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This podcast I'll be interviewing a diffenert arrey of people. From your big shops to small shops.even your garage builds that no one has heard about. If you would like to be on the podcast just send a email at shoptruckmafia@yahoo.com

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Shop Truck Mafia - Hutch


20 Dec 2019

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Hutch's Welding- Harvey Hecko

In this podcast i will be talking to my buddy and the owner of Hutch's Welding "Harvey Hecko". will discuss his first car and how he got his twin turbo F100 taylor swift. if you have any comments you can find me at shoptruckmafia@yahoo.com and on instagram @ shop_truck_mafia Dm for stickers and pre-order on shirts soon


8 Oct 2019

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Benson Rod Works - Logan Benson

On this podcast i have Logan Benson of Benson Rod Works of Keokuk Iowa.Instagram: benson_rod_works


3 Nov 2019

Rank #3

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Shop Truck Mafia - Erik


20 Dec 2019

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Puddin's Fab Shop - Jacob Warner

On this podcast I have Jacob Warner of Tecumseh OK. Small time fab shop and youtuber done all after his full time job. I would also like to thank him for the time he served for this great countryand to all the men and women that still do. Instagram=puddinsfabshop youtube channel=Puddins Fab Shop


21 Nov 2019

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