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First time science fiction author Jerry Evanoff takes you through his writing, publishing and marketing strategies. You'll get to hear every success he has and every mistake he makes along the way.

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New Author Podcast – I just write the books, I don’t edit them.

Yay! We made it to 50 episodes of the New Author Podcast. No, this is not a The Office recap podcast. On this week’s episode, Lindsay talks about her week where she was able to work lots and lots of hours on editing her first book and Jerry talked about finishing his second, a prequel novella in the series, and he started editing Novel #2 in the series. Other things talked about include: The Office Golden Girls The Office The Andy Griffith Show Friends The Office Some Useful Links Dean Wesley Smith talks about Writing Into the Dark Jerry’s Editor: CB Moore Jerry’s Television Screen as he podcasts


27 Oct 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 19 – Can I Get a Side of Fries With That?

This week I’ll recap my trip, tell a funny story about dinner and french fries and talk about computer programming. Also, there’s some writing stuff thrown in there too. Here’s a picture of what it looks like when my MomEditor rips apart my google doc. Also, here’s a couple pictures of the death steps from hell that my 90 year old grandma chooses to go up and down whenever she needs to go into public (and my dad’s leg is hiding in one of them.)


4 Mar 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 16 – Writing in Reverse

Stats Book 1 Words: 101,364 Weight: 198.2 (started at 208) Bowling Scores: 153, 174, 212 In this episode I talk about how someone told me write something in reverse and how it’s my favorite piece of advice so far. Also, I’m going to Scotland! And it’s time to start researching the publishing side of this thing. Here’s Martha Carr from 20 Books Vegas 2017 talking about the Rapid Release. It was the first time I had ever heard that term. Martha Carr talks about Rapid Release Check out St Leonard’s Hall. This is where we will be doing three days of writing during the 20Books Scotland conference. And finally, here’s a picture of my dog captured at the perfect moment.


10 Feb 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 13 – Getting Caught Up

It’s a short podcast this week as I talk about last week and some changes I made to my story based on how I’m writing it and how I’m marketing it. If you’re wondering why I’m sore this morning and why I talk so much about my debt repayment plan, it’s because I woke up to this today and had to do some shoveling. I bet they didn’t do this in Vegas (I’d like to move there someday)


20 Jan 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 12 – I’m lazy (Bad Jerry!)

In this episode, I’ll talk about discovering a laziness about myself that I realize existed…and how I HAVE to fix it. I also look at my 2019 goals and how I’m doing in getting this finished…just two weeks into the year!


13 Jan 2019

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The New Author Podcast – A Slow Two Weeks

This week on the New Author Podcast, Lindsay and Jerry recap their last two weeks after taking a week off the podcast. You’ll hear the details about each of their vacations, where they are in their writing and some new things both of them started doing this week. More things you’ll hear about include Jerry’s Novella Lindsay’s Story Grid Jerry’s Amazon Ad Experimenting Begins Lindsay’s Editing And finally, here are a few picks from the vacations. Lindsay’s views in the mountains Jerry’s view in the Park MGM Sports Book


8 Sep 2019

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New Author Podcast – Lindsay’s favorite Lone Star song is “No News”

On this week’s episode of the New Author Podcast, the kids talk about the respective third revisions or their current WIP. Jerry talks about his amazon ads and his book blurb. Lindsay talks about her struggles writing a man’s POV. A shorter episode this week with other topics including: Fantasy Baseball Lindsay’s dog tore his ACL?!? Direct TV Lindsay’s new walking habits An also, apparently a sonic boom happened near Lindsay’s house near the end of the podcast. Jerry didn’t hear it but maybe you will! Links to things we talked about: Brian Meeks Course: Mastering Amazon Ads Netgalley.com: https://www.netgalley.com/ Paul Teague’s podcast: https://self-publishing-journeys.com/ Shameless Self Promotion Check out my book here and see my new description. I changed it to this after going through the Brian Meek’s course above. Also, feel free to buy it too! 🙂 Lindsay’s cool Read more...


29 Sep 2019

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The New Author Podcast – The Testosterone Thesaurus

In this week’s episode of the New Author Podcast, adorable siblings Lindsay and Jerry talk about Jerry’s Novella Lindsay’s Novel Jerry’s Amazon Ad Experimenting Lindsay’s inability to write like a man And Lindsay challenges Jerry with his self-imposed deadline. If he fails, it will hurt. Some of the links/people we talked about: Skillshare: https://www.skillshare.com/ Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/ Brian Meeks: Mastering Amazon Ads Book and his course at Teachable And check out Jenna Moreci cause she is awesome And finally, Lindsay sent Jerry a picture and a text of her terrible Friday when she had to box up her computers and send them back to her job because it was her last day. But Jerry is supportive and works to make her feel better.


15 Sep 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 23 – One Step at a Time

In this week’s podcast, I’ll attempt to explain to you how I’m defining my editing process. I’ll also talk about my attempts to gain more mailing list subscribers and I’ll go over my quarter one and quarter two goals.


7 Apr 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 22 – A mumbling mess

In this week’s podcast I really feel like I just rambled my way through, but to be honest, that’s how this week is going to be. Lots of stuff going on including my work life, my author life and my uhh…well, I don’t have a third but those two are going to take up most of my week…and month. Here’s a picture of the nail they found in my car tire


31 Mar 2019

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The New Author Podcast – My First Cover…wait…that’s not my name!

