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Join host Nick Rouley and a slew of guests as they drink drinks, smoke smokes and listening to full albums and while BSing about the music or whatever. Often fairly inaccurate.

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Luca Cimarusti || JS063

Ahoy hoy, black-clad youth and kinky goblins! Welcome to another spooktacular episode of Jam Sandwich. On today's installment I'm once again joined by my old friend Luca Cimarusti. As was the case the last time he was on the show, we over served ourselves a bit and things got loose. Some questionable opinions are definitely shared. The original plan was to listen to a couple of Ozzy albums, but instead we played a random assortment of songs that get us stoked for the season. We set a fire to our loins and our blood boils like lava. This episode is so hot your ears might experience turd degree burns. BOO! See, it's even frightening on the eyes! Somehow we didn't listen to Joy Division so maybe we'll do an entire episode on them in the near future. No promises, licker.  Luca's current band Luggage has a new album out at the end of the month on Don Giovanni Records. Go grip it. Follow him on twitter at @LucaCimarusti and on instagram at @beer_man_official for more info and also pictures of grade a scumbaggery. If you saw the light and would like to join in on the ritualistic sacrifice, I've spread lore and ancient knowledge around the web at these various locations: jamsandwichpodcast.com || manontop69.com || Twitter: @jamsandwichpod || Instagram: @jamsandwichpodcast Also, please subscribe to the show and tell your dirt bag friends. Maybe hip some naughty jr high children to the J Sando? The kids need to know.

2hr 30mins

3 Oct 2017

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