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Seanhammer is a podcast dedicated to bringing the fun side and tactics of warhammer and 40k, and everything warhammer related. "Remember Fanatics, If youre not having fun stop playing the game"

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watery grave for Michigan, Tanith and some soggy elves


30 Jun 2021

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reviving my passion for GW specialities

just listen I bought stuff from GW


1 May 2021

Rank #2

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killteam Necrons at least we have more choices than some races and a chance to win DUA

well title says it all give a listen a well win.


15 Apr 2021

Rank #3

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Desperately seeking sensibility & Jedza her to

"on this evening he rambled from his book knowing really not what he was doing, but confidently kept speaking to himself in the darkness"


27 Mar 2021

Rank #4

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pariah Nexus and to much power armor love

basically just me giving my opinion about the new Killteam box (or rehash of rouge trader) who knows. I bought into in anyway 


23 Mar 2021

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Holy resin and dialed monsters that were unmade.....BatMan?

well today I just gab about my proxy Unmade warband using the Dark Knight figures from Knight models. and talk through the chase Dark Knight figures from the heroclix Rebirth set.


4 Mar 2021

Rank #6

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retro future steampunk cyber what the hell Billy

well I got my ass around to working on this years gen con nightmare crew Ill botch my way around the crew box. then butcher the black Friday release even go over two figures ill proxy for this crew exciting!!


13 Feb 2021

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Hound Dogs,Dinosaurs, and Rifle Robot Rich Boys

Well here It is the Lord Cooper episode. pretty straightforward crew here. shoot. shoot your totems. Lay some scheme markers shoot them. throw some traps. everything ignores friendly fire. then marvel at the freaking fact you have height 4 dinosaur that hands out crows for triggers thank you very much


6 Jan 2021

Rank #8

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The New and Shiny Stuff well actually shadows

Well the Black Friday order came and with it the Explorers Society book for Malifaux.so in this episode I talk to myself and read out loud from the new book about. The DUA Umbra (shadow people) talk about my order from the black Friday sale Babble there's always that  and a lovely song from Avatar titled a New World (fitting huh)


17 Dec 2020

Rank #9

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alien spiders alternate models, purchases and laughing bats

well today I just spend some time talking alternate models and thoughts for games and crews wyrd black Friday purchases spiderman venom and absolute carnage heroclix my love for that set and the prime dials nonsense and an Enimem tune to match theme of the show sean 


1 Dec 2020

Rank #10