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Shed Talks is a good humoured show about mental health and coping with life – what happens when things go wrong, and what you can do to get better and stay well. Shed Talks is hosted by Jeremy Thomas – a funny guy with experience of serious mental illness, and an advocate of good mental health. Jeremy is going to be in conversation with interesting people drawn from the world of Film, TV, Music, Books, Crime, Gardening, and Business. Interesting people who have achieved something in their lives but who also have had direct or indirect experience of poor mental ill-health. By sharing their inside stories with Jeremy, guests will also reflect on personal survival techniques, demonstrating how they recovered from poor mental health and how they now stay sane.Jeremy Thomas worked in the music business for 22 years during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  He worked with artists such as John Williams, Al Green, Camel, Caravan, U2, The Levellers, James Brown and Rupert Hine to name a few. He wrote his first novel “Taking Leave’ in 2007, a former BBC Radio 5 ‘Book of the Month”, going on to co-produce the Emmy Award-winning BBC documentary ‘Stephen Fry – The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive’ and co-write the popular- A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health with Dr Tony Hughes. His last novel was the crime thriller ‘The Santa Monica Suicide Club’ published in 2016.Jeremy is now a leading speaker to schools and businesses, delivering talks on “How to Stay Sane in an Insane World’’.  An authentic, brutally honest, and often humorous talk that draws on his own battle with bipolar disorder and addiction, providing coping skills and strategies based around a mental health tool kit.For more Shed Talks information and mental health support visit our website or contact:- enquiries@jeremythomastalks.co.uk

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Tim Lott talks about taking a train journey with David Bowie, severe depression, the ups and downs of growing up in a working class family, medication, bad trips, how ADHD made sense of some of his past actions,  tennis, the music of Gillian Welch, being a father to four daughters, why he thought Mike Leigh was faking it, and his passion for cheesy musicals. How the tragedy surrounding his Mother was instrumental in him becoming an award winning writer and more recently hosting a writer's boot camp: timlott.substack.com

1hr 14mins

12 May 2022

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10: AL Kennedy talks brain fog, her bare knuckle boxer grandfather, baking her own bread, card sharks, a toxic head, chaos engineers, what writing means to her health and the power of Meditation and Nature.

A successful playwright, broadcaster, stand up, Guardian blogger, A. L. Kennedy is best known for her dark, emotionally intelligent award winning novels, She is famous for not suffering fools,  However, in person, wearing her bright yellow lifejacket, Alison Kennedy is less frightening to meet than you might think. She kindly paddled from Essex to Somerset and moored her beloved Kayak outside the Shed not for so much as a Shed Talk than a wee shed chat.


20 Feb 2022

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9: NATHAN HORROCKS- Super honest, super cheerful, ex Jockey turned Film Director talks abandonment, dyslexia, riding sixty winners, anorexia, social media, one day not wishing to wake up, and how one horse changed everything.

Nathan Horrocks has jumped many fences in his life, both literal and metaphorical. Raised in Yorkshire and Kenya, he talks candidly about traumatic events including being separated from his mother while a small child and then reconciling with her 25 years later. He lifts the lid on what it is really like to be a professional jockey. How he loves the movie 'Good Will Hunting' and ended up living in California, happily married, and making award-winning documentary films about horses.

1hr 30mins

17 Nov 2021

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8: IAN RANKIN - Knighted crime writer, talks panic attacks, growing up in gangs, secret diaries, family tragedy. How three things saved him from veering off the cliff.

Ian Rankin spills the beans about his mental health and allows us to see behind the creator of those 23 Inspector Rebus crime novels. Born on the tough side of Fife, he came up the hard way but credits his elder sister for encouraging him to write his thoughts into diaries. To understand him, you need to know that Edinburgh is his capital, and since 1986 he has had the same bride. That he was a member of two punk rock bands called The Dancing Pigs and the New Germs. Proud father of two sons, His rise to fame has not been an easy ride. His seriously ill son and financial insecurity triggered many terrifying dark nights of the soul. Now a wealthy man, he sticks to his mates, still supports old musical guns such as The Who but also much lesser-known unfashionable acts like Alex Harvey and Jackie Leven. His choice of lifejackets is loyal and eclectic. From Blackadder to Brian Eno's Music for Airports. Which book has Ian Rankin read over 20 times? Special outtake :-  https://youtu.be/Bd5WH0EvOZM

1hr 21mins

8 Sep 2021

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Gordon a multilingual journalist talks about being an only child, Autism, Withnail & I, Scotland, the great Hiroshi Murakami, loneliness, James Joyce, meeting the Dutch love of his life aged 18, getting married, Stress, Bladerunner,  having two kids diagnosed with autism, the healing power of running, Breaking Bad, Our Friends in the North, New Order. What happened when his wife, aged 36 years, received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. How the hell did he cope?

1hr 23mins

23 Jul 2021

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6: 6. DICK MOORE- Poacher, turned gamekeeper talks about bullying, love, anxiety, top class rugby, depression and a fatal teenage obsession that ended in tragedy.

Dick Moore hated school so badly, he faked appendicitis. At odds with a sadistic headteacher, his depression and anxiety were very real. An immense ability n the rugby field kept him afloat. Fast forward to university, Dick became a teacher. He then married and within 5 years was the youngest prep school headmaster in the country. He occupied that position for 22 years and had four children. In 2011, his third son Barney took his own life. This episode is about that, and much more.

1hr 24mins

9 Jun 2021

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5: 5. Karen Cowan talks Harrods, and Heroin. Bipolar, Alcohol, Forbidden Love. Fear and Chaos of growing up unparented.

Shed Talks’ very own psychologist Karen Cowan, switches to the hot seat and bears all for this extended edition. She talks candidly about growing up with aristocratic heroin and alcohol addicted parents, amidst great wealth but amidst fear, anxiety and bad asthma- never feeling safe. How protecting her younger sister helped her deal with her father’s imprisonment and her mother's many hospitalisations due to alcoholism and bipolar not forgetting the consequences of forbidden love. Ultimately how Karen's marriage to film producer Paul Cowan – Crying Game, The Krays and Dance with a Stranger saved her life.

1hr 24mins

13 Apr 2021

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Mike Fisher, the brains behind BAAM and one of the leading experts in anger management. Mike talks about growing up under the Apartheid system in South Africa. rage, cats, imploding, heartbreak and betrayal, supporting Arsenal and Barcelona FC simultaneously.

1hr 9mins

5 Mar 2021

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3: 3. ROMA HOOPER talks about fly fishing, Audrey Hepburn, people nearly drowning, the film Love Actually and how to recover from the suicide of someone you love.

Charming as her famous great aunt, Audrey Hepburn, Roma Hooper has spent her life helping others. A tragedy in her childhood had a lasting effect on her mental health. She has used this experience to support many others and, in particular, young offenders in prison. Which led her to set up the highly successful Prison Radio Service. She received the OBE in 2017.

1hr 11mins

1 Feb 2021

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Please Sir - a poem written by Robbie Williams and read by Shed Talks host Jeremy Thomas

This poem helped Tim Clark and David Enthoven decide to offer Robbie Williams a serious management contract. It's written by Robbie Williams about a former schoolteacher of Robbie's and is definetely not complementary. Check out what Tim Clark has to say about the scene that unfolded the first time they visited Robbie's flat.


31 Dec 2020

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