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Tune in as we interview leading industry experts on how to elevate communications within companies. A collection of insightful conversations about shifting communications into strategic business advisors.

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User-Generated Content in Internal Comms: Three Tips to Get Started | Shel Holtz

Communicators can’t do everything themselves, and we’re all looking for ways to embrace user-generated content. But how to get it done right?In today's Comms Minute, the communications industry guru on technology Shel HoltzShel Holtz shares his three practical tips for getting user-generated content right.Tune in and share this episode with your comms friends. Visit https://smarp.com/ for more unique insights on employee communication and advocacy.


6 May 2021

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How to Get the CIO's Buy-in for Comms Technology You Need? | Shel Holtz

You need new communication technology and you've got to sell it internally to your leadership team, but how?In today's episode, Brad Whitworth is hosting the communications industry guru on technology Shel Holtz. Shel is an author, a lecturer, an IABC Fellow, and director of internal communications at Webcor in San Francisco. Tune in as Shel shares some practical tips on how to build a relationship with the IT department and sell internally the software you need to do your best job.If you are looking for a reliable communication platform to help you reach all your employees with targeted communications, check out Smarp: https://smarp.com/


4 May 2021

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Four Steps to Making Internal Comms a Global Profession | Aniisu K Verghese

Mike Klein continues his conversation with Aniisu K Verghese who currently heads Communications at a leading travel technology firm and is one of the leading Internal Communication (IC) personalities outside of the “Anglo-Saxon” world. In today's episode, Aniisu reflects on what needs to happen in order to transform internal communication into a truly global profession with common traits. He shares 4 key aspects to consider: 1) investing in standardized capabilities and skills, 2) providing opportunities for global learning, 3) encouraging mentorship, 4) making resources more available & affordable.


29 Apr 2021

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Three Lessons India Can Teach the Internal Comms World| Aniisu K Verghese

In today's Comms Minute, Aniisu Verghese, Director of Corporate Communications at a leading travel technology firm, shares his three key lessons that India, as a country, as a market, as a culture, has to share with the world of Internal Communications. Tune in to learn more about the three Rs: Resilience, Rigor, Respect, and how they can inspire Internal Comms in your organization.


27 Apr 2021

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How to Make Leaders Follow Your Comms Advice | Rebecca Sangster-Kelly

In today's episode, we continue talking to Rebecca Sangster-Kelly. She shares a little trick on how to get senior leaders to understand and follow your advice as an internal comms professional.


22 Apr 2021

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Internal Comms Without Fluff | Rebecca Sangster-Kelly

In this episode, an emerging internal comms thought leader Rebecca Sangster-Kelly talks about the gap in the practical side of comms and the way the IC profession is perceived. That gap was one of the reasons Rebecca started her series of videos for leaders and communication professionals.


20 Apr 2021

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Comms Minute Season 2 Announcement

Season 2 of the Comms Minute podcast is coming next week, and we’ve made some major changes! 👇1. Comms Shift is now Comms MinuteThe podcast was initially a monthly interview, 30-45 min long.In season one, we introduced the concept of short 2-5 min long episodes focused on one actionable insight delivered 2-3 times a week.Our listeners seemed to like it. We heard your feedback and we are doubling down on this. 2. The experts become the hostsIt's been an amazing learning journey for us as we had the chance to interview some brilliant communication consultants, in-house professionals, authors, and thought-leaders. And today we're excited to announce that two of those experts are becoming the co-hosts of the Comms Minute podcast.Smarp senior strategic advisors, well-known internal comms experts with over eighty years of combined experience, Mike Klein and Brad Whitworth will take on the hosting duty in season two.We’re super excited about the new season and hope you are looking forward to it too.New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. 🎧 If you got a minute — tune in! 😉


15 Apr 2021

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Comms Shift Holiday Special | Season 1 Finale

Thank you for being with us this year. It has been a challenge, but together we came out of it stronger. Thanks for tuning in to those 55 Comms Shift podcast episodes that went live in 2020. 🎧 Thanks for being among those 6000 attendees who joined our live sessions this year. 📺 Thanks for those 1200 questions that you asked. 💬 And thank you for the countless pieces of advice that you shared with us and other peers in the community. 🧡 Comms Shift season 2 is coming in January. In different frequency, new formats but with the same goal — to support all of you who care about employee communications, engagement & advocacy. From all of us here at Smarp, we wish you a peaceful, safe & positive new year. May it bring you joy and success! Happy New Year and we'll meet again in season 2 in 2021!


31 Dec 2020

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Digital Transformation: 2 Priorities for 2021 | Comms Minute #42

The 2020 crisis has accelerated digital transformation in most organizations. However, this process is far from being over. Brad Whitworth shares the two main priorities to focus on in early 2021 regarding digital transformation. ✅ Firstly, we'll have to critically evaluate what has been done in 2020: what works, what doesn't, and what needs to change. ✅ Secondly, we need to approach digital transformation as an ongoing process, not a single project. We need to continually keep re-evaluating our digital stack to keep up with a fast-paced reality.


21 Dec 2020

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2 Mistakes To Avoid When Communicating Company Strategy | Comms Minute #41

According to Gatehouse, communicating strategy, values, and purposes is a key priority for most communicators. At the same time, IBM reports that 72% of employees don't fully understand the company's strategy. So what are we doing wrong?"The first mistake we often make when trying to communicate company strategy and value is to let the executives, who have developed this, use corporate jargon — those general words that have no meaning and can be applied to any organization, says Brad Whitworth. The book Brad recommends for everyone who wants to tackle this mistake is called "The Cluetrain Manifesto" by David Weinberger. The second mistake is that we don't do a good enough job in tying down that high-level strategy to the local levels of the organization. We need to help leaders at all those levels interpret that strategy and give employees tangible guidelines off the back of it.


18 Dec 2020

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