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This podcast allows guests with unique backstories to tell everyone what "ain't normal about theses stories. Primarily an interview show, we discuss people's humorous and sometimes traumatic stories in the context of comedy, politics, religion, and changing society.

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Fundie Indie Church Ain't Normal

In this episode, Johnny interviews Christie about her fundamentalist Christian upbringing in a church that intentionally cuts itself and its members off from society. "The world is bad, and only our church is good" mentality rules the day.  Christie shares tales of shaming, controlling, and creepy adults and how they treated and objectified kids.  Kevin produces and provides Ain't Normal commentary.


29 Sep 2018

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Being Transginger Ain't Normal (Part 1)

In Part 1 of my interview with Robyn, we discuss many of the things that ain't normal about being a trans lesbian centrist-leaning gun nut in the Bible Belt of upstate SC.  More to come later in Part 2 as this is the tip of the iceberg (just the tip) of an interesting conversation.  In the past few years, Robyn has not only come out of the closet as a trans woman and lesbian, but also has begun a promising career as a stand-up comic.  Catch her New Year's Eve if you can find #somewhere.  

1hr 2mins

24 Dec 2018

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Fat Kid Surgery Ain't Normal

In this episode, I interview Chris (the artist formerly and sometimes still known as 'Moo Moo') Phillips, a comedian, actor, and cancer survivor. He tells us all about obesity and anxiety, and about having the gastric sleeve surgery when he felt he was running out of options.  He's a funny guy with a great story, and it is certainly only beginning.  


29 Oct 2018

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Episode 8. Being that Guy from the TV Ain't Normal

On this episode we talk to Adam Minarovich from TV's The Walking Dead, Rectify, MacGyver, and the movie he wrote himself, Pawn Shop Chronicles.  Adam shares tales of hometown fan interactions, mishaps when starting out as a young, naive actor, and of being a teenage rapper on the local bill with 2 Live Crew in the 90s.   He also discusses his successes in television and movies and describes his local entertainment venue (which you can only find if you solve a riddle).  


9 Jun 2019

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Mental Health Issues Still Ain't Normal (Part 2 with Nick and Liz)

Welcome back, Ain't Normies!   In this episode, we continue our conversation with Nick and Liz about struggles with anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and depression.  This will be our last consecutive 2-parter for a while, so to keep listeners interested, we provided some bonus content.  In the bonus material, we talk about experiences involving aliens, ghosts, and American Idol hosts.   Enjoy!

1hr 6mins

31 Mar 2019

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