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Notorious POD: Episode 12 – Photos, Copyrights, Liability with Brian Balduf, VHT

It’s been months since my last podcast, but that’s just how things work out sometimes. But with T3 coming up, I figured I should upload this. Brian Balduf, CEO of VHT, joined me to discuss an issue that’s really going a bit under the radar. His post Now Is The Time to Shield Your Real Estate Brokerage From Intellectual Property Liability dealt mostly with direct syndication to portals such as Zillow. But in this podcast, we discuss copyright violations and liability at the MLS level, and within IDX, given the new rules about sold data over IDX. I suppose you have to be a real geek about real estate industry stuff, but I do think this is an important topic for brokers, MLS, and even agents. You may be on the receiving end of some letter from a “copyright enforcement company” demanding thousands of dollars for unauthorized usage of photographs. I’d listen, then read Brian’s post, and think about a strategy for dealing with this important issue. -rsh


7 Apr 2015

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Notorious POD: Episode 11 — Kathy Dryden of Allre.com

Wow, it’s been a long time, eh? I apologize for the lapse, but as I sort of explain in the podcast itself, I’ve been busy, and there hasn’t been that much going on that makes me want to record one of these. But… that’s changed with the introduction of Allre.com, a new startup based in San Diego, CA, that really, actually wants to disrupt the industry. Here’s the video presentation from TechCrunch Disrupt: The initial reaction from real estate folks has been… as expected. Just check out the comments to that TechCrunch post above. I figured, rather than slinging mud, maybe we should get to know the company a bit better, so I asked Kathy Dryden, the Founder & CEO, for an interview. And she granted it. So this episode is about Allre, about disruption, and about my thoughts and opinions based on our conversation. Many thanks to Kathy for the interview, and for agreeing to reschedule them a couple of times, despite the thousands of emails in her inbox, and a zillion things to do after the TechCrunch debut. Thanks! -rsh


17 Sep 2014

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Notorious POD: Episode 10 – More on AgentMatch with Ernie Graham of Realtor.com

In this episode, Ernie Graham, Director of Product Management for REALTOR.com, joins us for an in-depth discussion about AgentMatch, what consumers want, and what the industry needs to do. AgentMatch — a system in beta testing in two markets — has been controversial of late because it uses MLS data to “rank” agents based on performance metrics. Ernie and I get pretty deep into the weeds on that topic. Many thanks to Ernie and to the good people at Move for arranging the podcast. -rsh


18 Nov 2013

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Notorious POD: Episode 9 – A Conversation on the MLS

I know many of you are at the NAR Convention in San Francisco, and I’ll be headed there soon myself. But I wanted to upload this so you’ll have something to listen to on long plane rides and such. Click on the picture above if you want to be taken to the iTunes list of podcasts. A couple of weeks ago, Chicago Agent magazine published an in-depth article entitled, “Can You Live Without the MLS“. It was one of the better pieces on the contemporary MLS, well-balanced, with in-depth reporting on a number of topics. I thought it would be interesting to pull together a conversation with many of the people interviewed for that article, and wanted to get this up earlier (but I got sick after being on the road). Nonetheless, the topics and issues are not exactly time sensitive. These issues have been with us for years and will be with us for years as well. I am grateful to the special guests who joined me for this podcast: Russ Bergeron, CEO of MRED Leslie Ebersole, Associate Broker, Baird & Warner Kati Spaniak, Associate Broker, @Properties Matthew Dollinger, Tech Editor, Chicago Agent Magazine & CEO, Gearbox Consulting See you next time! -rsh

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7 Nov 2013

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Notorious P.O.D. Episode 8: CMLS Thoughts With Bob Bemis, Greg Robertson

Episode 8 is a tragedy. I have a great conversation with the Notorious B.O.B. Bemis of Procuring Cause, and with Greg Robertson, of Vendor Alley and of W&R Studios (the creator of CloudCMA). We discussed CMLS, The Realty Alliance, big issues in the conflict between MLS and brokerages, future of the industry, and so on. But apparently, something was wrong with my microphone. The three of us could hear me just fine, but apparently, the recording device could not. So my voice was simply not captured. [That might actually be an improvement to the podcast, of course….] So I have had to cut and edit this so that you can at least hear what these two industry veterans have to say. There are some fantastic insights into what went on, what’s going on, and what is likely to go on. I personally think Bob’s prediction as to what might be coming from The Realty Alliance group might be on target. Listen and learn. Thanks again to Bob and Greg, and my deepest apologies to you all for the audio fail. -rsh

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22 Oct 2013

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