr. Dave is an energetic and vibrant personality and brings the fun and joy of being vegan to our show! Check out his podcast a www.DavidMadow.com!


9 Aug 2016

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Episode 20: Dr. Will Tuttle - Author of THE WORLD PEACE DIET and Editor of CIRCLES OF COMPASSION

SPEAKING OF VEGAN has the honor of speaking with a giant in the vegan world, Dr. Will Tuttle. The publication of Dr. Tuttle's 2005 THE WORLD PEACE DIET was nothing less than a cataclysmic event in the evolution of vegan thought, and that work, along with CIRCLES OF COMPASSION, which Dr. Tuttle has edited, continues to shape the movement today. Join us for what is sure to be only of many conversations we have with Dr. Will Tuttle!


27 Jul 2016

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Episode 19: NOLA VEGGIE FEST 2016 with Leah Duncan and Jane Velez Mitchell of CNN fame!

Join SPEAKING OF VEGAN as we interview Leah Duncan, organizer of NOLA Veggie Fest 2016, and Jane Velez Mitchell of JaneUnchained.com! Leah discusses the incredibly exciting and successful Veggie Fest that just happened a few short days ago in New Orleans, and Jane, true to her name, goes off the chain and inspires us with her passionate take on the necessity of a vegan world!


25 May 2016

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