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Welcome to POWER NOT PITY, where we explore the lives of disabled people of color everywhere! Through storytelling, commentary and analysis, the podcast aims to amplify the lived experiences and perspectives of disabled people. In an effort to break down the systemic barriers that keep disabled people of color silenced, this show serves as a vehicle to dismantle ableism with grace, humor and downright determination. So... “What’s your disabled power?”

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What If? feat. Rivers Solomon

What if we could imagine an accessible world? In this episode, [Rivers Solomon][1], author of an Unkindness of Ghosts, discusses what an accessible future could look like. Listen in as we talk about afrofuturism and disability, their diabetes and the strength that can come from being a disabled Black, queer alien moving through today's society. To read the full transcript, click www.powernotpity.com/ep3


15 Feb 2018

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Finding That Rhythm feat. Amali Maxine Philipps

Amali Maxine Phillips is a kid with a lot of POWER! Want to see how I know? Listen in as Amali describes her life with CP and how poetry fuels her creativity. At once a published poet, she is also a DJ. We discuss her poetry, her inspirations, her writing process, and what life is like with cerebral palsy. Listen in as she describes her superhero! Find the transcript here: www.powernotpity.com/episode4.html


24 Apr 2018

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"Podcasting for Disability Justice: A Werk It! Presentation"

Want to learn how to make your podcast more accessible? Dive into this episode! Recorded at the 2019 Werk It! Podcast Festival, Bri M. discusses how you can foster more accessibility in podcasting. Come for the cheesy jokes, stay for the call and response!


5 Dec 2019

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Awakening Our Powers feat. Ade Raphael

Join me in the studio with musician and visual artist, Ade Raphael! As a stage 4c nasopharyngeal carcinoma cancer survivor, her diagnosis happened in 2015 but she knew long before (which is a problem that many disabled people find themselves dealing with). Listen in as we discuss our collective Blackness and the strength that is borne out of struggle. Find more about this episode and transcripts at www.powernotpity.com! Please don't forget to hit subscribe and leave a review, I'll be sure to read and blush about it. If you like what you hear, and would like to keep this Black, disabled host alive, please consider donating to my Patreon page. Patrons receive exclusive content and massive love every time! Head on over to www.patreon.com/powernotpity!


5 Mar 2019

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Infinite Lives feat. Eman Rimawi

Eman Rimawi. Eman is a double amputee with an aggressive form of lupus. She is Black, Palestinian and a disability rights organizer with the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest. Listen in as we talk about her journey through 12 years of her condition, Blackness and pain, and the many lives of Chun-Li! Shout out to GodHolly for the music. Black Lightning the soundtrack is out now. Find more GodHolly tracks there! Look out for transcripts on the Power Not Pity website: www.powernotpity.com!


19 Nov 2018

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