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Picture a weekly boost of inspiration, education and entertainment that leaves you feeling elevated and connected! Either watch online via video or listen in by podcast and MP3 and enjoy getting up close and personal with one of Australia’s most experienced, raw and sought after presenters, Carren Smith!

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CC83 : Hearing the call of the universe

For too long we have allowed the inner voice to go unheard and today, Carren introduces you to her greatest asset… Bianca Aiono!! After many months of searching for a partner to join the team and catapult the Carren Smith International business to reach more people and transform more lives, Bianca (who has been a close buddy for many years) agrees to bring her brilliance to the cause! This is not just a meeting of minds, it is answering a call from the Universe that stirs in us all. Enjoy todays show as Carren and Bianca explore what it means to surrender and how you can get listen to the inner voice when it calls!! During the show, we talk at length about your opportunity to work with Bianca as your coach, so be sure to send us an email at info@carrensmith.com to enquire about what could transform in YOUR world!! The post CC83 : Hearing the call of the universe appeared first on Carren's Couch.

7 Mar 2016

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CC82 : Rob Anderson

For too long women have not really understood the pressure that lands on the shoulders of men when they grow into marriage and children. There have been so many questions that I’ve wanted to know about how they handle the pressure of being the provider, as well as juggling businesses, relationships and the challenges of family. This week on Carren’s Couch a very special and close friend, Rob Anderson opens up about what it takes to take the lead not only in the family but also in the business and you’ll be so surprised by the insights in this show. Courage, passion, authenticity and vulnerability will be words that will not only give you tips for your own life, but will help you help the men in your life just that little bit more!! Enjoy!! xxx The post CC82 : Rob Anderson appeared first on Carren's Couch.

21 Dec 2015

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CC81 : Are you eating for comfort or eating for fuel?

Today’s show introduces a dear friend of mine, Lisa Cutforth to the show where we talk about the world wide epidemic of emotional eating and how it is spread from generation to generation. We also reveal the top 3 steps that our listeners can take immediately to curb this habit and bring greater balance to the relationship with both food and emotional spikes. This weeks show is both insightful and powerful so be sure give yourself some time really digest the nuggets of gold that are delivered!!! To work more closely with Lisa, simply go to www.sizefantastic.com.au The post CC81 : Are you eating for comfort or eating for fuel? appeared first on Carren's Couch.

17 Nov 2015

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CC 80 : Is Self Help actually Self Hurt?

Welcome back to Carren’s Couch, the amazing thought leader and philosopher, T.K Coleman!!! Today we are talking all about the Self Help industry and how it actually works with us in today’s age of progress and principles! As always, T.K holds nothing back as he analyses the validity and value of what we learn and how it contributes to our ability to make decisions for ourselves. Thinking in accordance to principles and outcomes rather than rules and regulations are always going to challenge some of us, and this podcast really opens up the conversation between self help, self love and self initiation!! Another awesome, thought provoking conversation!! The post CC 80 : Is Self Help actually Self Hurt? appeared first on Carren's Couch.

2 Nov 2015

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CC 79 :Is stress stressing you out?

Angela Counsel is not only a dear friend, she is a genius when it comes to the natural treatment of health in woman!In her usual no punches pulled approach, she cuts to the chase about what it takes to identify stress, adrenal fatigue and hormonal changes that impact our ability to function and even get pregnant!!If you’ve heard Angela on the show before, you’ll know that her passion and ferocious focus on health often becomes the most profound wake up call for our listeners! This show is no different so if you’ve been wondering why you’re not feeling 100%, this show is perfect for you, just make sure you’re got your pen and paper ready to take down the pointers she will leave you with!!To reach out to Angela, go to www.angelacounsel.com The post CC 79 :Is stress stressing you out? appeared first on Carren's Couch.

