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Conversations with the Zodiac

Tune into the the truth as it is channeled through the perspective of each Zodiac sign. Every month, with the support of the sun's transmission through a particular zodiacal lens, Kelsey Rose Tortorice captures the magic of that sign by conversing with humans who embody that energy through their natal solar placement. This series of twelve conversations is a part of a larger project in which Kelsey follows their timelord, the Sun, creating as inspired by the transits. Along with these conversations, Kelsey is releasing meditations, music, and more. Learn more at www.kelseyrosetort.com.

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a conversation with cancer

in this conversation, we’re sharing a glimpse into the beautiful and deeply loving cancer-aries square that is mine and budway’s relationship. budway is my favorite person in the world. a hero of the water realm. a dreamer and a lover and a guide and a home. a magical and gifted artist and songwriter. and the very best partner ever conceivable. this was the first sun season thus far in which the process of getting the feelings & downloads into music was significantly easier than getting them into articulable words during the conversation. such is water. it’s a long episode, with much more of me talking than budway. i am self conscious about this, but it is what it is. and one of the things it is is a pretty accurate depiction of how i arrive to things through fire, loudly, quickly, taking up space, and how budway has already been there all along, as water, watching, perceiving, holding. i hope you’re able to feel his magic, his love, and his genius, as well as the cancerian vibe we were attempting to transmit through astro-talk, relationship-talk, music, and story-telling. . find budway's incredible music at Budway Ferris and the Mutual Magic on Spotify follow budway on instagram @budwayferrismusic and here is a link to the ted talk he references, "inside the mind of a master procrastinator." . find kelsey at: www.kelseyrosetort.com IG: @kelseyrosetort twitter: @astrokelsey patreon: patreon.com/kelseyrosetort

1hr 46mins

10 Jul 2021

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a conversation with gemini

recording this was soooo much fun - both the conversation as well as the song. in this episode you get to listen in on a conversation between two super close friends who both have strong natal sagittarius and gemini placements. we go really deep into some meaning making (sag) but keep it pretty light and playful, too (gemini). we discuss timeline hopping, grief, manifestation, thinking ourselves out of reality (for better and for worse), and lots more ways that the gemini archetype shows up in our own lives and in the world around us.  the song at the end was also REALLY fun to write, and has a pretty different flavor than the two zodiac inspired songs shared on this series thus far. hope you enjoy! . find jenny nance on IG at @jinglenance . find kelsey at: www.kelseyrosetort.com www.patreon.com/kelseyrosetort IG: @kelseyrosetort twitter: @astrokelsey . find budway* at: IG: @budwayferrismusic *credits for: bass, guitar, drums, co-songwriting, production 

1hr 35mins

11 Jun 2021

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a conversation with taurus

the taurus medicine is strong in this conversation with venusian queens rosé hernandez and kate heinricher. kate is a professional astrologer, and rosé is an energy worker, body worker, and incubating astrologer. we talk about presence, abundance, worthiness, and living in a body. we shout out the generative nature of the actually not-at-all-lazy taurus, and taurus as a container and sustainer for the spark of life. we appreciate taurus for it’s invitation to embrace, improve, and even enjoy the circumstances of our physical lives together here on planet earth, and how we can use movement, nature, art, music, and sensual pleasures to do so. and at the end of this episode you’ll catch the channeled song for taurus season. special thanks to @budwayferrismusic for contributing on bass, guitar, and production! . find rosé at @theenergeticbody and theenergeticbody.org find kate at @girlandthegalaxy and girlandthegalaxy.com

1hr 37mins

15 May 2021

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a conversation with aries

this is the introductory episode of "conversations with the zodiac," in which kelsey nervously chatters for ~25 minutes about how recording herself talking alone is really uncomfortable and then attempts to make this navel-gazing pass for an example of aries energy. eventually, kelsey introduces this project: a collection of conversations with human embodiments of each of the zodiac signs. this series of 12 conversations is part of a larger project that kelsey also introduces in this episode. the latter half of the episode focuses on the wisdom and lessons of truth as aries sees is, inspired by kelsey's natal sun in aries and aries season 2021.  to find out more about kelsey, book a session, or take a class, head to kelseyrosetort.com follow kelsey on IG @kelseyrosetort and twitter @astrokelsey

1hr 15mins

22 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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