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Welcome Back

It's been a long time, but we're back & ready to chat! Enjoy this short teaser before we dive into Season 2 of The Melting Pot Podcast. Join @thegegeeffect as she gives you a brief catch up on life and what's expected this season! We're so happy to be back and have you join us on this Season 2 journey!


10 Nov 2020

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Episode 22: Mind The Business That Minds You

On this week’s episode we dive right into SCAMMERS, people just think scamming is a legit full time job till they get caught up. We also catch up on Labor Day Weekend in New York! Cardi B & Nicki Minaj beef, its just getting crazy by the day, NYFW is now a ratchet event. And it’s way to many people out here minding other folks business! Join in on the conversation.


11 Sep 2018

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Episode 21: Hella Insecure

Episode 21 we immediately jump into the conversation of jobs, how long we stay in our jobs and potential new jobs. But the main topic we are discussing is Insecure, @thegegeeffect has finally starting watching the show and is coming with the hot questions! We touch bases on your hoetation, Team Daniel and Team Lawerence, friendships, open relationships, dealing with communication and not letting go of your past. We honestly just talked about everything! Join in on our conversation!


28 Aug 2018

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Episode 20: No Pressure

We're back from our podcast hiatus! It's been a minute but here is episode 20! Of course we have to let y'all know where we been at and give y'all a quick update! W


21 Aug 2018

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Episode 19: Test Drive

@thegegeeffect & @carlton.george are back with the foolery. This week we discuss "Long Distance Relationship" are you open to them or not? We also have a little recap of last week's episode, is there a right or wrong for those who live life by the "book"? And it sounds like Gege had a revelation... Listen, share & subscribe.

1hr 4mins

24 Jul 2018

Rank #5

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Episode 18: Wuss Good

Don't you wish you had a playbook for college, college 101 for dummies? Going down memory lane real quick, living out best college life. Back to the topic of college being a scam! Working for the man vs. working for yourself? We're not letting our jobs try us in 2018! Another dive in into the topic of Black Fathers Matter.... & are women too independent? Listen to hear our other conversations!

1hr 6mins

17 Jul 2018

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Episode 17: Priorities

Wedding SZN & Wedding fever is it real? We give a recap on our 4th of July, is it wrong for people to say they don't want to celebrate July 4th? Get into the topic of White privilege. Are people going overboard with this head to toe designer outfits? Whew chile, this episode gets crazy! Keep sharing, liking & rating!

1hr 5mins

9 Jul 2018

Rank #7

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Episode 16: Spotlight

Happy 4th of July folks! Episode 16, summer tingz still going strong! Discussing how hard Nicki Minaj went in on Twitter, regarding a opinionated tweet. Did she handle the situation well or nah? Do celebrities get a pass or should they be mindful on the way they "snap". We talk about Drake's new album Scorpion and some of our favorite songs! Are y'all holding up with this Hands Free Law in GA? & of course we discuss a lot more topics! Thank you for listening, keep rating, liking,


3 Jul 2018

Rank #8

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Episode 15: Taboo

We litty.... What a mixy episode we have for y'all. Good vibes, good people & good people. Discussing The Carter's New album EVERYTHING IS LOVE. We dive into the topic of mental illness & suicide. Why is mental illness such a taboo in our community? Is there a difference in the West Indian culture and American culture? What is our big obsession with social media, does everything need to be posted? Be sure to give us feedback, keep liking, sharing and subscribing!


26 Jun 2018

Rank #9

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Episode 14: The Reality

Where do we even start? This is episode 14 of the podcast, of course we jump right into things. Scamming FAFSA, how to get them tips at work, rocking the natural hair. Father's Day tingz, why is Mother's Day more hyped? Expectations vs. Reality. What would be a reason you would call off a wedding? Talking a Pre-PreNupt? Going more into datingtingz episode & more! Thanks for rocking with us!


19 Jun 2018

Rank #10