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Worth in Progress explores the real and raw process of personal development. Because, it is never as easy as reading a book or listening to motivational speakers, I share the real life examples and stories of our triggered reactions and help guide you through understanding the reason behind these behaviors. We might as well laugh at ourselves a little while we heal that inner child and find our self-worth! www.MariaGrandeLLC.com

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EP 19: You Can't FIX People

In this episode we talk about the natural tendency to want to help people when they are struggling but, when we are trying to save people, it can become an issue. The Savior complex is the need to rescue and this episode addresses where this need comes from. We also talk about codependency and I give you signs to recognize the traits. This also relates to our people pleasing episode so I address an email I received at the end of the discussion. 


6 May 2020

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EP 7: Finding Your Voice. Being Confident in Communication

In this episode we discuss what it means to find your voice and the 4 things to identify in the process. Not saying what you need to say can be harmful in many ways and we talk about the conditioned patterns that keep us from communicating effectively. Learning to say no instead of being a people pleaser is breaking the pattern but how do we get there? Inner child healing is one of the ways I learned to develop my voice. It helped me identify my fear behind my behavior. Also, we discuss using profanity as a way to express your feelings. Is the taboo language always wrong?


20 Jan 2020

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EP 11: Unhappy at Work

In this episode I address an email from a listener regarding her unhappiness at work. She is finding it hard because she doesn't really feel fulfilled so work has become more and more painful. It is hard to juggle work, kids, marriage and limiting beliefs at the same time. This could also be an issue of self-worth so we need to dive deep into self awareness. 


20 Feb 2020

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EP 8: Getting Unstuck and Leaving Behind Conditioned Beliefs

In this episode we talk about feeling stuck and how each of us may feel stuck in a different area of our lives. It is very important to be mindful of your state when you feel stuck. I give you ways to check your state and some things you can do to pull out of it. 


31 Jan 2020

Rank #4

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EP 5: 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Self-Awareness Journey

In the episode I share a triggering moment I had this week when faced with the feeling of not being enough. I also share 5 things you can do to start recognizing the areas in your life that may need your attention. Emotional triggers help us identify underlying conditioned patterns, if we are paying attention. Self-awareness is key!


20 Dec 2019

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EP 12: Faith Over Fear

Right now, the world is in crisis and society taught us that worrying will somehow help. Of course I am not saying that there is nothing to feel anxious about. I am simply saying that constant fear and worrying serves no purpose at all. Self-awareness will help you pull yourself out of the fear state and refocus. This will allow you to keep your power and be much more effective. We end this episode with a breathing technique you can try in order to recenter yourself. 


17 Mar 2020

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EP 4: Communication: Emotional Reactions

In this episode we talk about conflict management in communication as well as emotional intelligence. Catching your emotional triggers is critical during conflict and can be the difference between being proactive or being reactive. I talk about the four fears in communication and how they can stop you in your tracks. 


12 Dec 2019

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EP 18: How To Stay Present In The Moment

Quick episode to talk about what it means to stay present. We discuss what happens when we dwell in the past or worry about the future and I give you some ways to practice staying in the moment. Also, EXCITING NEWS: I am giving away my 8 week mentoring course, The Lotus Project. Details on entering the drawing are in the episode. 


23 Apr 2020

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EP 9: Forgiving Yourself

This episode hits me very close to home. I share an email from a listener that feels stuck because she can't forgive herself for mistakes she made in the past. I talk about my own self-forgiveness process and I share information from an article I read in Oprah Magazine. 


7 Feb 2020

Rank #9

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BONUS EPISODE with Juliette Gamble

Juliette Gamble joined us for episode 6 and talked about TRE therapy. Listeners reached out and wanted to know more about it so she is here again to explain. 


28 Jan 2020

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