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Longford Anniversary

The Esso/ Ugly dispute down in Longford, Gippsland Victoria has reached over the 374 day mark making it the longest industrial dispute in Australian history overtaking the Wonthaggi coal dispute in the 1940s coincidentally also in Gippsland. Stick Together’s Matt Kunkell joined 500 or so unionists who went down to the Longford community picket  on June the 28th to show support. More about that laterNews- Laverton Cold Storage win- Unfettered powers given to private jobcentre operators over breach system- Fed Parliament cleaners fired and rehired cheater- Earthworker success

10 Jul 2018

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Council & Fresh Food Workers

Two reports this week. The first takes us to Queensland where across the State local councils are negotiating enterprise bargaining agreements with Redlands City Council staff taking unprecedent industrial action after some of the workers were expected to take a $15,000 a year cut.We then take you to the "We feed you: the migrant farm workers fighting exploitation" session at the ALP Fringe running alongside the main Australian Labor Party Conference held in Adelaide at the end of last year. Run by the National Union of Workers we hear how the visa system is being used to divide workers while visa workers, immigrants, and workers without visas are being exploited to bring fresh food to our tables. Not all doom and gloom the session also brought solutions. (Special thanks to Vivien Langford for the recording of this event).

8 Jan 2019

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Meet Michele O'Neil

This week we bring you a special edition of Stick Together.  We spoke with Michele O'Neil, who last month was elected as the new ACTU President. In an extended interview, we ask Michele about her early political activity and her time at the TCFUA. We also discuss some of the political questions facing the Australian trade union movement and the next steps in the Change the Rules campaign.

7 Aug 2018

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A Tale of Two Strikes - Workers Hit the Streets

In addition to your weekly wrap of union news, this week we bring you the story of two large strikes.We speak with Paul McAleer of the MUA about the planned mobilisation in Sydney on Thursday 6 September, where several unions will turn out in support of a number of different demands. We then cross to Melbourne where we speak with Kerrie Devir (United Voice's Victorian President and Early Childhood Educator), about why she is joining the nation-wide walk off of educators on September 5 - touted to be the nation's largest ever.

4 Sep 2018

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Unemployed Fight Back

The launch of a new report Working it out: a look at employment services in Australia which brings the unemployed person's voice to the policy table. AUWU. Per Capita and Monash University worked together to bring you this groundbreaking work.

9 Oct 2018

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Women's Work

Today we go to the regional Victorian City of Geelong for a report on the Working Women Get Organised – The Fight for Equal Pay conference run by the Women Unionist Network held at the Geelong Trades Hall following up with look at the work of an organisation called Fitted for Work aiming for practical support to women in their quest for economic security.

13 Nov 2018

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Rights for Riders - The Fight At Foodora

This week on the show we speak with TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon about the Fair Work Ombudsman's legal action against Foodora for alleged wage theft and sham contracting. We also speak with Tasmanian CPSU secretary about what the recent state budget means for public sector workers on the Apple Isle.It's been a big week for strike and industrial action. As always we bring you a wrap of the week's union news and workers' stories.

19 Jun 2018

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Silica - the new asbestos

A couple of Fridays ago I was down at the CFMEU offices on Elizabeth St in Melbourne at a special presentation to Delegates in the construction industry about silicosis a lung disease that is claiming the lives of workers in their 20s and 30s, It is being called the new asbestos. We bring you an extended report from this sobering event which marks the beginning of a national campaign for a safer standard for silica exposure.

18 Sep 2018

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Teachers and Students Both Strike

In this edition of Stick Together we look back at a week where both teachers and students went on strike.  Primary and Secondary Teachers in South Australia and Tasmania took strike action last week in support of their wage claims and for improvements to school funding. Not to be outdone, more than ten thousand students around Australia went on strike from school, demanding the government take action to address the climate emergency. We take you to the teacher's rally in Adelaide before heading to Melbourne, where we joined the students' strike.

