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ThePhins Wildcat Radio Post-Game

ThePhins Wildcat Radio is a sports show presented by www.thephins.com and targeted to the semi-serious sports fan. The fan that loves sports.....and to laugh. This show doesnt take itself too serious. Sick (real name Chris Cullen) is a former highschool and college inside linebacker who also has produced such sports radio shows such as "The Dan LeBatard show", the "ed kaplan show" "the Big O show" all based out of 790 the ticket and 560 wqam out of miami. Sick is very outspoken, isnt afraid to tell it like it is. Listen live every Sunday Afternoon at 5:00pm for fun, sports, miami dolphins football, and everything in between!!!

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ThePhins Wildcat Radio Post-Game

Join Chris Cullen as he takes you through the dolphins/texans game! The dolphins are in a must win stretch of the season. Are the dolphins still alive? Are we talking draft? Ready to vent either way? Join us this afternoon for great sports discussion!


27 Dec 2009

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