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Hard work, perseverance, and “pushing through” have helped many of us succeed in life. Most often these achievements come at a price of compromise, sacrifice, and, at times, turning a deaf ear to the Call of Spirit. Perhaps this is an antiquated definition of success. It seems in most cases, those who succeed most profoundly and with the greatest meaning are those who embrace their passions and whose work is also their love.On the road to success, many lose sight of dreams and abandon passion in favor of practicality. We don’t recognize the numbing effects that lead to dysfunction, addiction, and broken relationships. We plod through life. Each day brings the same old circumstances and our dreams and passions are abandoned as relics of our past. What happens next in this sojourn? Are you ready to fan the flame of passion? Our show explores the path of those who have!Join our host, Evelyn Foreman, for heart-opening conversations and inspiring stories of discovery, awakening, and transformation. She will talk with those among us who have found Spirit’s calling as they share their experiences—both successes and failures—as part of their unfolding life journey.  All episodes beyond 2016 conclude with a meditation experience you can take with you to help you tune in to Spirit’s call and dive deep into the very topic of the show. "Like" Reverend Evelyn Foreman’s public page on FacebookFollow Evelyn Foreman on TwitterConnect with Evelyn Foreman on LinkedIn.This program brought to you in part by Path of PresenceThe ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity. Unity respects a wide range of spiritual thoughts and beliefs, as reflected in the diverse range of subjects presented on Unity Online Radio.

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Strength, Growth, and Shifting Consciousness to a Greater Reality

Join Rev. Evelyn and Maryann Patalano in sacred dialogue about women in New Thought, gender issues, and the cycle of consciousness that goes from darkness to light. This episode is an engaging conversation about women and the visibility of women today. They talk about social triggers that causes a ripple effect, the rise of solidarity as women in society, and thus, coming together to integrate and unite. What does it take to come together and stand for something we believe in? To celebrate being women, without being against anyone or anything? What are some of the takeaways for the privilege of being women in these modern times? Join us as we explore these juicy issues. A short meditation practice follows in the latter part of this show to integrate both divine and human aspects of ourselves, reminding you that everything you need is available upon a shift in consciousness.


13 Jul 2017

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Connect to Spirit, With Robyn Reynolds

Join Rev. Evelyn as she talks with Robyn Reynolds of Talking Shift about the importance of knowing how we are totally connected. Robyn shares with us a story that shifts her relationship with her late son, going from the before and after of his physical existence. She generously shares the myriad of ways we can use tools like numbers, colors, animals, cards, dowsing, spiritual photography, and more to learn about ourselves and connect with loved ones on this side and the other side of life. In this lighthearted episode, Rev. Evelyn and Robyn talk about signs and ways to decipher and discern what personal messages the universe has for us. Robyn shares with us some tools that are available when we open our eyes, ears, and heart to what is ours to know.


15 Dec 2016

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“Sourced Answers” With Maryann Patalano, RScP

Join Rev. Evelyn as she speaks with Maryann Patalano, licensed religious science practitioner (RScP), New Thought ambassador, and founder of The Answer Within, as they talk about the inward journey. They discuss the experience of recognizing the power within and how to harness our potential through the use of spiritual principles. They also talk about Maryann’s newest book, Journal Like God, and how to access the wisdom within us all. 


14 Jul 2016

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The Light Under the Door, With Rev. Ellen Debenport

Join Revs. Evelyn and Ellen Debenport, minister (Unity of Wimberley, Texas), coach, and author of Hell in the Hallway, Light at the Door: How to Move Gracefully Through Change and Into Renewed and Abundant Life and The Five Principles: A Guide to Practical Spirituality. Rev. Ellen shares her story of hearing Spirit’s call and the path that has lead her to her present. They share stories and speak about the hallway that leads us from one situation in life to another that allows us to practice presence, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude. They speak about the transformation of recognizing when we are in “the hallway” and how this recognition enables us to know our soul’s strength ... and to reap the many cherished gifts of life.  


