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Radio Star Killed by Video

This week it's all about video! We talk about the video gear you probably already have, planning your Oscar-bound masterpiece, editing in Premier Pro, and why you almost certainly need a new computer. Here is a link to Peter McKinnon's enthusiastic review of the new DJI Osmo 4K action camera. You must check out Destin Sandlin's superb YouTube channel, "Smarter Every Day", for video content that is as good as it gets (not to mention intelligent, well researched, scientifically rigorous, and stylishly presented). And lastly, be sure to visit the Puget System's website to drool over descriptions of your new super-computer. We are getting close to launching the YouTube channel. Brace yourself! Until we meet again.........

1hr 8mins

17 May 2019

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Treasure hunting for photographers

Greetings all... Today's show notes will be brief. That was not my plan. I had written a short book in this space, with about a dozen photographs to illustrate my podcast ramblings, but when I saved it, the whole thing vanished. I had spent about 2 hours writing up the notes, and it took another hour to re-write them. Once again, they were sucked into the ether, never to return, when I hit the save button. I am so frustrated with this process that I am going to walk away from it and publish this awesome podcast without the notes and pictures. I am 99% certain that I have done everything correctly but, if I find that I have made an error, I will add the notes and pictures later. In the meantime, it is time to start looking for alternative, reliable hosting environments for the show. Here is the link to Sam Harris' podcast (episode 153) that I mentioned at the start of the show. Mandatory listening! Sorry about the pictures - I'll get it all sorted for next week's episode. 

1hr 5mins

20 Apr 2019

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Going mirrorless?

This week on Shoot the Breeze, strap in and brace yourself for another hour of me talking to myself about photography (and black holes). After a close encounter with a mirrorless camera earlier in the week, I try to get my head around the tidal wave of mirrorless technology that threatens to make my D850 obsolete by next Tuesday. I also sing the praises of the FujiFilm X-T3 mirrorless camera, explain why Lightroom presets are a waste of time and money, tip my hat to the geniuses that photographed a black hole, and tell you everything you need to know to photograph the moon. For more information about the Event Horizon Telescope and the stunning black hole photograph, check out this article from Inverse by the excellent Peter Hess. And for Andy Mumford's spirited review of the Fujifilm X-T3 you need look no further than HERE. Here are some awesome images from the Fujifilm X-T3, shot by the incomparable Martin Howard... If none of that floats your boat, head over to my website and tell me what you want to talk about. Thanks for listening and for being a cool person.

1hr 2mins

13 Apr 2019

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Blood loss and product photography

Greetings and welcome back to STB! I hope you have had a better week than me, at least in terms of blood loss. Enough stuff happened this week that I couldn't resist sharing it with you. We walk through a fairly typical week in the life of a product photographer, but with enough gore to make it interesting for the rest of us. Turns out that I did enough dumb stuff this week to make it an object lesson in how not to make a living from photography. But even if you aren't doing photography for money, you still need to listen to the podcast so that you can learn how to avoid partially amputating your thumbs. I was going to include upsetting pictures of thumb-related carnage but I wasn't clear on whether or not the fine folks over at iTunes would see the humor in it. So here is a picture of a pen, instead. Anyway.... thanks for dropping by (both of you) and please make a point of subscribing so you don't miss a single episode or injury. Super excited about next week's show when we will be joined by acclaimed Mississippi fashion photographer, Dr. Martin Howard, who will explain to us why "Mississippi fashion" is not an oxymoron. Need more stuff? Go over to the website for "all you can eat" photography-based fodder and, while you are over there, leave me a message so that I can drop your name in a future episode. How cool would that be?!

1hr 1min

6 Apr 2019

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Buyers' guide to studio strobes

In episode 3 of Shoot the Breeze we turn our attention to studio lighting and try to demystify the various functions and features of the modern studio strobe. There is a ton of useful information that will be especially valuable for anyone who is currently in the market for new lighting. We also touch on a few classic single-light techniques that should be helpful for beginners and anyone getting started with a new home-studio setup.  We also get into a controversial story about cheating in photography competitions, tell you how to save money on color gels, and more. If you want more photography tips, tutorials, reviews, or rants, head over to Allan Walls Photography and, while you're there, sign up for our newsletter. Thanks for listening in! We'll be back in 7 days with an episode all about product photography. Don't miss it!


29 Mar 2019

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