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Wo/anderers is a curiosity-based conversation and podcast that explores the lives of internationals who have a special place for Romania in their hearts. Meet us at woanderers.com

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Ep. 15: Gene Keys magic in Romania

When spiritual teachings collide with scientific knowledge and ancient writings, that is what you’d call a breakthrough. Richard Rudd from the United Kingdom is no stranger to such a wonderful coming together, as he is the soul behind the Gene Keys, a wisdom-infused synthesis that helps people from every corner of the globe know more about themselves and the world. His encounter with Romania has a special seat reserved in his heart, since this is one of the places that have embraced the teachings of the Gene Keys so early on and so eagerly. Fast forward to the present day, Richard’s interactions with Romanians have been a cauldron of continuous growth and transformation for both parties. Find out more about how the people and the culture touched Richard, what he observed in the Romanian people and what are his hopes for this special place in episode 15 of the Wo/anderers podcast.


16 May 2021

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Ep. 14: No Limits in Jiu Valley

Felipe and Janelle Silva, the first couple on the Wo/anderers podcast from Brazil and Canada, started their Romanian adventure back in 2012, when they got involved in developing youth projects for children in Jiu Valley. Little did they know that their heart would not let them leave this corner of natural paradise and that this would be the place they would settle, and even where they would start a family. A dream of Felipe kept both of them focused and determined to remain in Jiu Valley, to strive towards their noble cause of putting together a youth climbing gym, where children could learn valuable life skills like will power, teamwork, discipline, and commitment. Many years and a huge collection of stories later, the Fără Limite climbing gym is a thriving, lively hub for the entire Jiu Valley community, a place that adds its much-needed good vibes to the place. Find out Felipe and Janelle's Romanian stories in this episode of the Wo/anderers podcast.

1hr 10mins

5 May 2021

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Ep. 13: British hope in the Romanian South

Not many can claim the experience of a simple Google search sending them off into the journey of their lifetime. But Claire Melinte, President of the “Asociatia Bunul Samaritean” in rural Galati, can certainly tick that box. And what an adventure she signed up for! Originally from the United Kingdom, Claire ended up in Nicoresti, Galati, as a volunteer for an international charity, which prepared her for her leading role that she shares with her husband at the Good Samaritan Association. Her Romanian adventure started in 2005 with plenty of culture-shock moments, but also with a big, heartfelt desire to help the people from the village out of their murky status quo. More than 15 years later, one can see the beautiful results of Claire’s patience and hard work, that she achieved together with the entire Bunul Samaritean team: many children from Nicoresti are being put through school and are supported in their educational pursuits, elderly folk are being well looked after, and those disabled in the village are finding a caring place to call home, most for the first time in their lives. This episode promises to warm your hearts up, a perfect treat for the beginning of the year. So open your ears, your curiosity and heart, and enjoy the show.


28 Jan 2021

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Ep. 12: The quirks, the crazies, and the Romanians

He has had some of the most profound conversations of his life with Romanians. Interacting with them also led him to want to go vegetarian for a couple days, see his life flash before his eyes #Romaniandrivers, and make him wonder what all those food jars are that Romanians keep getting from their moms. Vincent Joris, a Belgian-born, internationally-versed marketeer and branding expert, spends some time in this podcast episode analyzing the many quirks he noticed in Romanians. What he ends up describing is close to a fine, well-constructed psychological profile of the people, including many of their cultural and personal facets. So, sit back, sip some tea, and enjoy the conversation!

1hr 5mins

9 Dec 2020

Rank #4

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Ep. 11: Embracing beauty in Brasov

Elena Junc is a Russian entrepreneur, make-up specialist, natural perfume magician, organictarian, wife, and loving mom. She is currently living in Brasov together with her family. Her passion for aesthetics, design, fashion, and everything natural have gotten her to build her own make-up brand from scratch in Russia, which became a national success, put together special natural perfume lines, and consult world-class luxury brands like Prada and Dolce&Gabanna with their marketing actions. Now that she is in Romania, she is planning on exploring new creative directions by sharing her rich knowledge on living beautifully with the world, from this sweet place she made home. You will get a feeling about Elena's active demeanor after listening to her talk about her experience as an entrepreneur, her transformational journey, in which Romania played a big role, how her spirituality helped her push through tough moments, including when she met her husband, how she follows a mantra called beautology in her work and more. Please enjoy the conversation!

