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Welcome to The Evolution Hour lead by Team Resilience Academy Founder and head Coach Trent Shaw. This program is designed to give you new tips/tricks, inspiration and tools to PERMANENTLY evolve through life. Each week we will bring in a new person of influence to share who they are and where they've come from. Please join our group over at our Dynasty Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/368002853685468/

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Episode 49 - Interview with Lexi Crouch - Clinical nutritionist who battled an eating disorder for 20+ years

We have just completed an interview with Lexi Crouch. Brisbane based Clinical Nutritionist that battled eating disorder and demons for 20 plus years. Now 33 she has turned her life around and opened a clinic in New farm.  She is a celebrated writer for Mumma mia and various other publications. I love having organic conversations with empowered guests and Lexi certainly is empowered. Find her at: Instagram: lexi.crouch Website:  www.lexicrouch.com Lexi is a clinical nutritionist Eating disorder coach Health writer Yogi This was an amazing conversation where Lexi dives deep into the gifts of the eating disorder, bullying, yo yo dieting.  Out of this we received so much gold: 1. Turning rigid energy into flow and spirituality 2. Taking back her power and turning her life around 3. Recovery = discovery 4. We dived into our connection with our family and how they were able to also grow from this experience 5. We talked about the daily commitment to expanding your awareness and deepening your purpose Lexi is a brilliant example of a come back and how she is truly grateful for the pain that shaped her purpose and passions. A highly creative human that is also an empowered business leader in her space. Sit back and take in all the gold she offers in this 60 min conversation.


4 May 2021

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Episode 48 - Lauren Verona from Zenko Yoga

In this episode we chat with Lauren Verona founder of Zenko Yoga.  We are sitting in her studio on a bolster getting to know each other through awareness and vulnerability. I am so happy I finally made this happen because I have seen her work and it is truly inspirational. Lauren is an amazing empowered entrepreneur and business owner. She is all about changing the world one yoga class at a time. We get to hear about the gifts of anxiety and stress and where it lead her. She tells us about what she let go of to receive all of this. We tap into the divine feminine.  There are clues there on how to challenge the fiery feminine into a calm cooling natural state. She gives us pearls of wisdom around Aryvedic medicine, flow and business and life. She is the real deal and this may go down as one of my all time favourite conversations. You can follow her at Zenko Yoga on all the socials and Lauren Verona Yoga. Sit back and relax because this conversation is a great one to experience.


24 Mar 2021

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Episode 47 - A self made woman who refused to give up

Dymphna is the leader in the wealth creation space, a master at logistics and very educated in all processes across property ownership, wealth creation, tax laws etc However, all of this is not what makes Dymphna great. She is so aligned with her core values, so driven to impact, she is such a heart driven human. At times I was speechless with her answers as it is never about the process, it is everything to do with mindset, courage and moving towards what you were born to achieve.  A self made woman who refused to give up.  A single mum with young children that was destined to leave a legacy. You can connect with Dymphna through: Website: iloverealestate.tv www.dymphnaboholt.com Twitter: twitter.com/Dymphna_Boholt This is 60 mins that you simply do not want to miss out on.


15 Feb 2021

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Episode 46 - Are the people around you holding you to your highest standard?

In this episode Trent & Kurek get very open, honest and real about life's challenges and how to ask better questions in life to create better outcomes.  Are the questions you are asking in life empowering you or disempowering you? Join us for our free webinar.  Register via this link: https://www.teamresilienceacademy.com.au/registration-page-a3cc5746-cba6-45ef-9dac-9f6c11a401b7 Want to join us for our first firewall even of 2021?  Book here: https://kurekashley.com/turn-your-fear-dev/

1hr 3mins

30 Jan 2021

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Episode 45 - Taking personal responsibility for where you are at

This show we welcome you back into 2021 with our big theme for this year RESPONSIBILITY Today Trent talks candidly about finally taking responsibility for his kids and we what he had to learn before he was ready to receive them What he had to let go of and the harsh lessons he learned that he wouldn’t change If you know anyone struggling with this please reach out to Trent personally trent@teamresilienceacademy.com.au and let’s give them what they really need to expand and win in this space


18 Jan 2021

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Episode 44 - How to create magic in 2021 with Kurek Ashley

Wowweeeee!! Check out our brand new podcast episode with Trent and Kurek Ashley. Kurek Ashley is a world renown success coach and has helped people from all walks of life transform their lives using the tools and techniques he shares, including his own. He has helped many people find their own version of success. NOT someone else's version of success. When would now be a good time to learn your own version of success and how to accomplish that? We are collaborating with Kurek February 27th, 2021 for our first transformational event of the year. Find out more by clicking the link below! https://kurekashley.com/turn-your-fear-into-performance/


13 Jan 2021

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Episode 43 - How to increase connection with your kids these holidays

As 2020 comes to a close we wanted to deliver a great podcast around kid connection and what they are teaching us each and every day. We go live with Kid connection expert Shane Prettner. He has a really great way of keeping things really simple We talk about his journey to remove PTSD, reconnect with self and how he has create an opportunity to allow parents to have a next level connection and break years of disconnect


14 Dec 2020

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Episode 42 - The 7 Greatest Teachers

Welcome to The Anxiety Hour podcast! In this episode we interview author Enem Baum as she takes us on a journey through her book "The 7 Greatest Teachers" and shares the wisdom she gained healing over years of mental health problems, relationship problems and all that came with it. Thank you to Enem for having the courage to share your story to help and inspire others along their own journey.

1hr 21mins

2 Dec 2020

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Episode 41 - Food and Your Mood

Welcome to the Anxiety Hour Podcast. "We are either feeding disease or fighting disease." In this episode we chat live to the incredible Kath Hansen, creator of The Nourished Life. Kath has a passion for sharing her own experience with food and how it has been an essential part of her healing journey. Listen and get inspired!  Be sure to check out her website www.thedailynourish.co for some of her incredible recipes.  And don't forget to like her on Facebook and Instagram _kathhansen


2 Dec 2020

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Episode 40 - What is emotional intelligence?

With the emotional intelligence webinar coming up Wednesday 28 October, Trent & Mel have a chat about all things emotional intelligence. What does it mean?  How can it improve your life? Career?  Finances?  Health?  Relationships? You can join in the webinar via this link. Hope to see you there! https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0udemhrT0rGNztCzmA9d8Qe6V7yF4dCN_X


27 Oct 2020

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