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It’s A New Day with Staci Jordan Shelton

It’s a New Day is a coaching podcast focused on healing, liberation and success. Getting free is a process, staying free is a practice. It’s a new day is here to help you get free from toxic norms as the way of influencing performance and connect to liberation as a lifestyle and way of relating in business and life.

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Honoring Other's Capacity.

I talked about honoring capacity in the last episode and...I feel like it would be REALLY irresponsible to talk about honoring capacity and leave the conversation without talking about the fact that not only do we need to honor our capacity - we need to also honor everyone else’s as well.So that’s what I’m talking about today - honoring others capacity.Living a lifestyle of liberation is learning to think not just about ourselves but about everyone. Learning to think about and consider community. We’ve all heard the saying that none of is free until all of us is free and if EVERYONE doesn’t have the right to honor their capacity or we pick and choose whose capacity gets honored - that’s continuing cycles of behavior that’s aren’t liberating - that’s oppression.That means that we don’t just honor our own capacity. We honor everyone else's too. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/stacijordanshelton/message


13 Dec 2019

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Boundaries and Capacity

Boundaries aren't a "people" issue, they're a resource issues.   We have unlimited potential - not unlimited capacity.  The reason some of us struggle with boundaries is because we treat them like a confrontation and conflict instead of the way that we manage our capacity and energy so that we can do what needs to be done.   In this episode I talk about making the shift from having  to "enforce" boundaries to honoring your capacity and letting capacity be your guide to what and whom you need to tell "yes", "no" or "later.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/stacijordanshelton/message


27 Nov 2019

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Welcome to It's A New Day with Staci Jordan Shelton

Welcome to It's A New Day - a podcast about healing, liberation abundance and success.I'm Staci Jordan Shelton - a performance consultant and coach and I'm inviting you to join me in creating new days.Why am I doing a podcast about liberation & healing instead of a mindset or money?Because those are outcomes and symptoms and not root causes.When you're not healed, you aren’t operating at capacity.When you're not free, you're operating with ridiculous restrictions.Both of these impact your ability to succeed. Both of these affect your mindset and your money. So in this podcast, we explore the things that are holding you back from success beyond just process and productivity.  I'll be sharing  processes and to help you get free from the beliefs, binaries and behaviors that keep you stuck, stalling and shrinking.  You'll also get crystal clear about what is your stuff and what isn't so you can stop blaming yourself for things that are outside of your control.Ultimately this work is about ALIGNMENT and unlearning oppression as process for influencing performance and moving towards liberation as Lifestyle and way of navigating relationships and conducting business.So if you're ready to be healed, free, successful and reclaim your power in the process, join me.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/stacijordanshelton/message


12 Nov 2019

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