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The podcast for all things crochet from the people behind Crochet.com. There will be interviews, helpful information about crochet, talk about yarn, patterns, design, techniques- all that and more! Will there be crochet shenanigans, tune it to find out. Keep crocheting and we will too, because WeCrochet.

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Prime Time Crochet

In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we're talking about all things TV plus crochet! In this golden age of on-demand content, TV and crochet go together like Laverne and Shirley (or Abbi and Ilana of Broad City). First Sara, Katelyn, and Heather chat about what they've been watching while they crochet. Between true crime, comedies, or even documentaries, there's a great TV show to suit any crocheter. Next, Heather and Katelyn talk about the patterns of Issue 6 of WeCrochet Magazine. The Retro Reverb collection features vintage tech-inspired motifs like mixtapes, records, and TVs, while the Mindful Makes collection is all about neutral colors and calming stitches. Finally, Producer Sarah joins Heather to nerd out about famous crocheters, theories about crochet on TV (Back to the Future, 1985, spoilers included), the most famous afghans in pop culture, and the origins of Fuller House character Kimmy Gibler's funky crocheted scarves. Get cozy on your favorite lounging chair to go through decades of crochet in TV shows and find out where you can find crochet in your favorite shows. Mentioned in This Episode: Harmonious Pullover by Natalia McHayle Galileo WeCrochet Magazine Issue 6 Stroll Gradient Riviera Tee by Sincerely, Pam Crest of the Waves Cowl by Jo Kirby Retro Reverb collection Mindful Makes Collection Episode 33 Gauge tool Episode 18 Boom Box Belt Bag & Mix Tape Wallet by Heather Mann   Curio #3 Bop Shop Earrings by Ashley Zhong   Record Blanket by Dawn Curran Rhythm Tote by Kathleen Berlew   Wisdom Book Bag by Moon Elderidge Other celebrities that crochet Why do all TV shows have the same blanket (granny square)  Bacon & Egg Scarf by Twinkie Chan Cupcake Scarf (Kellyz Creations) Cactus Scarf (designed by HelloHappy & made by @sewcraftycrochet Pattern on WeCrochet Mary Kate Killilea, costume designer“I spotted Crochet on TV thread” on Crochet Liberation Front Headquarters group on Ravelry Timestamps:0:00 Welcome to the WeCrochet Podcast 0:14 Heather, Sara, and Katelyn 7:53 Katelyn and Heather 27:05 Brava Speckled  28:20 TV Crochet Talk 54:45 Credits


20 Apr 2021

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April Food's Day

The team is trying out a new podcast theme in this episode, Food for Thought. Today we're talking all about food! First, Katelyn and Producer Sarah join Heather to talk about their signature recipes, and the parallels between cooking and crochet. Next, Katelyn tells Heather her Top 5 Snacks to eat while crocheting, and Heather counters with the Top 5 Snacks NOT to eat while crocheting. Then they share their favorite crochet blanket patterns. Finally, Heather sits down for a chat with Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse. This colorful crochet designer is known for her fantastical crochet costumes, and tells us all about her new book, Creative Crochet Projects. Mentioned in This Episode:Beginner Blanket: Crochet Beginner Blanket by Heidi Wells Motif Blanket: Record Blanket by Dawn Curran  WeCrochet Magazine Issue 6 Corner to Corner: Corner to Corner Afghan by Sara Dudek Textured Blanket: Popcorn Throw by Kristen Clay Colorwork Blanket: Nordic Colorwork Blanket from Issue 5 BONUS: Tuff Granny Throw by Stacey Winklepleck Marshmallow Baby Blanket by Kristen Clay “Cabbage” Rose Blanket by Kristen Clay Sugar and Spice Baby Blanket by Tammy Hildebrand Salt Water Taffy Crochet Afghan by Donna Barranti Textured Blanket: Popcorn Throw by Kristen Clay Bonus: Lemon Block Pattern by Twinkie Chan Humans that Yarn Census Creative Crochet Projects by Stephanie Pokorny Crochetverse Stephanie Polorny Stephanie's Instagram Timestamps: 0:00 Welcome to Food for Thought 6:53 Katelyn and Heather talk about crochet snacks 20:20 Craft Yarn Council Survey 20:59 Heather interviews Stephanie Pokorny 43:07 Credits


