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The Shot Put: Theology + Psychology Podcast | with Brian Kay

The Shot Put podcast travels in the fascinating and sometimes dangerous border country between theology and psychology, between contemporary psychotherapy and much older forms of soul care. If you’re a provider or a consumer of any form of curative talk (we’re looking at you psychotherapists, pastors, and counselors of every type), and you suspect that both Scripture and neurobiology might have something to teach you about how human beings tick, then this show is for you. Your host is Brian Kay (PhD theology/MA psychology).

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Ep. 7: May Licensed Therapists Talk God?

The old answer was "No. Please, we're modern people here." The new answer is "yes", or even, "Yes, or else! "


20 Dec 2015

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Ep. 3: The Problem of Reductionism

The third introductory fly-over of the show. Why reducing human experience to just a couple of explanatory models in sadly limiting. Don't be a reductionist, be a maximalist!


5 Nov 2015

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Ep. 6: The Two Book Theory

The old, trusty Two Book theory of knowledge gives us a helping hand in navigating the border country.


8 Dec 2015

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Ep. 5: Exploring the Border Country

The border country is where citizens of two countries can meet to exchange ideas, but watch out for the land mines.


30 Nov 2015

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Ep. 4: What's in a Name?

How a literal shot put became the name of a theology/psychology podcast.


19 Nov 2015

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