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Stacey Marriott Crisis Cafe Coordinator ACTs Trust

Stacey joined us today to reflect on men’s mental health and well-being and to tell us more about the crucial welcome and support being offered by the ten night light cafes currently meeting in Lincoln


18 Oct 2021

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Chat with Daniel Szczepocki

Daniel popped by for the chat as today's guest on Surfing the Sixes and Sevens. Daniel came to the UK from Poland a few years ago and we spoke about his roots in Poland, his impressions having lived in Lincoln and, in broad terms about men's mental health and The PITCH Have a listen and see what you think If you'd like to join us at The PITCH we generally meet (courtesy of our hosts) at Bridge Central on Portland St, each Thursday from 2.00-4.00pm or give us a ring on 07534 444601 to find out more The Guys, Kate and myself pride ourselves on the warm welcome we offer people who pop by, so give us a whirl if you think you'll enjoy what we offer, having listened to Daniel chatting. Thanks once again Daniel, it was great chatting to you today! 

20 Sep 2021

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Santa himself! (Yes I know, what a coup!)

Santa joins us from Lapland, just before the final pre-Christmas rush, to let us into a few of his trade secrets, and to give us a unique insight into his life; this years top toy requests; and to reassure boys and girls everywhere that COVID will not impact on his Christmas deliveries. He also gives us all a few tips to deal with the pandemic and has an extra special message for everyone in Sincil Bank and Lincoln....


2 Dec 2020

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Steve Jackson Music Correspondent and Musician

Steve tells us about his early life in Canada, his return to the UK and his subsequent work as a musician and music correspondent for the Grimsby Evening Telegraph and Lincolnshire Echo. He has embraced various styles, genres and opportunites in a life infused by his love of music and his family. I am delighted he was willing to share a few stories and observations from his rich and varied stock of treasured memories, with us.


18 Nov 2020

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Carol Daniel Sincil Bank Good Neighbours Scheme

Carol joined me to share a few memories from her childhood in Merseyside and adventures on the canals and rivers of England before settling in Lincoln. Discussion followed about the Good Neighbours scheme, Carol's work as an artist and what motivates her to be so committed to people in and around Sincil Bank


12 Nov 2020

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Sian Wade

Sian joins us to share a few reminiscences from her childhood and to reflect upon her experience working in the local community as a leader with the Bridge Church in Sincil Bank and Bracebridge. She talks about what community means to her and what she loves about working with people locally.


5 Nov 2020

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A story from the mists of time in Ireland

An opportunity to look at the ways in which our thoughts and feelings can impact upon our search for work and how we might benefit from a willingness to accept them whilst still setting our compass towards work and moving in that direction....


28 Oct 2020

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Chelsea Seeney, Social Prescribing Link Worker

Chelsea joined me today to share a few memories from her childhood and to talk about her interesting and varied work as a Social Prescribing Link Worker, in the Sincil Bank area of Lincoln. She also shared a few thoughts about how the pandemic has impacted on the people she works with and how to contact the social prescribing team in your area, if you feel that you'd like some support.


22 Oct 2020

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Graham Metcalfe, Partnership Manager, Department of Work and Pensions (Lincolnshire)

In today's discussion Graham reflects on the support available to help people of all ages to find work, irrespective of the particular challenges each person might face. As well as the challenges, Graham also reflects on the work opportunities out there, during this particular period of economic downturn.....


19 Oct 2020

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Dianne Slapp, Area Co-ordinator Lincoln Voluntary Centre Services.

Dianne popped by, virtually, to share a few reflections from her own life and from her experience as the Area Co-ordinator for Voluntary Centre Service. Dianne is passionate about the difference we all can make as individuals within our communities and loves playing piano, reading and getting out into nature in her spare time.


9 Oct 2020

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