2 Jun 2016

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"Amazing Things" With Rev. Mary Bergan Blanchard, Roman Catholic Women Priest

Rev. Evelyn is privileged to speak with Rev. Mary Bergan Blanchard, an ordained Roman Catholic Women Priest. Those who know and love her lovingly refer to her as “Father Aunt Mary.” In this charming conversation, Revs. Evelyn and Mary talk about the spiritual path of a woman priestess and what her 84 amazing years on earth has led to thus far. They also share about the commonality and blessing of being “one” under God. Don’t miss this charming, beautiful episode!  


26 May 2016

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Angelic Guidance, With Belinda Womack

Join Rev. Evelyn as she speaks with spiritual messenger and author Belinda Womack (Lessons From the 12 Archangels: Divine Interventions for Daily Life) about how to receive divine guidance when we need it the most. Tune in to this fascinating episode about how this former scientist reengaged  her right brain to hear inspired messengers we call angels and how to access and consult these angels in our everyday life.


12 May 2016

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Accessing AMAZING in the Everyday, With Polly Campbell

Are you ready to access the awesome in the everyday? To live with resilience and gratitude, peace and happiness—no matter what shows up in life? Join Rev. Evelyn as she talks with our fabulous Polly Campbell about How to Live an Awesome Life: How to Live Well, Do Good, Be Happy. No matter who you are, no matter the circumstances you face, the very next moment of your life can be awesome. Learn how to access the amazing in the everyday, and bounce back from adversity to create a happier, healthier, more resilient life.


3 Dec 2015

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Showing Up, With Karen Drucker

Rev. Eve joyfully talks with New Thought artist Karen Drucker about her spiritual journey of awakening. When we are on the cusp of something important, our inner critic shows up. They dialogue about how to recognize that inner critic, as well as listening and taming the unproductive voice within so our Truth can be freed. Karen lovingly shares her process of spiritual discernment as her unfolding journey continues. What kind of courage does it take to show up when Spirit calls? Tune in and find out! Together, in conversation, Karen and Rev. Eve may have found a new theme song for The Call of Spirit, from Karen’s album, The Call. Please visit karendrucker.com for more information about her work, goodies, and monthly downloads.


2 Jul 2015

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Why It’s Never Too Late, With B.J. Gallagher

Find out why it is NEVER too late to listen to your heart’s calling. What are the first steps we must all face in order to initiate action? Evelyn talks with international best-selling author, speaker, sociologist, B.J. Gallagher to uncover what stops us from doing what we know is ours to do. They talk about inspiration and going beyond being inspired. Join us to find out how to be the positive, practical change you are born to be.


26 Feb 2015

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The Canvas of Life, With don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Evelyn talks with author and teacher don Miguel Ruiz Jr. About the Toltec tradition and what it means to be a Nagual. They have an in-depth conversation about domestication and letting go of illusion to regain free will. They also talk about how to let go in order to receive moments of clarity. Join Evelyn and Miguel on this journey of discovering joy in spiritual awakening!


6 Nov 2014

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Moments in the Midst, With Polly Campbell

Polly Campbell, best-selling author of Everyday Spirituality, speaks with Evelyn about how to create and develop a spiritual life in the midst of the mundane and ordinary. Polly explains how one needs not be a monk, yogi, or spiritual master to find peace in the day, as all it takes is a moment of shifting your awareness of the present moment. 


23 Oct 2014

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"Let Your Light Shine!" Rev. Lynne Brown and Rev. John Knight

Join Evelyn as she talks with Rev. Lynne Brown, vice president of Silent Unity®, Rev. John Knight, who originated the idea for Unity World Day of Prayer, and her fellow student ministers (Jacquie Lenati, Judith Marshall, and Jeniffer Hutchins) in discussion about the 2014 World Day of Prayer.  Learn the origins of this “Unity Holiday,” its history, traditions, and the creative Spirit behind this year's service, themed "Let Your Light Shine" (September 11 at 11 a.m. CT). They also discuss how the thought of holding "hands around the fountain” at Unity Village has now become a modern-day worldwide call for prayer. 


