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Making Waves, a podcast brought to you by the team at AV Magazine, explores innovation, business and creativity in the audio visual world.

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Making Waves Episode 3 - Extended reality

In the third episode of Making Waves we explore extended reality and its impact on multiple areas, from the workplace and training through to entertainment. We begin the show in style with an interview with Jeremy Dalton, PwC's head of AR and VR, in which he shares his insight into the use of these immersive technologies in the workplace. You can hear more from Jeremy soon as he is a presenter and panellist at AVWorks, AV Magazine's free virtual conference exploring AV's pivotal role in the workspace. It's taking place on Friday 2 October and we have an incredible line-up including speakers from Google, the BBC, Uber, Bloomberg, WeWork and Zaha Hadid Architects. For more information and to register visit avworks.avinteractive.com. Later in the episode we bring you highlights from a panel debate on alternate realities that took place at ISE, at the beginning of the pandemic that has changed our world. The comments made in the session are even more relevant now as VR, AR and MR are being adopted even more heavily to allow society to function. From healthcare and education through to corporate, the session explored how different sectors are  adopting and benefiting from alternate realities. Joining AV Magazine editor Zoe Mutter on the panel was Glenn Kelly, Head of Production, The Imaginarium Studios; futurist Amelia Kallman; Badal Dixit, CEO, PearlQuest Interactive; Vincent McAtamney, Founder and Technology Director, VINTEC Immersive. The interview with Jeremy Dalton begins at 00:52 seconds and the panel debate begins 23 minutes into the episode.

1hr 13mins

21 Sep 2020

Rank #1

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Making Waves Episode 2 - AV workforce development and diversity

In the second episode of AV Magazine's Making Waves podcast we explore workforce development, training, recruiting new talent and creating a diverse audio visual workforce. To kick off the show, Chris Hope, co-founder of The Loop Lab, joins editor Zoe Mutter to talk about the important role his team is playing in empowering young adults, people of colour and women to enter the AV industry. By encouraging the next generation of AV professionals to join the world of AV, helping develop the skills they need and striving for diversity and inclusion, The Loop Lab is driving the industry forward whilst ensuring there are no barriers preventing anyone pursuing a career in AV. In line with this episode's themes, later in the show we bring you highlights from a fascinating panel discussion that took place on the main stage at this year's ISE which saw AV Magazine's Clive Couldwell; ALL-Wave AV’s Kuldip Kamat; AVIXA’s Joseph Valerio; and CEDIA’s Ian Bryant and Amanda Wildman gather to discuss AV workforce development and how best to recruit new talent. The AV industry’s future prosperity depends on attracting talented people. This session presents research highlighting the scale of the issue, and showcase ways in which AV companies can engage with schools, military veterans and workforce agencies to build more pipelines into AV jobs.

1hr 11mins

29 Jun 2020

Rank #2

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Making Waves Episode 1 - Covid-19's impact on AV

In the first episode of Making Waves - a new podcast from AV Magazine exploring innovation, creativity and business in the audio visual world - we take a look at how Covid-19 is impacting the industry and what the AV world might look like post-pandemic. Chris Mcintyre-Brown, associate director, Futuresource, talks to AV Magazine editor, Zoe Mutter about the effects felt by different sectors as life went into lock down. We then bring you highlights from a session hosted by AV Magazine group editor, Clive Couldwell, as part of AVNation’s Learn From Home Virtual Summit in which avitaas principal consultant, Brock McGinnis; AVI-SPL vice-president, Daniel Rogers; Level 3 president, Jeremy Elsesser; and Kraftwerk director of sales and marketing; Kevin Murphy, discuss how AV will evolve following this pandemic.

1hr 12mins

12 May 2020

Rank #3