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One-hour online seminars on a range of topics related to education and learning.

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7 Discoveries From Brain Research That Could Revolutionize Education

What’s all the excitement about? It’s simple. In the last ten years, we have learned more about the brain than we have in the previous 50 years. But what applies to education? This forward-thinking session explores the cutting edge discoveries that do have “real world implication” for all educators. Learn the latest from the cutting edge of brain research. Discover why the brain is the next significant area for educators. Find out what’s new in the future for educators. Learn specific strategies you can use to improve student achievement immediately on reinventing the learning process and the connection between games and tools.

1hr 30mins

28 Sep 2010

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Autism: Support and Interventions

This webinar will cover autism and the behaviors exhibited by autistic children. We will look at the characteristics that are displayed by autistic students and how you can support these students in your district. What interventions could be available to these students in your district? How can early intervention with these students impact the quality of their education and ultimately their day to day lives?


27 May 2010

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Moving Students to Proficiency

Find out how brain research was put into practice at the Westfield-Washington School District in Westfield, Indiana where students are demonstrating great gains in individual performance. Students showed advancement of 1 year, 1 month using the Fast ForWord programs with an average use of 70 days for 30 minutes a day. 1552 students moved from the 37th percentile to the 61st percentile within an average of 74 days. More than half of the struggling learners moved up at least one level toward proficiency. Through the use of individualized, adaptive computer exercises, actual physical changes occur in the brain--enhancing skills necessary for reading and learning.


25 May 2010

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Disrupting Class

As our understanding of how people's brains work and how people learn has improved through neuroscience and cognitive science research over the years, we now see that the way we typically teach and test often doesn't match up well with how individual students learn. Using the theory of disruptive innovation, which describes how products or services that offer simplicity, affordability, and convenience transform a market that was previously dominated by complicated, expensive, and inaccessible ones, Michael Horn will describe how online learning is disrupting our notion of a classroom and how it offers the possibility of moving toward a student-centric learning system that is much more focused on different people's distinct learning needs.


30 Sep 2009

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Brain Plasticity, Child Development and Learning

Dr. Michael Merzenich will discuss how his research in brain plasticity can ultimately affect student performance.

1hr 10mins

4 Jun 2009

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