1 Apr 2021

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That New Yarn Feeling

Happy International Crochet Month from the WeCrochet Podcast. This episode is all about YARN! First, Sara, Katelyn, and Heather talk about how they feel when they get new yarn, and what they do while they're waiting for the yarn delivery truck to arrive. They also share which projects they're currently working on. Next, Katelyn and Sara drop all their yarn knowledge from ply, twist, weight, to wraps per inch, fiber, put-up, and more. There are a lot of things that go into choosing the right yarn for your next project. Finally, Heather chats with Wendy Peterson of YarnSub.com about the site's useful purpose of suggesting appropriate yarn substitutes, Wendy's fiber background, and a unique tip for selecting yarns for crocheters. Mentioned in this Episode: Stroll (Everglade Heather)  Palette (Twist) Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick @Planty_McPlanterface on Instagram WeCrochet Magazine Issue 6 (Available starting March 24, 2021)  Wraps Per Inch Tool  Past WCP Episodes about: Gauge and Blocking Gansey Sweater Pattern YarnSub.com Journey's End Blanket Knit Pattern Simply Alpaca Wendy on Instagram Timestamps:0:00 Welcome + a joke 0:22 Heather, Sara and Katelyn check in 10:45 Sara and Katelyn tell you everything you need to know about yarn 34:44 Heather Interviews Wendy from YarnSub 48:24 Credits


18 Mar 2021

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Am I a Crochet Beginner?

What's your crochet level? Are crochet levels even real? What makes a crochet pattern basic vs. complex? We'll tackle these questions and more in this episode. First, Katelyn, Sara and Heather talk about how they plan to celebrate International Crochet Month. Did you know March is International Crochet Month? Then they discuss whether there really are different levels of crocheters. Next, Sara and Katelyn talk about must-have tools for crocheters, and which tools are most handy when you're a beginner. Sara tells Heather all about the new WeCrochet Mini Hook Book: Learn to Crochet, the perfect gift for the crocheter in your life. Finally, Regan and Zoey join Heather for a big ol' conversation about the crochet knowledge you need in order to make a pattern, based on the Craft Yarn Council's industry standards for project levels. Heather helps Zoey troubleshoot her Faux Fade Wrap WIP. Mentioned in This Episode:Bent tip tapestry needles Locking Stitch Markers Split ring stitch marker  Sharp scissors Ruler Tape Measure Universal 4 Tool Zip pouch Notions bag Sale Crochet hook case Sale Hook cases Sale Tote Bags Learn to Crochet Mini Hook Book Faux Fade Wrap Progress Report Faux Fade Wrap Geo Potted Plant Covers Cassiel Kerchief Heather's insta CYC Project Levels Sara's wedding dress Timestamps: 0:00 Welcome to the WeCrochet Podcast 0:13 Heather, Sara and Katelyn 11:54 Sara and Katelyn 21:36  23:23 Heather, Zoe, and Regan 50:55 Credits


4 Mar 2021

Rank #4

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Crochet Jobs, Part 1 - Designing

In 2021 we're launching a series about crochet-related jobs (and how to get them). In this episode, we are talking about how crochet employs all types of people in different positions, with a focus on designers. First up, Heather and Katelyn chat with Producer Sarah about their first jobs. From being a tour guide in a cave or slinging pizzas, to getting paid in candy bars, hear a little about their journeys through employment to their positions now at WeCrochet. Next, Katelyn walks Heather through the life cycle of developing patterns at WeCrochet, and what kinds of things a contract designer has to do when they work with us. Heather also recommends some must-read articles about how to create a crochet design proposal from Chrisandra Skipper of AndSheLaughsBlog.com. Finally, Heather continues the discussion with the team from Crochet Foundry again. This time Lorene, Briana, and Pam get into how to communicate when collaborating with a creative team, as well as all the different people (and jobs) involved in making Crochet Foundry magazine a reality. Mentioned in This Episode:Episode 16 – The Art And Business Of Crochet Design with us! WeCrochet Ravelry Group - Design Calls Become A Crochet Designers - Creating a Design Proposal WeCrochet Magazine Episode 6 - Puff Bobble Popcorn Crochet Foundry Crochet Foundry Sincerely Pam Briana K Design Cre8tion Crochet Furls Hooks Our company is hiring for our Vancouver, Washington office and our Columbus, Ohio location Timestamps:0:00 Welcome to the WeCrochet Podcast 0:15 Heather, Katelyn and Producer Sarah talk about jobs 11:21 Heather and Katelyn talk about the lifecycle of the crochet pattern 27:57 Crochet Foundry Interview 47:15 Credits


