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A weekly podcast where we talk about spiritualism, people, society and life.

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Episode 8 – Worthwhile

Episode Eight

10 Sep 2015

Rank #1

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Episode Seven – Smiling When You’re Sad

Episode Seven Alex is still exploring, talking about Charlotte’s music, only child games, wiping and listening to yourself.

23 Aug 2015

Rank #2

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Episode Six – Please Eat Less Meat

Episode Six You should really think long and hard about whether or not you should become a vegetarian.

16 Aug 2015

Rank #3

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Episode Five – Still Moving

Episode Five Still Moving. Alex carries on his travels around Europe.

10 Aug 2015

Rank #4

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Episode Four – Cupcakes and Truth

Episode Four Cupcakes and Truth. Now I really want a cupcake.

2 Aug 2015

Rank #5

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Episode Three – Enjoying The Journey

Episode Three Journeys.

2 Aug 2015

Rank #6

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Episode Two – Concepts

Episode Two Concepts are essential.

26 Jul 2015

Rank #7

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Episode One – Orientation

Episode One Here we are, beginnings.

15 Jul 2015

Rank #8