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Seanhammer is a podcast dedicated to bringing the fun side and tactics of warhammer and 40k, and everything warhammer related. "Remember Fanatics, If youre not having fun stop playing the game"

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speeding my way through the Void scarred

well its been a journey through the web way on this one. in this episode I go over my thought on some speedpaints by army builder instant paints by scale75 and roughly cover the new space elf pirates the Void scarred for Kill team so I hope you enjoy as always any comments send them to seanhammer9@yahoo.com and thanks to Border Keep Games banners at the bottom check them out


12 May 2022

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Wyrmblade doing it right and pissing off others

my coverage of Whit Dwarf #472 gene stealer killteam list Wyrmblade


12 Feb 2022

Rank #2

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kicking it off with the BloodGod

well 1st episode of 2022, no excuses new mike new look on life lets go sean


20 Jan 2022

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Machine oil wrestling anyone ?

Hunter Clade Kill Team overview White Dwarf #468, How did I miss this? www.seanhammer9@yahoo.com 


5 Nov 2021

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old guy on a horse & Space Janitors for Kill Team


29 Oct 2021

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crappiest show ever (Maybe) IM SORRY

IM SORRY FOR THIS ONE well this is being unrepaired, head in the clouds, run down and just well....... i try and cover the new killtem its cool buy it or don't I did. new malifaux at Gen Con I'm screwed financially Thanks wyrd. here's to the future right?  www.seanhammer9@yahoo.com 


11 Sep 2021

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an abundant amount oft extra time to kill with the FAE

Still waiting on Killteam next week though so I bring you Titania and the Fae. good luck with all the extra abundant growth markers you'll need, no Claritin and possibly a dinosaur. seanhammer9@yahoo.com


14 Aug 2021

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Shenlong no killteam but many stumbles young student

well here i go finally going over the Monk master for the Ten thunders, quite a pricey crew pretty neat i guess. I hope you enjoy  sean seanhammer9@yahoo.com


12 Aug 2021

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BullSh@#ing my way until I own the new stuff (KillTeam) & showing off



3 Aug 2021

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watery grave for Michigan, Tanith and some soggy elves


30 Jun 2021

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