4 Sep 2014

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The Divine Path, With Dr. Wayne Dyer

Evelyn talks to internationally renowned author and motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer about the synchronicities of life that are working and operating in our lives every day. He shares his insights and recollections of the divine path of his life and the ways in which he was guided and directed. What happened when the rage, anger, bitterness, and hatred dissipated? How do we distinguish the voice of ego versus the higher self? How do we open to the temple in our hearts, choosing courage over fear? In what ways can love be activated in our everyday lives? Rev. Richard Burdick of Unity North Atlanta will also be joining in our conversation about the universal spiritual principles taught in our local Unity centers. Visit his center at www.unitynorth.org.


14 Aug 2014

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The Epiphany of Light, With John Edmonds

Author and Satsang Spiritual Teacher John Edmonds, from New Zealand, talks with Evelyn about what it's like to be declared officially "dead" for 20 minutes. He shares his experience with a journey to "the other side" and back. Along with insights on our purpose here, we learn about choice and the peace that is present. His is an experience of surrender that we can all learn from in dealing with the notion of death. John Edmonds is the author of the Hay House book Beyond the Horizon: Into the Light, Returned From 'Death.'


17 Jul 2014

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Awakening to Your Soul, With Ester Nicholson and Lonnie Vanderslice

This week, Ester Nicholson, author of Soul Recovery: 12 Keys to Healing Addiction, joins us to share her inspiring journey. Lonnie Vanderslice, third-year Seminarian and seasoned veteran of the 12-step process, joins Ester and Evelyn, contributing to a riveting discussion about the 12 Steps recovery path. Ester offers insight to promote a process of reclaiming the truth of your being, offering the distinction of what true surrender means. Tune in to an engaging hour with Ester, Lonnie, and Evelyn in conversation about purposeful living and soulful direction as they integrate and engage the steps in the process of recovery.


3 Jul 2014

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Lifestyle and Longevity, With Linda Curry

Join Rev. Evelyn and author Linda J. Curry in sacred conversation about how to create sustainable change to support health, vitality, and longevity. Changes in lifestyle don’t simply come from the inside out. What we feed our amazing bodies makes a difference! A short meditation practice is available at the end of our program to reinvigorate you for the day.


23 Mar 2018

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When Your Calling Beckons, With Kim Corbin

Unity Online Radio hosts Evelyn Foreman and Kim Corbin discuss the difference between the voice of Spirit versus the inner critic and what happens when we take the next step on our hero’s journey. This episode encourages us all to truly listen to the magic of imagination and creativity, which dissipates the dissolution of living in a world where we need to “fit in.” Don’t miss out on skip tips and a guided meditation practice at the end of the episode, returning you to joy and the peace that resides within.


23 Feb 2018

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Fostering Creative Inspiration: On Permission and Possibility, With Rev. Diana Kennedy

Join Revs. Evelyn Foreman and Diana Kennedy in a heart-to-heart conversation about the practice of creativity. They discuss the creative spice that is life and how we might find our flow through creative expression. They talk about the foundational practice of allowing ourselves to lean into creativity, that which is part and parcel of life, affording us endless opportunities for possibility. How do we combine our talent and skill as creative beings to foster inspiration? Join us at the end of our show for a short centering meditation practice to contemplate creativity as it flows through you. 


9 Feb 2018

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Reclaiming Your Sexy From the Inside Out

A popular New Year's resolution involves our journey with food. Join Rev. Evelyn and author Linda J. Curry in sacred conversation about how to never deprive yourself of food again.  


26 Jan 2018

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Articulate Your Authentic Power, With Gary Zukav

Join us with Gary Zukav as he offers insights into his journey and experience with divine intelligence. He describes the divine intelligence within all—even with things many may not associate with divinity. Gary talks about his struggles with sex addiction, inferiority, anger, and aggression. He describes a new potential beginning to permeate our (global) existence. The potential is encouraging us to abandon manipulation and control as a means of power. Listen in on how to realize your own strength, potential, and authentic power.


5 Jun 2014

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