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Throughout the year Gleebooks invites the leading Australian and international authors to discuss their latest works in our shop.If you've missed out, or want to revisit some of the fascinating author talks held in our events space, you can listen to their conversations here!

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Antony Loewenstein - Pills, Powder, and Smoke

Pills, Powder, and Smoke investigates the individuals, officials, activists, victims, DEA agents, and traffickers caught up in the deadly war on drugs. Antony Loewenstein is joined in conversation by Jeff Sparrow as they discuss the evidence in favour of legalising and regulating all drugs as a more realistic and humane approach.


11 Sep 2019

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Phillip Adams - Insights & Reflections

Phillip Adams, the occasionally controversial but undeniably prolific writer and broadcaster, was joined by his friend Barry Jones to discuss Phillip's favourite insights and reflections from previous columns and speeches spanning 2003 to the present day.


18 Jan 2019

Rank #2

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Claire Higgins - Asylum By Boat

Claire Higgins’ important book recounts how governments and policy-makers have dealt with the confluence of issues emerging from the end of the ‘White Australia’ policy, a recognition of international responsibilities, and shifting public opinion. Hear her conversation with The Guardian's Ben Doherty, as she shows the extent to which the attitudes and statements of politicians and policymakers can shape the mood of the country, for better and worse.


9 Jan 2019

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Peter Greste - The First Casualty

Peter Greste's The First Casualty is a courageous, compelling, and vital book. On 11th October 2017, he was joined by John Lyons (Head of ABC Investigative & In-Depth Journalism) to discuss how the war on journalism has spread from the battlefields of the Middle East to the governments of the West.


19 Dec 2018

Rank #4

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