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Sit back, breathe in, breathe out, and relax as Brian David Phillips takes you on a journey of the imagination as we explore the world of eXperiential Trance, Hypnosis, NLP, Intuition, Esoterica, Otherworldliness, and so very much more with rants, raves, waking dreams, and . . . well, the sky's not the limit as we explore galaxies of entrancing ideas. We go up to the Cutting Edge, Over the Edge and well Beyond the Edge of trance, reality, imagination, and more . . . so please realize that sometimes things get a little bit wild and other times we're nice and loopy and lowkey. Sometimes we're formal and polite and sometimes we're just not in the mood to pull any punches. Topics and language may range from the comfortably vanilla to the rather esoteric to the even more than a little bit risque or naughtyish at times. Audio podcasts can be streamed right here from the webpages via the embedded player or downloaded while video episodes are not embedded but can be viewed or downloaded. You can also subscribe to the Brian David Phillips eXperiential Hypnocast via a podcatcher, aggregator, or via iTunes. Missed an episode or few? No problem. Just click on the "Podcast Archive" link on the eXperiential Hypnocast homepage to listen to, view, or download all of the previous episodes.

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Swishy Swishy Swish Swish Swish

In this episode of the eXperiential Hypnocast, Brian David Phillips explains and demonstrate thes structure of the Swish Pattern from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).


6 Aug 2010

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Shapeshifter Animal Spirit Guide

This is a trance process to bond with an animal spirit guide in an experiential way, guided by Brian David Phillips.


6 Aug 2010

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Anchors Away

We look at the NLP process of Anchoring, explained and demonstrated by Brian David Phillips.


6 Aug 2010

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The Energizer is an elegant visualization process where you have a person imagine a good feeling as if it is held within the cups of their palms and accelerate that feeling and intensify the feeling, here demonstrated by Brian David Phillips in video.


6 Aug 2010

Rank #4

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Bye Bye Hypnocast Hello Waking Dreams

Goodbye to the Hypnocast and hello to the new podcast location!


7 Aug 2010

Rank #5