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Two brothers who’ve barely spoken to each other in ten years work their way, album-by-album, through their father’s vast CD collection. Join Shawn and Cameron Jefts as they discuss a new album every week—and for every album, a memory. Except for the albums they don’t remember at all. But I mean come on, it’ll be fun!

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10. The United States Postal Service

BUCKLE UP, because in this episode of Pop/Rock, the boys: A) discuss MGMT’s stellar album Oracular Spectacular, B) reconcile about the time they ruined Christmas, and C) examine the ways they could’ve been better brothers to each other throughout their childhood. It’s a real wild ride, a journey from Alaska to Florida to every post office in between.Follow Pop/Rock on insta, you'll love it!: popslashrock

1hr 16mins

12 Aug 2018

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