4 Dec 2018

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Liberals on the Run

In this edition of Stick Together we get taste of the mass Change the Rules Campaign rally held in Brisbane on November the 20th the last in the rallies held across the country to bring workers together against industrial laws that have removed the right to strike, penalty rates, cemented casualisation and the labour hire industry. We then give a report on the International Day Against Union Repression.

27 Nov 2018

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Fast Food & Ferry Workers - Fighting for Their Rights

In addition to your weekly wrap of union news, this week we bring you two stories of workers fighting to receive their basic legal rights. In Brisbane, young workers at a MacDonalds franchise staged a protest after their employer threatened them for asking to take the paid 10 minute breaks. Reporter Craig Garrett was at the protest.We then cross to Sydney and speak with the MUA about their fight for workers on the Manly ferry, who the union says are being underpaid, not even receiving the legal minimum pay. We speak with the Asst Secretary of the MUA's Sydney Branch - Paul Garrett.

15 Jan 2019

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Wongawilli Win

Wongawilli Colliery mineworkers have won a spectacular win against Wollongong Coal after taking strike action. CFMEU's tTony Maher emphasises the importance of this win. “The conversion of permanent, well paid jobs into poorly paid, insecure jobs is a huge issue right across the country. What this win proves is that the trend is reversible. If labour hire workers join their union, we can turn this around.” We finish our report with a look at the Port Kembla Coal Terminal dispute in the same area of NSW.

22 Jan 2019

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The Young and the Restless - Workers Strike for Higher Pay

In addition to your weekly wrap of union news, this week we bring you two stories out of the fast food and hospitality industries. In the UK, workers at TGIFridays and Weatherspoons joined McDonalds workers to take strike action for higher pay and better jobs. One of their demands is to end youth wages, where young people are paid less for doing the same work as older workers. We also speak with Josh Cullinan from RAFFWU, about McDonald's practice of using youth wages in Australia to drive down costs.

16 Oct 2018

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Public Service v Privatization

The effect of the privatization of public services and what that means for workers and users of those services. A recent report commissioned by the Community and Public Sector Union the CPSU ) is showing worrying results for users and workers.We follow this with a word with a worker in a call centre who is experiencing the effects of a corporate approach to workers rights on site.

11 Dec 2018

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Downer EDI Strike & Jobs in Renewables

Today we go to the Downer EDI dispute in Queensland where workers at the unanimously voted to take industrial action over personal leave entitlements and cost of living wage increases. We then speak with Cam Walker campaign officer for Friends of the Earth about the Victorian Liberal Opposition leader’s statement that if elected he would scrap Victoria’s Renewable Energy Target. We want to know what this will mean to jobs especially in rural Victoria.

14 Aug 2018

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Education & Industrial Manslaughter

Two features today one about what is happening at our Universities with the latest figures showing that less than half the jobs at universities are permanent. We follow this with a look at why industrial manslaughter laws are important with a particular focus on the promised industrial manslaughter laws in Victoria.

18 Dec 2018

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CFMEU & the Spirit of Eureka

At the 2018 Spirit of Eureka Dinner Dave Noonan accepted the Spirit of Eureka Award for the CFMEU

1 Jan 2019

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International Workers Memorial Day

Tuesday 28 April is International Workers Memorial Day. Last year outside Victoria Trades Hall I found myself quite overcome by the sadness and individual horror of the death of our working comrades who never returned home from work some fateful day. This year with Covid-19 severely restricting large gatherings of people the memorial went online. These memorials were held all over the country and across the world but the theme is the same – we remember the death and fight like hell for the living. Today we return to the Victorian Trades Hall memorial in the wake of the horrific death of four police officers during a traffic stop on a freeway last week. First up the Union choir followed by Victorian Trades Hall Secretary, Luke Hilikari’s opening remarks

28 Apr 2020

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Dave Kerin talks about his work in building the local co-operative model of business for a better future.Peter from Red Gum Cleaning Co-operative talks about his lived experience within a workers' cooperative

21 Jan 2020

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Public Service Cuts

Today we talk to Melissa Donnelly from the CPSU the Community and Public Sector Union about the shock announcement by the Federal Liberal National Party Government to cut the number of Federal Departments from 18 to 14.

10 Dec 2019

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