18 Feb 2021

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Finding Crochet Community

In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast the team focuses on the crochet community. First, Heather, Sara and Katelyn come together for an impromptu healing session when they think about the last year and how it has changed how they look at community. Each has found ways to stay connected in a physically- and socially- distanced world. Thankfully they have crochet to keep them together (and this podcast). Next, Heather talks to Amber Millard and Lee Sartori from Stitch Together about their online community of monthly Crochet Alongs or CALs. Stitch Together is unique because this team of 8 designers works together to bring dynamic and premium patterns every month. They offer a Crochet Along pattern that they work on together with their global community. Lee and Amber share what they love most about their group.    Lastly Heather checks in with the Crochet Foundry team about their origins and their upcoming spring collection. Briana Kepner, Lorene Eppolite, and Pamela Stark share a passion for crochet, design, and community and design a quarterly collection of size-inclusive crochet garment patterns. Mentioned in this Episode: Stitch Together Tara Pullover | Stitch Together January CAL Tara Pullover Post Divine Debris Coco Crochet Lee Temperature Blanket CAL Crochet Foundry Crochet Foundry Sincerely Pam Briana K Design Cre8tion Crochet Coconut Macaroon Sweater Dress by Michelle Moore Crochet Foundry on WeCrochet Facebook Live Crochet Foundry on WeCrochet Facebook Live on Youtube Macchiato Sweater Timestamps: 0:00  The introduction 0:14  Sara, Heather and Katelyn check in 13:32  Stitch Together with Amber and Lee 28:58  Come join our CAL 30:40 Crochet Foundry 54:30 Credits


4 Feb 2021

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Crochet Joy

Today's episode is all about the joy of crochet! First, Sara and Heather talk about the parts of crochet that bring them the most joy. From choosing colors and yarn to finishing a WIP to sharing the final photo on social media, there's a lot of joy to be found in our hobby. Next, Producer Sarah chats with Sara about the concept of "sparking joy" from author Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Producer Sarah suggests the concept of going through your yarn stash and holding each ball of yarn and WIP to see whether those items spark a physical feeling of joy when you touch them. Then they talk about ways to increase the joy in your crocheting. Finally, Heather sits down with Lisa Chayka of HELLOHappy, a crochet designer whose specialty is fun and happy crochet designs such as the Hanging Sloth Planter, Crossbody Fish Bag, and many others. Where does Lisa find inspiration? How did she start designing? What's her most popular pattern of all time? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this interview. Mentioned in This Episode:HelloHappy Designs Red Panda Planter Crossbody Fish Bag Flowering Cactus Scarf Sloth Hat Rabbit Mohair Cowl Brava Yarn Sloth Wall Hanging Sloth Hat Sloth Phone Pouch Sloth Planter Snuggle Puff Yarn Wonderfluff Yarn Fable Fur HelloHappy on Ravelry HelloHappy Website HelloHappy on Etsy HelloHappy on Instagram Timestamps: 0:00 The Opening with Heather and Sara 5:22 Producer Sarah and Sara chat about getting organized 15:15 Heather Interviews Lisa from HelloHappy 33:05 Credits