26 Oct 2015

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CC 78 : When life throws you lemons, make lemonade

Welcome to one of the most awe inspiring show on the airwaves!! About 3 months ago I came across this powerhouse woman, Seane Corn who is a profound leader and Yogi hell bent on bringing the Yogic teachings to the world by opening hearts and minds to the truth of who we are. Seane pulls no punches, is practical, powerful and in her own words… “Confronting” (and, when you listen to her, you’ll agree. She is one potent woman on a mission!) Seane is one of those gifted leaders who can translate a complex message into everyday language and open your eyes to see that life was always meant to be a class-room filled with lessons and choices. Asking you to choose in favour of your greatness, Seane dives deep into what it will take to turn our pain and suffering into triumph and brilliance!! To reach out to Seane and to check out her program, Off the Mat, go to www.seanecorn.com The post CC 78 : When life throws you lemons, make lemonade appeared first on Carren's Couch.

12 Oct 2015

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CC 77: Bringing your Spirit Out to Play!

It’s been way too long but certainly worth the wait!!! The gorgeous Gabby Bernstein joins us on the Coach this week were we talk all things about love, light and the mystical path of business and success. As one on the worlds most prolific teachers on Spirituality, A Course in Miracles and Enlightenment, Gabby shares her secrets to success and her unapologetic desire to make the world a better place through a profound connection to the Self. As Gabby releases access to her online Master Class we are super excited to partner with her to help spread the word so jump on board and check out how you can learn from this incredible woman along with discovering how you can make money doing what you love, without sacrificing your soul or your income!! Click this link to find out more about the incredible offer Gabby has for listeners of Carren’s Couch!! Click Here The post CC 77: Bringing your Spirit Out to Play! appeared first on Carren's Couch.

5 Oct 2015

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CC 76: T.K. Coleman

The topic for this week is ’Are you ready for a leap of faith….. Faith in yourself?’ This week, I dive deep into the most powerful conversation with one of this planets most profound philosophers and thought leaders! T.K Coleman and I explore who we are when we are not attached to our identity or our belief of who we are! This conversation will really open your mind and your heart to a new perspective about not only who you are, but what is possible for you when you separate yourself from your experiences, story, beliefs and identity. As always, this is a thought provoking conversation which includes the logic of common sense, the possibilities of personal power and the vision that can transform our relationship with ourselves in an instant! Get ready for a spectacular show!! The post CC 76: T.K. Coleman appeared first on Carren's Couch.

28 Sep 2015

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CC 75 : Stories

What is ‘Well-Being’? Are we blowing our dollars in search of an illusion? It’s time to investigate what Well-Being really means and if it’s even possible. Billions of dollars are being spent every year on the ferocious pursuit of Well-Being and we are looking to the outside world and solutions to find this illusive experience. Supplements, food, outside advice, training, medication, etc etc etc….. In this week’s podcast, I explore the inner world where the Well of all Being dwells and the sensation of bliss can be sourced. I encourage us all to see beyond the meaning we’ve attached to every experience to allow us to find true Well-Being when it comes to everything from money, relationships, health, peace and an exceptional life. The post CC 75 : Stories appeared first on Carren's Couch.

21 Sep 2015

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CC 74 : Want to know what the best kept secret on the planet is?

I’m super thrilled to welcome the amazing Elizabeth Hughes to the Couch this week as we explore the magic of the human form through Kinesiology! As the author of Your Body Has the Answers, her latest creation brings us to Your Kids Body has the Answers and we explore how the body speaks to us in it’s many and powerful forms! Beautifully written and illustrated, this incredibly insightful book sets us up to manage everything from tantrums to warts, to ADD and even Autism! Without missing a single beat, Elizabeth not only identifies the issues, but provides the most spectacular advice and remedies you can use yourself in your very own home! Check out this week’s show and get your hands on a copy of this brilliant book!! www.yourbodyhastheanswer.com The post CC 74 : Want to know what the best kept secret on the planet is? appeared first on Carren's Couch.

14 Sep 2015

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