1hr 10mins

24 May 2020

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Ep. 10: Solitude and serenity from the Carpathians

Arabella McIntyre-Brown is a British writer and journalist with deep roots in West-Sussex and a profound appreciation for Transylvania, which has been her home for the past years. Her arrival in Romania was more situational than planned, but her journey let her discover much about herself and the world. And she made the best out of it. In today's episode, Arabella talks about what her definition of peace is and how she has found it in Transylvania, the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown in Romania, the similarities between Măgura and rural West-Sussex where she grew up, Romanians' dark humor, how she does not consider herself a storyteller despite her writing background, how she met President Iohannis, the revival of the traditional lifestyle in Romania and more. Enjoy Arabella's musings in episode 10!

1hr 15mins

17 May 2020

Rank #6

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Ep. 9: Adventures in Transylvania

Finding adventure, friendships, meaning, love, and a super-sweet cat called Sonia, all in the land beyond the forests, aka Transylvania. Julia's relationship with Romania is nothing short of rich, to say the least. She is a buoyant soul coming from Ukraine, who has explored much of what Eastern Europe has to offer and who enjoys connecting with interesting people on a regular basis. That is how she created initiatives such as Transilventures, a community of Romanians and expats who want to enjoy the best of what Transylvania has to offer. In this episode, Julia lets us know her thoughts on why she fell for Transylvania, what binds Ukrainians and Romanians, but what also sets them apart, what she thinks of pig roasting in Bucharest, what the challenges are to settle in Romania as an expat, and more. Get your chill mood on, it's podcast time with Julia Leescu!


10 May 2020

Rank #7

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Ep. 8: Hope with an Italian twist

Matteo from Italy, or Matt for short, is a youth worker and writer with a passion for positive change. A gentle young man, Matt's purpose is to create the space for personal transformation especially around children who have less hope for life through art, travel, and non-formal education. He found himself in the summer of 2019 in Romania, teaching empathy, compassion, communication, and self-discovery to different age-groups in the village of Haghig, Covasna. The ride so far has had its challenges, from finding out a way to gain the children's trust, although he didn't speak their language, to dealing with harsh discrimination against the Roma community (even from the Roma community itself). Listen to Matt's thoughts on the benefit of non-formal education for these kids, how he dealt with his first months in the country, how is it to work in rural Romania, his experience at Romanian funerals, and more. Please enjoy the conversation!


2 Feb 2020

Rank #8

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Ep. 7: Know thy neighbour

Bulgaria and Romania share so much history, so many cultural aspects, and even words (hello zacusca!). And yet, these two nations seem to have gone their own way, on a different path from one another. Instead of studying the tidbits of some far-away land, today we take a closer look at Romania's old neighbour through the eyes of Stefan Nenov. A young marketeer and aspiring entrepreneur, Stefan has not lived in Romania, but instead, has gotten close with the Romanian people and culture, especially through work. In Episode 7, we dive deep into the common past shared by the two countries, what connects the two cultures at their core, what both Romanians and Bulgarians should learn about meeting their potential, and what actions both could take for a prosperous future. Enjoy this rich conversation with Stefan!

1hr 6mins

26 Jan 2020

Rank #9

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Ep. 6: Latvian Mom Meets Transylvania

Alisa State has always exuded a crazy love for life. She cannot live too far away from nature, she's always on the go, and has more than enough energy to love and care for her beautiful Latvian-Romanian son as a single mom in Brașov. She didn't know much about Romania before she decided to change her life forever. But the decision to explore and make Romania her home remained one close to her heart. In this episode, we dive deep into Alisa's love for the Romanian customs and traditions, her hope for its society, what makes Transylvania so great, the Romanian education system, and what Romania can learn from Latvia in dealing with its communist past. Listen to all of that and more in episode 6 of Wo/anderers. Happy audition!


19 Jan 2020

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