21 Jan 2021

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Cozy Winter Crochet

There's a chill in the air and it is officially winter. In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast we're talking all about cuddling up and crocheting the winter days away. First, Heather and Sara check in and find out how each other's holiday went and what projects they worked on during their time off. Next, Heather & Regan chat about our Wintertide Collection, which has all the crochet patterns you need to make it until spring. Regan gives some behind-the-scenes info about the photo shoot for this collection, and they talk about their favorite of these patterns. Heather also teaches us about "hygge" which was one of the inspirations for this collection. Last, we're debuting our new segment, Ask Katelyn! Katelyn answers important crochet questions from our crochet community. Find out important info about yarn swifts, whether or not to use the magic ring, how to find the starting point on a ball of yarn, and more. She also defines what "yarn barf" is for us who didn't already know there was a word for that. Mentioned in this episode: Heather's plant pot cozies Wintertide Collection Pulmu Pullover Palette Yarn WeCrochet Magazine Issue 5 Hygge Poncho Wool of the Andes Tweed Nordic Color Blanket Perseid SweaterSnow Crystal Sweater Hearthstone Top Yarn Swift Yarn Swift Bag Ball Winder Lotion Bar Bobbin Yarn Bobbin Sheep Bobbin Magic Ring Simple Crochet stretches Timestamps:0:00 Sara and Heather chat about their cozy winter crochet 5:35 Heather and Regan talk about the Wintertide Collection 20:17 Ask Katelyn! Katelyn and Heather answer questions from our crochet community  22:05 Question: "Where is the best place to get a swift?" 27:54 Question: "How do you use one of those bow needles that come in crochet kits?" 29:30 Question: "When working in the round - Magic ring or 2 chains?" 32:48 Question: "What do I do if I can't find the starting point of the yarn on the ball?" 35:55 Question: "Is there a trick to not getting two balls of yarns tangled when doing tapestry crochet?" 38:44 Question: "How do I stop crocheting?" 40:22 Credits


11 Jan 2021

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The Crafty New Years' Resolutions Show

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! In the last episode of the year, the WeCrochet Team revisits their 2020 crafty resolutions to see what they achieved and looks forward at all the possibilities.  First, Sara and Heather remind each other of their 2020 resolutions and score each other's successes. Just how many WIPs did Sara have at once this year? And did Heather ever finish the Twilight Top that she talked about so much in 2020?  Next, Heather invites Regan and Producer Sarah to reflect on 2020, their New Years Eve celebration ideas, talk about this year's yarn-related accomplishments, and share their new resolutions for 2021.  Finally, Sara asks Katelyn whether she sets resolutions at the beginning of each year, and the two discuss their possible goals, making changes to them until they're just right for the new year. Katelyn also presents the idea of "letting go" in 2021. Mentioned in this Episode: Twilight Top Tuff Puff Rainbow Wall Hanging Tunisian Hooks Muse (Aran) Regan's sweater WarmUp America blocks Curio #3 Palette Wonderfluff More WeCrochet Team Resolutions Timestamps:0:00 Sara and Heather take a look at last year's resolutions 5:12 Heather, Regan and Producer Sarah check in all about goals 25:26 Win a Sparkles the Unicorn Kit! 26:32 Sara and Katelyn look forward 31:58 Last words and credits


30 Dec 2020

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How to Crochet a Temperature Blanket like Toni Lipsey

On today's episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we’re talking all about temperature blankets! Whether you're new to temperature blanket or do them every year, we are celebrating all the variations to this classic project. First up Sara and Heather chat about the weather and the idea of temperature blankets, which are a snapshot of weather trends in a given location over an entire year.  Then Katelyn gives Sara an overview of the who, what, when, where and why of temperature blankets, with lots of helpful hints about how to organize your temperature blanket yarn, picking a fiber to use, and more. Katelyn loves temperature blankets but she also loves something else. Find out in this episode. Finally Heather talks to Toni Lipsey, the crochet designer behind TL Yarn Crafts, who designed our Temperature blanket Crochet Along. Toni brought the temperature blanket back into favor with crocheters, and she shares the ways she's debunked common misconceptions, paving the way for many people to create stylish temperature blankets that they'll be proud to curl up with at the end of the year. Toni and Heather also come up with the 2020 slogan of the year. Join the Crochet ALong: Document your year in color when you make the Bias Granny Temperature Blanket using a curated palette in Swish worsted yarn. Each granny square is joined as you go for a comfy, oversized throw blanket. Adjust the colors and temperature gauge to fit your local weather range. By New Year's Eve, your new favorite blanket will be complete, complete with 365 happy memories. Mentioned in this Episode: WeCrochet Magazine Issue 5 Crocheting A Temperature Blanket Crocheting A Temperature Blanket: Picking Colors and Yarn Crocheting A Temperature Blanket Choosing a Location and a Time Period Crocheting A Temperature Blanket: Picking Stitch Patterns and Yarn Storage CAL Link Bias Granny Temperature Blanket TL Yarn Crafts Swish Worsted Comfy Worsted Wool of the Andes (Superwash) Mighty Stitch Shine Palette CotLin Brava Timestamps:0:00 The Opening with Sara and Heather 5:37 Katelyn and Sara 15:00 Heather and Toni 40:25 Credits


18 Dec 2020

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