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Hosted by Guardian US reporter Sabrina Siddiqui, the Politics for Humans podcast helped translate headline news into thoughtful, people-based conversations

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Immigration and the Latino vote – Politics for humans podcast

This week, host Sabrina Siddiqui takes a look at the DNC and RNC’s perspectives on immigration. She is joined by Pulitzer-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas to discuss why so-called minority voters are really the majority


23 Aug 2016

Rank #1

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How to prepare for a Trump presidency – Politics for humans podcast

On this week’s episode, host Sabrina Siddiqui looks at how Americans can prepare for one of the most divisive President-elects in modern history


14 Dec 2016

Rank #2

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Think you're relieved the election is almost over? Hear it from the political reporters

Host Sabrina Siddiqui reports from the ‘Hil-Force-One’ campaign plane and explores the toll the campaign is taking on political journalists


7 Nov 2016

Rank #3

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Fareed Zakaria: The world is 'freaking out' over the US election

This week, we’re joined by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and former ambassador Ronald E Neumann to talk about the international reaction to the election


12 Oct 2016

Rank #4

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It's millennial week in election season – Politics for humans podcast

This week, host Sabrina Siddiqui talks to actress Sophia Bush and Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau about the millennial vote


20 Sep 2016

Rank #5