On this week’s episode of the New Author Podcast, Jerry lets the audience know if he’ll be eating carbs next week. Spoiler alert: He will! He talks about finishing the second draft of his novella while Lindsay talks about her first full week as a full-time author. Spoiler Alert for that: Life gets in the way! Other things hit upon in the 80 minutes: Jerry goes over about a billion numbers in regards to his amazon advertisement experimentation Lindsay fangirls over Kristan Higgins Jerry talks money…specifically his own Lindsay talks about fish They discuss how to get newsletter subscribers Brian Meeks Book that Jerry bought: Mastering Amazon Ads Mastering Amazon Descriptions Lindsay’s list of Instagram Hashtags Jerry’s Novella Cover

1hr 19mins

22 Sep 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 21 – Can you feel it…in the air…it’s happening

This week you’ll hear my excitement as I had my best writing week of all time. I am close people…so close. I’ll talk about all the chapters I worked on this week, the preparation I’m doing as I get close to publishing and why I am excited about tonight (Sunday night)


24 Mar 2019

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New Author Podcast – Breakin’ Down That Fourth Wall

In this week’s episode, the dynamic duo talks about where they are in their current WIP. Both of the kids are editing and both have questions about their stories. Is Jerry’s ending to weak? Is Lindsay’s male character not male enough It’s a shorter episode this week as your hosts are both deep in the process of editing and not really concentrating on much of anything else. But as usual, they will recap their week, talk about what’s coming, talk about what they learned and whatever news they have. Links Lindsay’s Covers could be coming from: Triump Covers Jerry’s amazing editor: CB Moore Jerry’s looking for a nice vacation spot. Anyone want to go to Hocking Hills?


6 Oct 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 20 – Trimming the Fat

On this week’s podcast, I’ll catch you up on some of the things I did during my two week podcast hiatus. I talk about why I’m doing this for the new listeners and where my book is…it’s getting close people! Check out Paul’s podcast: https://self-publishing-journeys.com/ Create If Writing Podcast #142 https://createifwriting.com/how-to-use-paid-promotions-book-launch/ Kindlepreneur’s giant list of free and paid sites for promoting your books https://kindlepreneur.com/list-sites-promote-free-amazon-books/ This was my favorite picture (taken by pal Brian) of a building that plays a major role in my book. I found it using google maps but seeing it in person was even better


17 Mar 2019

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New Author Podcast – Alone again, Naturally…

This week Jerry is all alone as Lindsay is leaving Ohio and heading back to her home in Georgia. Jerry recaps his: Novella and the plan for it going forward Writer’s club (With some Lindsay news! Ads recap Youtube Video – Average ACOS Youtube Video – ACOS Tricks Blog Post – 7 KINDLE KEYWORDS: USE ALL 50 CHARACTERS OR NOT? My book is in my local library!


13 Oct 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 18 – Leaving on a Jet Plane

In this week’s podcast I talk about descriptions, descriptions and more descriptions…and how I’m still not good at them. And my upcoming week is gonna be different.


25 Feb 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 17 – Successes abound!

Stats Book 1 Words: 102,998 Weight: 195.2 (started on January 8th at 208 pounds) In this episode I talk about all my successes this week…cause it was a good one! I’m skinnier, I owe less money to creditors and my book is that much closer to being finished! And finally, here’s a 48 second clip of America singing Horse With No Name from the concert I went to on Thursday. Jerry sees America


17 Feb 2019

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New Author Podcast – Episode 15 – Writers Block is My Fiction

In this podcast, I’ll update you on my Book 1 progress, my weight loss progress and my ability to write instead of watching football (no, not the super bowl, I’ll be knuckles deep in buffalo wings and coke zero later tonight) I’ll also talk to about you writer’s block and why I don’t believe in it. And I’ll revise my book release in a big big way…again! Here’s a link to Barry Hutchinson when he spoke at 20 Books London on Super Bowl Sunday last year. If you listen close, you can hear me laughing. Barry Hutchinson speaks at 20 Books London And here’s a picture of my sister and I at the top of the London Eye just a few chilly days later.


3 Feb 2019

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New Author Podcast – It’s Literally Episode 14

This week I’ll talk about how I changed the order of a couple chapters and I talk about how I changed my marketing/launch plan. One thing I didn’t mention…the AAF, aka a new football league starts on Feburary 9th. I love football but I vow to not let this interfere with my writing!


27 Jan 2019

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New Author Podcast – I fear nothing…except for failure

In this week’s episode of the New Author Podcast, Lindsay is back and we are recapping our week. In this week’s episode you’ll hear us talk about: Jerry’s novella (listen two and half minutes in where Lindsay’s laughs at Jerry) Lindsay’s chapter three struggles Jerry’s 20 Books Vegas 2019 Schedule Lindsay’s trip to a Indie Book Fair Important Links Jerry won this book: Write Better Faster He won it after joining the Great Writers Share Podcast Patreon Jerry’s currently reading A Litter of Bones by JD Kirk Lindsay’s looking to get her cover done by Triumph Covers Bryan Cohen talks about blurbs at 20 Books 2017: Youtube Link And even though they didn’t mention it on the podcast, Jerry and Lindsay both love The Office Ladies Podcast Lindsay meets the Ghostbusters! Lindsay leaves her son alone for 60 minutes while Read more...


20 Oct 2019

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