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Do you need guidance and insight into your soulmate or twin flame relationship? Sarah and Sophia can help you reach your highest potential in love, career and all other aspects of your life. They are here to empower you to take control of your life and your heart. They encourage you to lighten your load and they help you envision your future so you can actively participate in co-creating that with the Divine!

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Appearances Can Be Deceiving Even in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

They may look good on the outside, but what are they really like on the inside?  We may know someone, work with someone or see someone at the gym who we might think would make a good romantic partner. But would they? You only know them in one context, as a friend, work mate or gym friend and have no idea how they would really perform in a romantic relationship. Before you go off fantasizing about the perfect relationship you could have with neighbor's husband or your son's baseball coach, you need to really see and understand that you are only seeing one side of that person. You don't know them. You don't really know how any of these people you project romantic fantasies on really are in a real life relationship. What looks good on the outside, may not be so attractive on the inside, especially when it comes to love. It may also be wishful thinking that someone is your soulmate or twinflame, when in reality that person does not have a connection to you at all.


25 Aug 2020

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Dwelling on a Soulmate or Twin Flame Doesn't Help! Soulmates Twinflames Bootcamp

When you dwell on a spiritually connected person or relationship, chances are it will do you more harm than good. If your relationship is a good one, there is no need to dwell on it. If it is a bad one, dwelling is not exactly going to do anything to help it either. On this episode we talk about how to go from dwelling on a soul mate or twin flame to actually doing something more positive and productive for yourself and the relationship.www.soulmatepsychicreadings.com www.twinflameconnection.com


11 May 2020

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Soulmate and Twin Flame Runners - They Can Run but They Can't Hide -

There is nothing new about the behavior of running away from love. For some reason people keep responding and reacting to their runners in the wrong way. In this episode we talk about what you should do if your Soulmate or Twin Flame (depending on your choice of label) pulls a runner on you and how to deal with it. https://www.twinflameconnection.comhttps://www.soumlatereading.com


28 Apr 2019

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Compassion is a Two-Way Street in Relationships : Soulmate Twinflame Bootcamp

You may be the most compassionate person in the world but if your partner is not, you are going to have problems in your relationship. Your relationship cannot revolve around only one of you, it has to be a two way street for you both to be happy. In this episode we focus on the importance of compasison on both sides of a relationship.


24 Mar 2016

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Dead End Relationships - Even Soulmates and Twin Flames Can Reach a Dead End

Can you identify the dead end relationships in your life? Have you reached a dead end in your romantic relationship, although you had hoped it was a fork in the road? Even Soulmate and Twin Flame relationships can hit a dead end. Not all relationships, even spiritual relationships, are guaranteed to last. It's important to be able to identify if you are in a dead end relationshp, so you can move on with your life and stop wasting time.  Today Sarah and Sophia will discuss dead end relationships, how to identify them, fix them, or move on down the road. Taking control of your relationship will help you take better control of your life.


21 Mar 2016

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Is Your Relationship Meant to Be? Soulmates Twinflames Bootcamp

You think because you are in a spirtually connected relationship that is is meant to be and will always work out no matter what? In todays episode we dispell the myth that all spiritually connected relationships work out, because in truth, they do not. They can become as dysfunctional as any relationship out there. No mystical force is goingt to fix what the two of you broke. If you are going to stay together and be happy, it is going to take some work.


17 Mar 2016

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Is Controlling Behavior Ruining Your Relationship? Soulmates Twinflames Bootcamp

When we feel insecure in our romantic relationship we may become prone to controlling behavior. Controlling behavior, either from you or your partner, will ruin your relationship. . We may be controlling because we fear our romantic partner will abandon us. We may be controlling because this is our nature. We may be controlling because we fear our partner may cheat on us.  Instead of trying to gain control of your partners thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, you need to gain control of your own. Spiritually connected relationships often have to deal with control issues too. During this broadcast we will give examples of controlling behavior in relationships and give you some guidance on how to get control of your own thoughts and behaviors.


14 Mar 2016

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Soulmate Relationships Were Not Meant to be Easy - Soulmate Twinflame Bootcamp

You see it everywhere, on television, in the movies, on dating sites, you name it. Find your soulmate! You are incomplete without your soulmate! Everyone wants to find their soulmate so they can then finally be happy, live happily ever after and be in a perfect drama free relationship. Well, here is a news flash for everyone  - Soulmate relationships are often some of the most difficult relationships that we as human souls will encounter in our lives. Who said they would be easy? Why does everyone think they will be? Today we will discuss our thoughts on soulmate relationships, why they are challenging and what you can do to stay sane if you are in one.


10 Mar 2016

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Soulmate and Twinflame Relationships: Taking the Good with the Bad

We have all heard it in wedding vows: In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, in good times and in bad times....and we make those vows believing that is what love, and a real relationship stands for. But what happens when the going gets really bad for one of you and your partner is unsupportive? How do you prepare yourself to not get blind-sided by someone who can not be counted on to help you through the bad times? The main purpose or point of a relationship is to be with someone who cares about you and shows it! Are you putting up with too much bad behavior in your Soulmate or Twinflame relationship?


7 Mar 2016

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Relationship Connections and Responsibility : Soulmates Twinflames Bootcamp

It seems that everyone is talking about  spiritual connections these days and the spiritual connection they feel to their romantic partner. People insist that some of these connections are soulmate or twin flame connections, soul partner connections and spiritual connections that the Universe has put together. Sometimes though the connection is not felt, or honored, by both parties who are in the relationship. What can you do about it?  If a connection is truly divinely inspired, by God or the Universe, wouldn't it make the most sense to leave the unfolding of that relationship to the higher power who got it rolling, instead of trying to fix and control it yourself? What is your responsibility in the framework of this connection to your romantic partner, to yourself and to the Divine?


3 Mar 2016

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